Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Product

There are people who regard nimals as "A PRODUCT"

The horse Racing crowd is especially guilty of this. And, if their PRODUCT doesn't return profits, that PRODUCT is eliminated like you would throw away an empty milk carton.

The photo is of my horse, who I regard as my children. I could not sell them, or even give them away, and if they got sick or injured, they would get vet care.

OBAMA rwegards the US working class as a PRODUCT. That is it--just like a race hose.
And, Liberal Oregon and California have passed assisted suicide laws "To east the suffering of those who are terminally ill".

Liberals always sell their defective ideas with the idea that comapssion is attached.

What this is going to moorph into is that Government Health Care--remember, Libs since Hillary have been tring to put that on us--will be found to "Cost too much", (LOOK AT HAWAII)and the "Dead weight" will be eliminated.

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