Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Coming home to roost.

Rush Limbaugh has a parody where a teacher asks questions, and the child gives horrendous, erroneous answers. Example:
Teacher:"What is the capitol of France?"
Student:" Des Moines--can I go out and play now?"

I see two factors allowing Barack Hussein Obama to continually make a damn fool of himself:
--The drive to "Level the playing field", abolish grades, and have a goal of building Self-Esteem, while ignoring whether the students learned anything.

--Affirmative Action, and passing Blacks through grades for fear of a discrimination complaint if the student is given a failing grade or held back.

Unlike Curious George, BHO was not interested in learning. He admits cocaine and marijuana use.

World War II is NOT ancient history. The slightest study would have revealed that:
There are 50 States.
The Soviet Army liberated Auschwitz. I will bet BHO can't even tell you which country Auschwitiz is in. He probably would say it was a labor camp, as his buddies, the Jihadis are denying that the Holocaust even happened.

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