Monday, December 19, 2011

TEBOW values

What  strikes me is that Tim Tebow befriended this woman. Most men would avoid her and repel simply because they would fear being jeered and derided for being with someone that has these impairments.

Tebow just added to my regard for him. Plus, I am betting that he sees a gift from God here in this woman.

Dec 18, 2011

DENVER -- For the first time in seven days, each of which I spent in Denver because of Tim Tebow's polarizing impact on the NFL, the Broncos' quarterback and I finally had the chance to exchange more than the daily salutations I'd come to expect from the overbearing nature of Tebowmania.
We walked toward the exit -- among the last to leave the locker room after a 41-23 loss to the Patriots on Sunday -- as I began to ask the first of what I hoped would be a series of questions.
"How is the strength of your faith impacted after a loss?" I started.
"It puts things in perspective," Tebow said. "God is still God. I still have a relationship with Christ, and a loss doesn't change anything. Win or lose, everything is still the same. What matters is the girl I'm about to see, Kelly Faughnan. If I can inspire hope in someone, then it's still a good day."

DEC 2009

Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow didn’t win any of the awards at the ESPNU CollegeFootball Awards in Lake Buena Vista, Florida Thursday night, but he still managed to garner some positive publicity with his date selection.

20-year-old Kelly Faughnan of Clifton, Virginia was diagnosed with a brain tumor just prior to Thanksgiving 2008 and underwent surgery in December. The huge Florida Gators fan was at Disney World this week and was hoping she would catch a glimpse of Tebow, who she knew would be in attendance at the awards show. According to NBC Sports, the couple met Wednesday and Tim Tebow made the decision to bring her to the College Football Awards as his date.
“I was really touched,” Tebow told NBC.
OK, that was pretty cool. Here are some more not-so-great pictures of the “couple:”

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