Sunday, December 28, 2008

Formed a Pattern

Back in my Officer days, if citizens complained about you more than once, your superiors would claim, "You have formed a Pattern. You are going to have change your ways, break this pattern or you will be going up to Sacramento for "Charm School""

Now, let us recount our major events this year.

The Russians invade Georgia--Obama is on vacation--takes FOUR days to come out with a Statement.

According to Congress, we have an Economic Crisis--they call for a Bail-out votes before the world stops turning. Obama is on vacation--says "Call me if you need me"

Israel starts pounding Hamas in Gaza-- Obama is on vacation... No word of what he thinks. STRANGE: He has his "Office of President -Elect" and has meddled in the Bush Administration's policy--but not now.

Based on observed behavior, where do you think BO will be when the Jihadists set off a nuke in New York... and what do you think he will DO?

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