Monday, July 6, 2015

Statistics don't mean....


San Francisco politicians have blood on their hands.

July 6, 2015

My complaint involves the "elected Officials" of several cities that think it is perfectly
 O K NOT to enforce current law. 

(Aside: When I used to stop people for traffic laws-that sometimes evolved into felonies, if they told me the particular law that I stopped them for--the one that stands out was "Not wearing a seat belt"-- was a "Chickens**t law"-- my question to them was then.. "What other law would you have me not enforce? And, why stop there. Why should we enforce murder, robbery, and assault?" )

But my main complaint is the "Good Ol' General Public" .

I think the phenomena started with "Remote Wars". I mean Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Less than one per cent of U S citizens are in the military and are sent to fight these far away battles. 

The lesson here for "Good Ol' General Public" was
IF ITS NOT HAPPENING TO ME... Its not happening .

Driving around San Diego County, going to many Hit-and-Run crashes, and having the story usually go like this: 

I was driving down (fill in the road), going (fill in the speed) when this car came out and hit me. When it stopped, the driver got out and ran. The description is male Hispanic, about 18 to 25, 5 ft 8 in tall with black hair. 

Around year 2000, there were around 4,000 cars,trucks, vans, and SUV's stolen from San Diego County alone. 

 My point is this: Although we were sending troops to foreign countries basically to be police officers as opposed to winning a war, although there were multiple hit and runs occurring daily with the usual suspects being probable illegal aliens, and no possible way the victims could recover the costs, or that the usual suspect would be prosecuted , and several San Diego residents coming out to empty drive ways in the morning, .....

There was NO OUTRAGE. 

I formulated this truth. 

Statics don't mean anything (To the Good Ol' General Public)  until they ARE one. 

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