Saturday, May 23, 2009


The photo above is this year's Kentucky Derby winner.

I start with this because of a conversation my wife and I had with a man who came to do a service on our house. He used to managed a huge ranch in this region for almost 20 years. He still has horses, and to him, his horses are his family, his children.
He choked up when he told of the passing of his favorite horse recently.

The conversation moved to how amiable this man was. He said, "I get along with just about everyone...well, except for race horse people".

My wife asked why.

The man was searching for words when I said "It's their attitude. To them, a horse is a product. The product does not produce, you eliminate it".

The man looked at me, stunned, and said, "That is exactly it!"

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have a President that thinks of us like that. He could care less for our safety, and he has shown that by several traiterous acts and statements.
He could care less about our health. As I write this, he is doing the old tactic where he takes a dog turd, coats it in frosting, and tells you that it is a cupcake.
His assertion that it will give everyone health care.
B S.
I don't know why he wants to expand it. Existing government laws, rules, and regulations give Illegal Immigrants FREE health care (TAXPAYER PAYS FOR IT) and Medicare for us over 65--whether you--the 65 and over- like it or not(TAXPAYER PAYS FOR IT).

The existing plan is always short on cash. BO plans to add millions more people.
So how you going to match up cost?

Simple--you are a Product, and if that Product generates costs more that some bureaucrat thinks should be paid--You will be eliminated.

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