Saturday, June 4, 2016

Gruff leaders

For a long time, my wife thought she could never vote for Trump.
"He's too gruff. He's abrasive.  He says bad things about people".

1971. It was another world. I made it to the California Highway Patrol Academy with 74 other men. (No women officers then) Those who had charge of us were known as Instructors,  Sergeants, or Duty Officers. Of all of them, one wanted to see me leave He never talked to me.  By his actions, I knew he wanted me to quit.
Other Instructors could be gruff, and they always said, "If you can't take it here, you will never make it out on the road" But, they coached you.

1974. I transfer to San Diego. There, the second Sgt in seniority, S-2, is Merle Bush.
Sgt Bush was a WWII veteran. He had joined the Coast Guard to defend our shores, but wound up driving LST's to beaches in the South Pacific.

If you did something stupid, he probably would call you by a derogatory name. If it was really stupid, you would get a royal ass-chewing. He might slap you up aside the head or bounce a pencil off your forehead
But, when it was over--it was over.

He was not "Warm and fuzzy" at all, but he would back you 100 per cent. He would stick up for you to the Lieutenants and the Captain.

Now, you have warm and sensitive Sergeants and Lieutenants. Most of them are climbing the promotion ladder. The biggest aspect about their relationship to you is that they will "throw you down" in a heartbeat to keep going up that ladder.
Should an incident occur, you will be interrogated. Nothing cross will be said to you.
Days to weeks later, you will be called in, asked to sit opposite that Sergeant, and asked  to sign a paper acknowledging that they have found that you made an error. That paper will go in your file- forever.

My wife finally realized that:
1. Trump gets things done.
2. I explained that Trump is in business, and in a similarity, he has to deal with may people
     As an officer, you learn that you must communicate with voice tone and body language to
     the people you contact that you are in charge.
     Being"Nice" tells many people that you are dealing from weakness

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