Saturday, July 16, 2011

Resident holds burglary suspect at gunpoint, calls 911

An Evansville homeowner caught a burglar red-handed, held him at gunpoint until police arrived, and a 911 tape recorded it all.

911 tape - Joseph Vallar says, "I just caught somebody breaking into my house, I have my gun drawn on him right now. Get down!"

The 911 tape reveals the intense situation.

911 tape - Vallar says, "I've got my gun on him and I got him on the ground. (Talking to suspect) You ain't using the bathroom, you ain't using nothing, you're just going to lay there!"

Joseph Vallar says he found a suspect inside his home on east Riverside Drive on Wednesday morning, after a neighbor called him at work telling him his home was being burglarized.

Vallar says armed with a handgun, he entered his home, found the suspect, and held him at gunpoint while dialing 911.

911 tape - Joseph Vallar says, "(talking to the dispatcher) You want officers to come into the front door? Come into the front door. I'm sitting here by the front door, with my gun drawn at the guy."

When police arrived, they arrested 19-year-old Joshua Wilson. Authorities say they found pills, cologne, a pocket knife, and army metals on Wilson. He is charged with burglary.

Police say this situation turned out perfect, but it could have gone the other way just as quickly.

EPD PIO Karen Kajmowicz says, "It was great that it turned out the way it did, but there were so many potential problems, it's scary to think how it could have turned out."

Police say for everyone's safety, home break-ins should be left for officers, who can respond quicker, are trained in the situations, and have bulletproof vests.

Vallar acknowledges that fact, but says he'd do it all again.

"I feel good. I feel like justice has been served, it feels good to know I have my belongings back, and he's going to get what he deserves."

Police say Vallar did not violate any laws, or did anything wrong. However, authorities say deadly force cases come with many gray areas.

Click here to read the state statute regarding a home owner's right to protect his or her property. It's section number 35-41-3-2.

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