Sunday, June 5, 2011

For those of you who don't know about COLORS

As a California Highway Patrol Officer operating out of the Oceanside Office, our training staff had got permission to use ranges on Camp Pendleton for our monthly mandatory shoots. WE were spaced out sop that usually no more than four officers were at the range at any given time.
My time was 1830 (6:30PM for Civilians)
I had worked two crashes, and was running late.
I'm driving my patrolo car through Mainside section of Camp Pendleton, followong a 10 wheeled truck. The truck STOPS. I think, "What the hell is wrong with this guy!"
I start to get out.
I hear the bugle call
I see that EVERYONE is standing. Civilians are at attention. Those in uniform are facing the huge flag near the base commisary at attention and saluting.

After I get to the range, I remark to our Range Officer (Former Marine). He informs me that was COLORS. He tells me that when COLORS (The Flag) are raised (morning), and lowered (evening), this happens. Out of respect for our flag and all those who have serverd it and died for it, the entire Base stops, faces the flag, and stands at attention.

I think: WHAT A GREAT TRADITION. Another item to add to the things I like about Marines.

In those years, I was running races--5K, 10K, half Marathons, and yes, even a few Marathons. Two races I loved to be at:
The Toys-for-Tots race on Miramar MCAS, and the Marine Corps Marathon in between Arlington National Cemetary and the Pentagon
This photo was after the race. Start and finish is here,. and COLORS are before the race

BELOW, three videos.
1. Even the kids know what you do at Colors

2. Evening Colors

3. Morning Colors at Camp Pendleton. This was NOT "For Show" This is daily.

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