Sunday, June 12, 2011

When'll Sarah Palin realize she's JUST a dumb GIRL? Women don't belong in politics.She is not nice and sweet. Should shut up in presence of MEN!!!!

Mark W Lowry

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Subject: When'll Sarah Palin realize she's JUST a dumb GIRL? Women don't belong in politics.She is not nice and sweet. Should shut up in presence of MEN!!!!!!

The last big assault on Sarah the stupid, girl has again proven to be another giant back fire. Sarah has been more scrutinized than any candidate for public
office in the history of this nation. She had an ass hole move in next door to her to watch her family and her 24/7. The corporate Marxist media minions sent thousands of people to scour every public and private record they could find on her since her birth and now they have the "emails" from her time in the Governor's office in Alaska.

Who in the world could stand this kind of blitzkrieg and come out unblemished? I know Obama or any of the RINORATS couldn't.

The best the can come up with is she was "Combative and ENGAGED?"

They accuse her of being combative after she repels attacks on her, her family and her character. She just is not sugar and spice and every thing nice a good girl should be! Thank God for that. She is a full blown American Patriot, one of us who knows what it means to fight for survival in the USA. She is a working mom who still manages to run the family chores at home.

That is more than any of the lecherous left wing or right wing RINORATS of either sex can say.

She is a Christian American without apology.

I for one am sick of this constant drum beat against Sarah Palin. She has not proven to be stupid. She is "intelligent" but the media and RINORATS instead call her "shrewd" in the same manner they would describe a shyster lawyer.

They will not concede the possibility she loves her family and is a good mother. They instead charge her with exploiting her children to get rich. Since when is the act of seeking wealth a bad thing in free enterprise AMERICA?

She is accused of being cruel to animals for hunting and fishing. Now dammit that is just too much for this All American Boy to take. That is one of her best characteristics. She and Teddy Roosevelt have a lot in common. I respect them both. Who in the world would ever attack Teddy Roosevelt for doing the same things Sarah Palin does?

Only American hating gun hating left wing liberal sissy boys and liberal lesbians would say a word about her. They then only do it behind safety of their anonymity because they are afraid she will kick their chickenshit ass.

Sarah haters continue to say she has no political skills and can't play with the big boy RINORATS, they will eat her for lunch. Yet she remains front page news where ever she goes.

The news media follows her relentlessly looking for every slip of the tongue to make her the butt of late night leftest jokes and then accuse her of being combative when they attack her or her family.

All I can say about this is "what a girl". I will vote for her and definitely have her on my list of potential presidential candidates.

The RINORATS deserted her after she helped some of the GOP established RINOS get reelected. He biggest debt paid was to McCain. Now they want to get rid of her because she is a threat to the GOP establishment. She is a damned girl for Christs SAKE and she has the gall to think for herself instead of listening to the losers who run the GOP.

AGAIN WHAT a GIRL!!!!! Her dad has to be proud of her. Anybody who can stand by themselves after being attacked by every corrupt bastard in the USA has the guts and the brains and the love of family to be our PRESIDENT.

Now I know why our high school football coach always degraded us by saying his girls were tougher than we were. He wasn't degrading us at all, he was being honest. We were a bunch of wimps and got off our butts to make sure some old girl couldn't beat us.

Sarah Palin's biggest fault besides being just a dumb old girl is she is not a political elite. She is one of We the People, who knows what its like to work for a living. She has taught her children the same work ethic and showed the world she is not afraid to get her hands dirty when it comes to work.

Sarah showed how to conquer fear of heights in her short series about Alaska by scaling the wall of a mountain. She has the courage to take on the battles to save America, and the political elite Corporate Marxist Minions, Corporate monopolies, World Bankers and RINORATS are scared to death she will
become the first independent president the USA has had in decades.

They keep saying they hope she become the GOP candidate for president, and must remember the old adage "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!"

I hope those bastards who keep belittling Palin get it and get it good and hard. If it wasn't for strong independent women, America would never have realized its greatness. Now it is time for strong independent women to help get that greatness back. Sarah is the GIRL to do just that.

WHAT A GIRL!!!!!!!
Sarah Palin Emails: 'Combative and Engaged'

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