Thursday, October 30, 2008

Defining Survival

Driving along this morning, listening to Dennis Prager. He had a man call in and say that he he was thoroughly dedicated to seeing John McCain and Sarah Palin get elected.

BUT--This dedication had lost him some friends--who were going to vote for Obama.

I have relatives who have drank the Kool-Aid. Their emails are now blocked, and the phone does not get answered if their number appears on "Caller ID"

First, I grew to the age of 14 being overweight. No one wants to be seen with the fat kid, so I learned to be alone.

Second, my main career in life was as a police officer. You have no friends as a police officer--except other police officers.

Third, this isn't just a chess or video game. This is for your life. I do not want to be parked in some Projects, because Obamassiah has friends who want my property.
No one knows where this asshole was born, and he sure as hell won't tell you. He is probably not even a citizen--but that doesn't matter to the Worshippers.
He has associated with a violent unconvicted felon-William Ayers.
His cousin in Africa--who he campaigned for on U S Taxpayer money --locked his opponents in churches, then set the churches on fire. If a person was able to escape the building, Obama's cousin's followers were waiting outside to hack them to body parts with machetes

So, this is not Nixon (who cared about the country) versus JFK--who cared about this country ( B O doesn't like anything about this country)

So--If you say you are for Obama--look for me to shun you, and give you no aid, comfort, or conversation.


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