Sunday, July 5, 2015


In 1968. I applied to the California Highway Patrol.

Then, you had to be between 21 and 32 (Average age of applicant was 25)
You were a male, between 5'-8" and 6'6" tall.

You applied, and were told to appear at an address to take a written test. Your score had to be above 70% and it related to your position on the hiring list.

You were then notified of a physical test, and given an address and time to be there.

You were notified of a Physical Agility Test, and an address of where it was given.
There were three arts:
1. Stand Flat Footed, make a mark on the wall as high as you could reach.
   Then, crouch, and leap from flat-footed, and make a mark on the wall AT LEAST one foot higher than your first mark.
2. THREE Pull ups.
3. 23 sit ups with in 30 seconds.

You were then notified of an oral interview by three people in or associated with the CHP. Your questions and answers were recorded, and were given to your background investigator.

Your background investigator researched me back to the third grade.


Forward to 1985.

Women were hired as officers after pressure from the Federal Government.
The big hammers the Feds use are:
(1)--We will cutoff any Federal; money you get.  (2)--We will get a Court Order against you saying you can't hire any men until you reach X per cent female Officers.

Some could not pass that agility test, so a few failures sued, A whole new test was designed--that they could pass.

An Asian person from San Francisco was shorter that 5' 8" tall. He sued in Federal Court, alleging that the height requirement discriminated against Asians.
(The height requirement was there to insure that you were able to physically match your average resister out there on the highway/freeway)


Related but of another Government disabling of  competency.

When Obama began appointing Cabinet members after his 2008 election, it seemed that every one of them had an un-prosecuted offense in their history.
EXAMPLE: A Secretary of Treasury--that had not paid--and essentially cheated on his taxes.

My first thought was: They did not do good background checks.  Then, it hit me: They had. They found the offense, had proof, called in the person and said A La Al Capone." We know you did ______. You are going to take this job. We will tell you how to do it. If you refuse, we will prosecute".

The result is like the Prosecutor in Baltimore. She qualified on two counts as minority.
She had influence (Father was Baltimore Police Officer ).
She gets through College and Law School.  Not really qualified, she gets  elected State's Attorney defeating  Gregg L. Bernstein
Image result for Gregg L. Bernstein

And in the General election,
Russell A. Neverdon Sr.

Image result for Russell A. Neverdon Sr.



It appears that we are playing a game of "Let's Pretend".

Let's Pretend that the person has all the physical and mental capabilities necessary to be educated to perform all tasks related to the job.

Let's Pretend that the person is competent to DO that job.

Necessary requirements:
Slavish fanatical allegiance to the Democrat Party.
Strict silence on all/all  of any observed violations of laws and civil rights ( IRS vs Tea Party, BLM vs Ranchers, EPA vs Coal)


  1. Excellent commentary. It puts the Obama administration into perspective - Chicago politics at its finest.