Sunday, June 6, 2010

SARAH Palin accuses Helen Thomas of "unconscionable indecency"

By guest blogger Sissy Willis

“Many in the European community feel as I do, but they are afraid to speak out publicly,” says Czech Senate President Dr. PÅ™emysl Sobotka in solidarity with Israel, pariah of the politically-correct "international community" in the wake of the Turkish flotilla travesty. Aruta Sheva Israel National News reports [h/t JENin140 on Twitter]:
Is the world waking up? Following U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and others [President Obama stands tepidly behind Israel, presumably to secure leverage for his "peace" agenda, but "perpetuating Israel's enemies' version of events, according to Liz Cheney.] … Dr. Sobotka told Knesset Speaker Ruby Rivlin on Wednesday, “As a doctor, I certainly regret any loss of life, but there is no doubt that this was a planned provocation designed to drag Israel into a trap.”
Sobotka met with Rivlin in the Knesset, and told him, “I support the position that views Hamas as a terrorist organization … It is too bad that European countries present an unbalanced position on this matter. Unfortunately, the positions of the international community are not always to my taste, particularly in Europe.”
Rivlin took the opportunity to explain once again that “despite the international criticism, the naval blockade on Gaza is in accordance with international law. Israel left Gaza, but it became a terrorist entity supported by Iran. This week, instead of peace activists we found terror activists who endangered our soldiers and left them with no choice. At least 100 out of the 120 Knesset Members support the IDF action.”

Could it be that the Big Lie about Palestinians as victims is about to be "washed away by [a] preference cascade," where people wake up from a politically correct, fear-society nightmare to realize the political narrative being peddled by the powers that be is a con? Glenn Reynolds described the phenomenon awhile back:
Three years ago, I looked at the phenomenon of "preference cascades" — in which people who have been obliged to conceal their true beliefs by social pressure or sheer force suddenly discover that a lot of other people feel the same way — and wrote:
"This illustrates, in a mild way, the reason why totalitarian regimes collapse so suddenly … Such regimes have little legitimacy, but they spend a lot of effort making sure that citizens don't realize the extent to which their fellow-citizens dislike the regime. If the secret police and the censors are doing their job, 99% of the populace can hate the regime and be ready to revolt against it — but no revolt will occur because no one realizes that everyone else feels the same way … Even if one loathes the regime, few people have the force of will to stage one-man revolutions, and when preferences are sufficiently falsified, each dissident may feel that he or she is the only one, or at least part of a minority too small to make any difference."
Something similar is gathering steam in the anthropogenic-global-warming "debate," much to the horror, no doubt, of Obama Disinformation Czar Cass Sunstein, who apparently favors mandatory government propaganda on political websites. Could such an awakening be about to occur in the flotilla "debate" as the facts and YouTube videos emerge, or has the narrative been set? Don't ask Helen Thomas, whose advice for Israelis to "get the hell out of Palestines" and go back "home" to Poland or Germany went viral today, "immortalized on the web," prompting a cascade of outraged blogposts and tweets. Sarah Palin said it most succinctly on Twitter:
Helen, Helen, Helen … unimaginable misunderstanding of Jewish history … & unconscionable indecency. Press corps colleagues calling you on this?
And now the twitterers are having a field day with the hashtag #HelenThomasMovies. A few of our favorites:

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Update: Michelle Malkin's "Buzzworthy" links. Be sure to treat yourself to her take:
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