Wednesday, February 4, 2015

TWO BIG Obama Regime LIES

First, there is the Vaccination uproar.

The US had Measels beaten, eradicated--not a problem.

In 1994, a friend asked if I would donate blood for the friend's mother who was going to have major back surgery. I go to the San Diego Blood bank to donate. There is a map of Mexico on the wall. A line is through Mexico east-west about halfway down.
I ask what is the relation to blood donation.
I am told if a person appears with an accent or looks that indicate they are from south of the border, they are asked where they are from, and to point that location on the map. If it is below that line, they will not be allowed to donate.

So, what is the lie?

WE are being told that it is YOUR fault if you don't vaccinate.
TRUTH--Obama opened the flood gates to Central Americans, who carry a variety of diseases.

We didn't have measels until HE allowed them in.

Second, yesterday we had two revelations.
One was that the Obama Government (It damn sure is not ours) has cranked out 1.8 million work permits for non-citizens.
Those persons got jobs-- that would have went to U S citizens.
Yesterday, the head of the IRS admitted to congress in testimony that Aliens will get tax refunds

Well, they might--through fraud.

In a FOX newscast , the reporter said that banks and the government had been issuing "Tax ID Numbers" to those not citizens.

Here is how it really works, and I found this out working multiple cases of Worker's Compensation Fraud in California as a Private Investigator:

A. They did not get Tax ID Numbers, as that would reveal that they are here illegally and could be apprehended

B. Starting a case, you would enter the Claimant's Social Security Number into a large community Database owned by the Insurance industry. This will tell you if the person with that number has recent or multiple claims.

What you would get is that three people have that SSN.
Juan Garcia of Pico-Rivera
Maria Maldanado of Upland
John Chang DDS of San Francisco.

This one is easy--John Chang is the only valid holder of that number.

IF any taxes were paid, the credit went to John Chang.

C. Here in Arizona and in California too, we have repeatedly encountered individuals who would ONLY work for cash.
Oh, yeah, they worked for less, but only for cask. That meant NO TAXES were collected 

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