Monday, June 16, 2008


For 5 years now, I have watched--not too intently--Football, some basketball, and some baseball.

Five years ago was when my wife and I attended a Chargers football game. A defensive back for San Diego was called for pass interference at the gaol line. He was 10 feet away from the receiver he supposedly interfered with. That started my suspicions.

You say--well, they fixed that--they now have instant replay and challenges. Yes-but not quite. There are times of the game where a coach is not allowed to protest.

Two years ago, the Phoenix Suns were on their way to being NBA champions. The game was televised, so 50 million people got to see several bogus calls against the Suns.
Later, after the FBI informed the Referee who made those calls that they had profe that he had gambled on games, owed favors to the Mob,and he confessed that he had been told who was going to win.

Just lately,

Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy has accused the NBA of manipulation of game results in order to "boost ticket sales and television ratings." Commissioner David Stern has called the allegations "baseless." But statistical analysis seems to support the claim that an abnormal percentage of NBA playoff Series are extended to seven games.

Mathematics estimate that a NBA Playoff series will go the full seven games approximately 18% of the time. Since 2000, a surprisingly large 26% of non-first round NBA Series have extended to the maximum seven games. That's 44% more often than expected. That's 16 of 62 Series when only 11 would have been expected. RJ Bell of said: "The odds of this increase happening randomly are less than 1%, approximately 180 to 1."

"44% more Game 7s than expected clearly supports Tim Donaghy's claim that the NBA Playoffs are officiated with the agenda of extending Series as long as possible," says Bell.

Former Kings player, Doug Christie, and others weighed in on Donaghy's allegations today. What they have to say may surprise you. See more at SpursReport.Com or below:
Now, we move to our Government.

We were sold a load of bullsh*t by the Bush Campaign in 2000 and 2004.
Oh, yeah--he is all for national security... We send people to several countries to fight--what was that name--oh, yeah, can't say that because it isn't PC.
IT is Radical Islam or Islamofascists--you know, those guys who cut people's heads off and post the video on YouTube, and tell you that it was "God's Will"

Neither one of our pandering-pussy candidates for US president has said anything about:
--Stopping the continued influx and influence in the good ol' USA of IslamoFascists

--Stopping the Tsunami wave of Illegal Immigrants pouring across our Border. McCain has a former Mexico Cabinet member on his campaign team, and refuses to discount or dismiss him.

--This came out on the Internet. I have seen it on various web logs. Nowhere have I seen it shown to be untrue.

I’m sure the sponsor of the so-called Campaign Finance Reform Bill wouldn’t mind if we took a cursory look at his donors. They include the sinister international currency manipulator George Soros, JP Morgan Chase & Company, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and Lehman Brothers. In other words, McCain is backed by most of the usual suspects who back “the competition.”

According to WorldNetDaily, since 2001, this candidate has receiving funding via the Reform Institute of Alexandria, Virginia, founded to launder money from George Soro’s Open Society Institute and Theresa Heinz Kerry’s Tides Foundation.

Let’s just know who owns whom. All this only makes sense. The senator is a long-time member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a one-worlder, an ultimate insider.

Funding scandals? Sure. We have them too. Does anybody remember the Keating Five debacle from 1987 that cost depositors and taxpayers $160 million? Charles Keating owned American Continental Corporation
and its subsidiary Lincoln Savings & Loan. Facing multiple federal indictments, he called on the recipients of his largesse ­ Senators Alan Cranston, John Glenn, Don Riegle, and from the great State of Arizona Dennis DeConsini and John McCain. Strings were pulled, but, in the end, Keating was convicted. In 1991, the Senate Ethics Committee (I know, such an oxymoron) ruled that McCain hadn’t quite done anything illegal. But by his own standards he was corrupt.

So, I think we are set up to have:
A--A Liberal President, funded by George Soros


B, a Marxist-Socialist Black Power Super-Liberal, funded by George Soros

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