Thursday, June 18, 2015

No one trusts officials now.

The piece below was yesterday.

In my mind--WHY?

You have Officials committing acts that would send one of us to jail for a couple of years stay. Do they suffer ANY penalty? Not at all... There's probably a promotion in it.

You have persons you elected to vote NO on A B & C, and Yes on D E and F. 
Once you donated to them, and voted for them, they go ahead and vote FOR A B & C, and either note NO or just don't show to vote for D E & F. 

Like our Arizona Governor Ducey.  Yes, he is a Republican, and yes, he promised to 
guard our border with Mexico, eliminate Common Core, and vote to have Arizonans in charge of Federal Lands ( The Legislature passed it--he vetoed it) 

Factor 1. He worked for McCain's Wife's Beer Company all the way through college. He picked up tricks from John McCain

Factor 2. He is a Chamber of Corruption (commerce) Republican--Not a Conservative. His answer "Would you have voted for SB 1062 [would have given protection to business to follow their religion, and was altered by the media and Gays to say it was discriminatory and Hate legislation] His answer was NO--It would have been bad for business. 

Factor 3. I knew this fact from being a Highway Patrol Officer. You have seat belt, under-age drinking, and speed compliance laws--Because the Federal Government (NHTSA) dictates that you WILL pass the law, and you WILL enforce the law to 85% compliance--or you will lose Federal Funds for your highways.
Ducey wants Federal money to keep coming, so he vetoes a bill that takes back federal lands, and essentially does nothing to rid us of Common Core 

You find that House Speaker Boehner has a nickname.. Toll Booth. Translation: You want some legislation passed? You WILL donate to his campaign fund. 

In the next presidential election, I want some one who worked for what they got--not a privileged Bush, Hillary, or Lindsay Grahamnesty.  Scott Walker or Dr Ben Carson would do. I did like Ted Cruz until he sided with Obama on ObamaTrade (Seems his wife works for Goldman-Sachs--who stand to prosper from this deal) 

I want someone who realizes that not doing anything about Illegal Immigration or free flow of foreign workers will kill our standard of living--and DO something about it.

I want someone who appreciates achievement and being COMPETENT.  Seems like the Obama Administration's only screen is are you a minority, female, or Gay. IF so, you get the job. 

I want someone who believes in PENALTIES for incompetence or actual criminal behavior that harms citizens.  From Obama on down,. you have government employees that have harmed Americans by incompetent, and/or criminal acts--
but none them ever get terminated or prosecuted. They get promoted 

I want someone who realized that Islam is all about killing other human beings. 
They have been doing it since 640 AD, and Obama is GIVING them nuclear weapons to be able to kill us by the millions.  I want someone who us not afraid to use the labels Muslims, Killers. Islamic, Radical interchangeably, and not cower before them. 


“The System is Broken”: Americans No Longer Believe In Its Institution

"Americans' confidence in most major U.S. institutions remains below the historical average for each one," a Gallup spokesman said in a news release.
All in all, it's a picture of a nation discouraged about its present and worried about its future, and highly doubtful that its institutions can pull America out of its trough.
There is plenty of good reason, with evidence uncovered daily, weekly and consistently throughout the years of the hypocrisy and failures of government, the failed promises of politicians, the lies and spin of the mainstream media and newspapers, the greed and exploitation of the financial sector and the "just us" mentality of above-the-law enforcers who are supposed to uphold justice.
Just check out how little faith remains in the structure of, well, just about any institution in America, by the numbers:
Only 8 percent have confidence in Congress, down by 16 points from a long-term average of 24 percent - the lowest of all institutions rated.
33 percent have confidence in the presidency, a drop from a historical average of 43 percent.
32 percent have confidence in the Supreme Court, down from 44.
28 percent have confidence in banks, down from 40 percent.
21 percent have confidence in big business, down from 24 percent.
24 percent have confidence in organized labor, down from 26.
24 percent have confidence in newspapers, down from 32 percent.
21 percent have confidence in television news, down from 30 percent.
52 percent of Americans ["¦] are confident in the police [57 percent historically]
What else can be said, but that the system is broken?

Obviously it bears little resemblance to the one envisioned by the founding fathers and their emphasis on separation of powers and limited government.

None of the three branches of government are trusted by even close to a majority of the American populace"¦ maybe that's to be expected, with frequent media criticisms of political figures in a polarizing two party system.

But other pillars of society have lost their backing of the public, too - in astonishing numbers that show not only that the American dream is dead, but that private institutions are widely perceived as being just as corrupt as public ones (or worse).

To top it off - this perception is entirely deserved. The aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis consolidated the power and wealth of the big banks, and gave the Federal Reserve ultimate power over the economy, while average Americans suffered greatly.

Scandal after scandal revealed that corruption for what it is.
Media scandals - such as Brian Williams' fabricated war zone stories and George Stephanopoulos' attempt to conceal his conflicts of interest with the Clinton Foundation - have left a bad taste in the mouth of media consumers already facing fake news indigestion.

The factors are piling up beyond our capacity to excuse them away: fatigue from endless wars and threats of terrorism; cynically-false promises of hope and change; the repeated, brazen trampling of civil rights; a sharp decline of opportunity at the hands of economic recession; trade deals written in secret to enrich corporations; the rise of job-crushing technology and more have all sapped at the American spirit.

Whether most Americans follow these developments or not, they instinctually sense them. No one trustworthy is steering this ship - worse, no one may be at the wheel at all.
Who or what can turn things around?

That remains to be seen, but few will be willing to buy into the system if it remains on course.
The loss of confidence in the system ultimately relates to the loss of confidence in the freedom of the individual.

It is strong-willed and determined people who have always made this country, and any other, strong and vibrant.
The constant detriment of individual rights and the endless calls to transfer power to the collective - whether inside or outside of government - is the real source of the problem that this Gallup poll reflects.

Our best hope at a better world should start there. Is it still possible?
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