Monday, May 19, 2008

Everyday, accepted behavior

A crash of a car fleeing a traffic stop near Casa Grande early Monday left two people dead and four seriously injured, the Arizona Department of Public Safety said.
One person ran away after the 1:20 a.m. incident at the westbound Interstate 10 off-ramp at state Route 387. The off-ramp was closed until 7 a.m.
According to DPS, an officer had pulled over a blue four-door sedan around Milepost 190 when the vehicle bolted. The officer then chased the sedan with the DPS car’s lights and sirens activated.
The driver of the sedan exited the freeway at Milepost 185, but at a speed DPS described as “greater than reasonable and prudent.” The driver lost control of the car, which left the road and rolled.
Some of the seven occupants were ejected in the crash. The four who were injured were taken to hospitals.
The vehicle’s occupants have not yet been identified, and there are no details on why the driver fled.

That's the story.
Some aspects:
--This is an almost Daily event. A car loaded so heavy that it is unstable, driven by a "Skill Challenged Driver", who has been told that "If you speed away--they will not chase you".
--No one seems to care--except the Mexican Consul, who then comes in a sues on behalf of the Illegal Aliens

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