Thursday, October 13, 2016

John Podesta Lied today

Came from a person with direct knowledge, name not to be revealed


Hi Dave,

Bear with me on this.

As you know, I was born and raised in Chicago.  Grew up in the 14th Ward (a mix of Irish Dems and Polish Republicans) on the Southside near the Stock Yards.  Graduated HS in 1965.  Know all the players, etc.

John Podesta and his brother Tony are from the northside of Chicago.  They both graduated from Lane Tech HS.  A huge all boys Public School .. enrollment was a freaken 5,200 boys !!!  So of course they had some great teams.

John Podesta graduated from Lane in 1967.  Grew up in the 39th Ward.  Staunch Dems.  Grew up next to Anthony Laurino, the Alderman (now dead) and his daughter Margaret (now the alderwoman) .. both connected to the MOB

So when I saw that DRUDGE REPORT headline early today, about John Podesta saying the articles  WIKI-leaks just published about him were “altered” .. .I started checking … deep, deeper, deepest .. all kinds of combos in the algorithm.

John Podesta is claiming he was never a co-owner with his brother, Tony, the younger, of THE PODESTA GROUP.  Thus the “Russians” had to have altered the article to make it look like he was. 

But if he was co-owner, and THE PODESTA GROUP was knee deep in the URANIUM ONE deal worth Billions of dollars which was hatched by THE PODESTA GROUP with a CANADIAN GROUP (a sham deal) giving the RUSSIANS ownership rights to 20% of the URANIUM MINES IN THE UPPER MIDWEST, USA, but this deal needed a sign-off by the USA Secretary of State because it involved minerals of National Security impact.  Selling to the Canadian Group was OK … but if they were fronting for the RUSSIANS .. NOT OK. 

And Hillary Clinton was the Sec of State at the time and she signed off, and her buddies THE PODESTA GROUP, made multi-millions because they put the deal together.  So John Podesta is trying to destroy the credibility of the WIKI-leak documents by saying he was not a CO-OWNER .. but the Russians altered them to make it look like he was .. and the Russians and Trump are doing this together. 

But if the wiki-leads documents are authentic – THEN .. John Podesta is  in big trouble on matters of national security, fraud, grand theft, electronic wire funds transfer violations, etc etc.

So I started digging and digging. 

Finally got a hit on “John Podesta – Lane Tech” … BINGO .. an article in the CHICAGO MAGAZINE, DECEMBER, 2013 ..


JOHN PODESTA, Hillary Clinton's Campaign Chair ..OUTED TODAY by WIKI-LEAKS ... is yelling today, he is NOT an NEVER HAS BEEN a co-owner of the PR Firm, The Podesta Group (Uranium One deal with the Russians). Yet, here's a quote from the CHICAGO MAGAZINE article, December 2013 - where his brother Tony says .. they were CO-OWNERS. !!! LIAR JOHN LIAR JOHN LIAR JOHN !!! .. Always believe WIKI-Leaks email releases .. never believe the LYING DEMOCRAT RESPONSE. ..... "You’re a... registered lobbyist? Yes. John and I cofounded a lobbying and PR firm called the Podesta Group. I’ve stayed with it. John [also, for some years pre-2006, a registered lobbyist] was there from 1987 to 1993 when he went to work for Clinton. Then he was briefly out of the Clinton White House and did some work for us. But not full time since 1993. I’ve never worked inside government. I’ve been in and out of the White House to help Democrats." ......

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