Thursday, June 5, 2008

Minnesota, Liberals, and Free Speech

Minnesota Teens Barred From Graduation for Displaying Confederate Flags on Pick-Ups
(Story -Video at:

So, the reverse-hate groups in Minnesota took immediate action against these kids for having a confederate flag.

Do they think Ted Nugent is a Hate Leader?(Photo above)

I keep saying over and over: Liberals have two hallmarks: Fantasy and Hypocrisy.
Here we have both.
Fantasy is labeling a historical flag a Hate symbol. This flag was flown by people WHO WANTED TO RULE THEMSELVES, and not be dictated to by Washington DC.
If you are going to ban this flag, why not the flag at the top pf this post--Hell, it has a snake on it!

Hypocrisy is that someone wanted to show an admiration of Country life. Yet Minnesota elected a Muslim Congressman (Who, by his very religion can not have an allegiance to the United States), and they let Muslims dictate what people they will check out at the cashier's stand, or carry in their taxis.

Asdk yourself: What would have I done/thought/felt if some dipsh*t dictated that I could not graduate with my class for (Fill in the Blank)

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