Monday, December 1, 2014

And they get paid well...

Members of the St. Louis Rams raise their arms as they walk onto the field on Sunday, Nov. 30, 2014, before a football game against the Oakland Raiders.

Players on the football team showed solidarity with Michael Brown and Ferguson protesters.

Well, maybe someone beside myself will :
A. Not pay out big bucks to see an in person NFL game.
B. Not even watch a televised game. 
C. Be more convinced that these players--while having a talent to play football are not
     worth the huge outlandish mega -million dollar salaries they are paid

    You know, it once was that the players were from the city they played for . What it has morphed in to is a bunch of mercenaries who will play for the highest bidder 

D. Realize that in a lot of cases, the outcome of the game has been decided by high stakes gamblers, who made a call to referees.

Maybe the NFL will:

1. Stop covering for player's immoral and sometimes criminal behavior.  Maybe they will 
    become aware that us "Normal people" have to obey laws or we will be arrested and   

2. Realize that we just had an election that told us that people are not happy with the Status     
     Quo and Politically Correct causes. 

To me, this "Hands up-Don't Shoot" demonstration by these players tells that there are one or more things that influenced them:

A. They are stupid. Should they consult any CREDIBLE news source, you can obtain the 
      autopsy report on Michael Brown, Brown's criminal record, and the information given to 
      the Grand Jury.

B. They want to identify with stupid people and feel like they are one with them.

C. They don't care that this show of solidarity with criminals angers their paying fans 

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