Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another great writing by Ann Barnhardt

I have a current personal anecdote related directly to this question. The homeowners’ association of the neighborhood I live in sent me a letter last week demanding that I remove the chalk Epiphany Blessing from the frame of my front door. Apparently they didn’t notice the same blessing above both my garage door and my deck door, which kinda blows their whole argument that it is an egregious eyesore. Snorf. And apparently they have NO CLUE who they’re dealing with. Double snorf. I pick fights with 1400 year old satanic political systems as a means of passing time on lazy Sunday afternoons. HOA’s don’t exactly intimidate me. Triple snorf.
For those of you who don’t know, it is an ancient Catholic sacramental tradition for the head of every household to make an inscription above every outside door at Epiphany. This inscription is small and subtle, and marking the door frame harkens back to the Passover in Egypt wherein Israel marked their doors with the blood of the Passover lamb. You would have to consciously look at the top of the door frame to see it. It is all but invisible to anyone walking by. Here is the text of the instructions and prayer that I received and used in January:

“The blessed chalk is taken home and then the father or senior member of the family says the following prayer once at the main entrance of the house, and that door is marked as follows. Then the family members should accompany the father as he goes from outside entrance to outside entrance and marks this over each door:

Hear us, O Holy Lord, Father Almighty, Eternal God, and send Thy Holy Angel from heaven to watch over, cherish, protect, be with, and defend all who live in my house. I call upon Thy Saints Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthazar to protect my family and my home from every harm and danger, and I place the marks of their holy names over the doors of my home to remain there as a constant reminder to us and to all who enter here that my house is truly a house of the Lord. O God, make the door of my house the gateway to Thy Eternal Kingdom. I ask these things in the Name of Jesus Christ Thy Son. Amen. 20 + G + M + B + 11”

Given the fact that I have baited 1.5 billion worshippers of allah/satan and thus satan himself to come and kill me, the Epiphany Blessing of my home ain’t going anywhere. But I wouldn’t remove it regardless, because to do so is a violation of my fundamental human right to practice my religion. If the HOA comes and removes it or paints over it, I’ll put it right back up. If they want to litigate, we’ll litigate. The bottom line is this: the only way it goes is if I go, and that will require the HOA to physically seize my home and then enjoin a SWAT Team to physically remove me. And I’m not kidding. Enough is enough. I will not be dehumanized, nor will I encourage or perpetuate the dehumanization of other people by allowing this precedent to be set on me. A failure to stand in defiance of tyranny would be a sin in and of itself. I. WILL. NOT. ROLL. OVER. And neither should you.

Finally, here is a wonderful piece by Fr. Robert Barron explaining why the recent pattern of removing “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance is so utterly critical and evil. Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Atheist – all need to watch this because the concept of how government relates to the people is universal and transcendent. The concept ties directly back to the Declaration itself

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