Monday, December 29, 2014

(JUST LIKE IN THE 70's) 2 Police Officers Ambushed, Shot at in ‘Unprovoked Attack’ in South Los Angeles: LAPD

Los Angeles police called off an intense 8-hour manhunt Monday morning that began after two officers were ambushed in an “unprovoked attack” in the Vermont-Slauson neighborhood of South L.A. the previous night.

August 1971.

I now have 2 months out on the road as a CHP Officer. I work the 1400-2230 shift,
which in the South Los Angeles CHP office is the least desirable shift. 
As mentioned before, you parked a unit and rode or drove with another officer at sundown. 
A frequent man I paired up with was Frank Garner . Frank was a Black man, and did not always follow policy, but if he erred, it was not malicious, and did not bring disrepute on the CHP. 
You are supposed to patrol only in county areas, as cities pay their police top patrol their streets. 
Frank liked to go into Los Angeles City at times. Who was I to correct him, as he had two years on. 
We are going south on Central at about 9 PM. It is dark. Suddenly we see an LAPD unit come west, then north on Central. It has all emergency lights and siren on.
Frank says, "Let's go see where he is going", and does a u-turn. 

We go north to 86th, then east. Frank exclaims:"He's going into the County ! ". 
We tuck right in, and soon we are at a scene just west of Hooper Av. 
There are sheriff's cars, LAPD cars, and police cars I do not recognize. 
You immediately hear gunfire--Shotgun rounds, and automatic weapon fire. 
We go forward, duck walking, crouched beside cars for cover. We have our handguns out, but we don't know who to shoot. While we are still trying to determine who is the bad guy, a Sheriff Deputy yells "Cease Fire". While rounds had been whizzing overhead, ALL of the local occupants of that area were out on the sidewalk, trying to see who was shooting and or who was getting shot.

There is an LAPD car parked at the curb, with both front doors open. An Officer laid on the pavement ahead of the unit. Ahead of that was a blue 1958 Pontiac.
You noted real quick that it seemed that you could not place your hand on that Pontiac without touching a bullet hole. Four black males, age 18 to 24, lay two on the sidewalk, and two out in the street. All were bleeding from parts of their bodies. A fire department ambulance arrived with the US's first paramedic. The driver walked up and asked a Sheriff Sergeant, "Who do we take first?". The Sergeant replied, "The officer, dumb sh*t" 

Talking to LAPD guys after some of the scene got cleared, we found that:
 LAPD Intelligence had info that four Black Panther males were enroute to Los Angeles to kill a cop. LAPD Intel had watched them arrive. They had been following in a pain clothes car, in civilian garb to see where they went. 

Enter the LAPD beat unit.  These two fficers agree that occupants of the blue Pontiac are acting suspicious.
they follow,and when the car starts out into County area, they stop it. Both officers get out. Driver officer walks forward.  Driver and passenger from the front seat of the Pontiac get out, lever .45's and fire. 

Driver officer is hit in the upper left leg. Passenger officer is not hit, gets back to car, puts out 112-99, and returns fire.
The WORLD comes. LAPD quickly comes up.They are armed with M-16's. 
Although they were hit several times, all the Panthers survived. 

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