Sunday, May 30, 2010

Glenn Beck: Black Founding Fathers

FoxNewsChannel — May 28, 2010 — Did your school completely omit some of the greatest stories in American history? Glenn Beck certainly thinks so; as do I. Glenn Beck, the 21st Century's most popular historian, not only has a Doctorate from Liberty University:

but he has also done more to help educate Black Americans about the truth of American History, and how it isn't as racist and ignoble as the so-called 'historians' peppering academia in America, in colleges and universities nationwide, have been claiming since the early 20th century, that it is. So here's Glenn Beck on his Founder's Fridays series on his Glenn Beck TV show on Fox News Channel, discussing Black Founding Fathers, and how they've been erased from our history by 'progressives' who care more about enslaving the minds of black Americans than allowing them to know the truth of their heritage:
(15 Min Video-BUT WORTH IT!)

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