Saturday, June 28, 2008

An apt description of four Justices

So, if they would have had their way, four judges of our Supreme Court, with their chess-game minds, would have had us facing incidents like those listed below --UNARMED.

These Elite,unaware, over-protected snobs would have had us cowering in our homes--while their IslamoFascists defending scum-ball attornies get to charge the taxpayers for defending terrorists who would kill us.

The clueless Country Clubbers aren't the only ones. John McCain said this to a Las Vegas Sun Reporter:
I haven't won on every issue. I didn’t win on immigration reform, but I'll go back at it. And I'm glad I did it..

So Juan McCain would have us cowering, unarmed, in our homes when the Cartels come a calling too.


While on the J.D. Hayworth show Tuesday, a top member of a Phoenix police union announced that the suspects were active members of the Mexican Army hired by drug cartels to perform home invasions and murders.

Phoenix Police Enforcement President Mark Spencer said a police officer told him that one of the men captured said they were completely prepared to ambush Phoenix police, but ran out of ammunition. Click Here to listen to the entire interview.

He added that all of them were dressed in military tactical gear and armed with AR-15 assault rifles. Three other men involved in the invasion escaped

June 28, 2008

Phoenix PD: Men dressed as police raid home

Matt Culbertson - Jun. 27, 2008 01:21 PM
The Arizona Republic
Police are asking for the public's help in locating armed suspects wearing police-like clothing in a Thursday night home invasion on a possible drop house.

At about 8 p.m. Thursday, approximately four to 10 men forcibly entered a house near West Thomas Road and North 67th Avenue, armed with handguns and at least one rifle or shotgun, Sgt. Joel Tranter said. Some of the men wore clothing similar to police outfits, such as black shirts and ball caps with police logos, he said.

The residence might have been a drop house used for smuggling illegal immigrants, and it was furnished in such a way that made it difficult to escape from, Tranter said.

The men held two other men inside the house captive for several minutes, stealing money and personal belongings from the home, Tranter said. Police believe the two men held captive inside could have been involved with smuggling illegal immigrants. The men, ages 62 and 34, were not seriously injured, but one was pistol-whipped, he said. Both are suspected of being Mexican nationals here illegally.

Other authorities are involved with the investigation of the incident, such as the Illegal Immigration Prevention & Apprehension Co-op Team and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Police are looking for three vehicles involved in the incident. The suspects are believed to be driving a 1997 white Nissan Sentra, a black GMC Yukon and a blue 1994 Ford Explorer with a Mexican license plate that was stolen from the house, Tranter said.

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