Wednesday, November 13, 2013

JARRETT is driving the wagon ( to Hell)

Though I can NOT find the quote on Google, Bill Hemmer on FOX NEWS this morning quoted Valerie Jarrett as saying in an interview yesterday that "WE are going to grind this thing (Obamacare) out" .

Translation: She will not let Obama or anyone else make Obamacare any more people friendly.

Now, some may have awakened from a slumber and determined not to be so low information.

So far, Jarrett (Obama's Chief White House Advisor/dictator) has ordered:
--That no aid go to U S Citizens under attack in Benghazi

--The "Shutdown" of the government and all the resulting tactics (Like closing the WWII Memorial )

My perspective is that shortly after Obama's election in 2008, various writers conferred the title "Slumlord" on Jarrett.

When you are a slumlord, the people who rent from you do not have much of a choice about their conditions. They get their welfare checks, pay the slumlord, and keep quiet. That is what she is used to.

What I don't think she is aware of is that U S Citizens can be pushed so far--then resistance begins.
The resistance I see today is that only 106,000 people have signed up for ObamaCare

The population of the U S is roughly 314 MILLION

So far, we are told that the people signing up are. ONE, needing care, and TWO, most of those signing went on MediCaid .

BOTTOM LINE: U S Citizens are not slum dwellers, are not buying it and will find a way around it

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