Sunday, May 3, 2009


A realization came to me today.

The cities that are the most rabid about following "Their" teams are the ones that have the most oppressive Liberal elected officials in place.
Think about it:
Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots. Fenway Park and Foxboro are always sold out --for years.
Same with the N Y Yankees, The Giants and the Jets.

The Liberals stifle achievement with high taxes, PC programs, and crooked ways to get elected. Here we think about Chicago--The White Sox, the Cubs, and "Da Bears".

The fans--to my mind--are stymied about performing well, and earning income they could brag about. So, the Identify and do a Transference on to "Their Team".

This reminds one of the Roman's "Bread and Circuses", items of entertainment, and/or distraction to keep the Romans from noticing that the treasury was draining, and military efforts were waning out on the edge of the Empire.

My presumption is that this will not last.

---Ballplayers make outrageous salaries, and BO and the government WILL NOT move to limit their pay like they have the pay of the CEO's who held out their hands.
If you make millions, BO is going to get 35%+ of that to keep Air Force One flying and buy Momma $540 shoes.

---Fans that are being cut off from their income by layoffs, loss of sales, or just the abhor able dismal economic system that BO has wrought, are going to find survival (Food, shelter) become priority items. Who cares if A-Rod hits a ball if you got no food on the table?

--The total sports system has been corrupted by "Sports Books". I am not a fan of ANY team. I do like to watch persons like Kurt Warner. It only takes a short while of watching a game --I would never attend or enrich some owner by going to a stadium to see any of these games--on TV, and you can see which referee or official got a call from "Tony in New Jersey" "Ya Know-- I REALLY the the Pittsburg Steelers in the Super Bowl, Yaeh. I like 'em so much I put money on 'em. Think you could see your way clear to watchin' for penalties that the Cardinals might do?"

Think I'm kidding here? Just watch, you will begin to see a trend. If a flag is thrown, the network showing the game will show you a replay. Hopefully, you know the rules about football. See for yourself--was a violation committed?
In the Super Bowl, the only calls were on the Cardinals, and Coach Wisenhunt beat the first two on challenges.

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