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What would happen if you hung a sign on your front door that read; "No locks, No weapons, No alarms". Do you think you might be robbed? Repeatedly! Many cities in Texas have hung such a sign at the city limits and the results are what any rational thinking person would expect.
Are you familiar with the following Texas cities?
Austin, Baytown, Brownsville, Channelview, Denton, Dallas, El Cenizo, Ft. Worth, Houston, Katy, Laredo, League City, Mcallen, Port Arthur, San Antonio.

Do you know what they have in common with these U.S. cities?
Washington, D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Santa Ana, San Diego, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Detroit, Jersey City, Minneapolis, Miami, Denver, Baltimore, Seattle, Portland, New Haven, Somerville, Cambridge and Portland, Maine

All of the above cities are Sanctuary Cities.

These are cities that knowingly harbor illegal aliens, and beyond that these are cities that actually prohibit either by statute, policy or practiced apathy the enforcement of the law.
In the above cities police officers are restricted from obtaining the immigration status of any person ever, and they are expressly prohibited from arresting anyone known to be in the United States illegally.

Thank California –

Like most ridiculous ideas and horrible left-wing social engineering, the notion of Sanctuary Cities comes to us courtesy of the people of California.
Back in 1979 the Los Angeles Police Department issued Special Order 40.
Special Order 40 reads: “Officers shall not initiate police action with the objective of discovering the alien status of a person. Officers shall not arrest nor book persons for violation of title 8, section 1325 of the United States Immigration code (Illegal Entry).”
The LAPD said back then that Special Order 40 was initiated in order to encourage illegal’s living in Los Angeles to cooperate with police investigations without fear of being arrested.
Somewhere along the way it all went terribly wrong and now we have a major issue in this country with a sub-culture-of people numbering in the millions are basically afforded a pass in our legal system.
To live in the U.S. illegally without ever having your status questioned in not a right. Yet, whenever any legislative body in the United States attempts to create legislation that allows law enforcement officers to actually enforce the law the liberal left comes apart at the seams.
Texas Governor Rick Perry has called a Special Session of the Texas legislature today in order to consider many bills that were not passed in the regular 140 biennial session that ended yesterday. One of the most important bills that should be considered during this special session is the “Sanctuary City” bill,
This bill, like most bills that make common sense has been vehemently opposed by the left. The Texas Senate's 12 Democrats have in fact formed a united front against the bill. Why?
Votes. Hispanic leaders have argued – are you ready – here it comes – that the bill would lead to racial profiling!!!
The Horror!
In protest of the bill, the Reverend Stephen Jasso who is the pastor of the All Saints Catholic Church in Fort Worth said the bill will “Hurt and endanger” Latino communities.
The bill, SB12 allows law enforcement officers to inquire about immigration status when making arrests.
Think about that.
Here’s the type of scenario that would have to play out before a police officer could inquire about immigration status.
A suspect would be identified by police – Immigration status is not a factor here.
A suspect is apprehended – Immigration status still not a factor, right?
A suspect is arrested, read their rights, and booked on a charge – at which point they can be asked their immigration status
Is this truly horrible? Does that singular question pose a risk that would “Hurt and endanger” Latino communities? Is it somehow harmful to mankind?
Let’s say you or I were born in the United States. We’re bona fide Americans. Is it proper for a police officer to ask us for an ID if we’ve been pulled over for speeding, or apprehended on suspicion of a crime?
Doesn’t that happen every day in every municipality, county and state in America?
Why should someone living in this country illegally be allowed more privacy as to identity than you or I?
Here’s why –
Liberals hate police officers. Liberals don’t trust police officers? Liberals think you’re an idiot.
The big complaint about Arizona’s SB 1070 was that police would be stopping people on the streets and demanding their papers “just like the Nazi’s”.
Just a side note, could someone please get together on the left and come up with something better than “Nazi” and “Racist” those charges have grown ridiculously tiresome and wholly predictable as your only defense against boneheaded law or policy you want to institute or protect. While you’re at it could you come up with something better than “Republicans want to kill Grandma” to address entitlement spending as well?
The fact of the matter is that opposing Arizona’s SB1070 (whose language mirrors federal law) and opposing Texas’ SB12 is not about protecting illegal immigrants from “profiling”.
Profiling is a tried and true law enforcement tool. The F.B.I. has people who do nothing but put together profiles of potential suspects for various crimes. It is particularly useful and widely practiced in the investigation of serial killer cases. The vast majority of those killers are white, by the way. Racist? Anyone?
The real reasons that liberals oppose anything that in any way hinders a stoppage of the flow and protection of illegal aliens is that they don’t want to lose one of their major voting blocks; Hispanics.
That’s all that matters to liberals. Not the law. Not the constitution. Not saving our economy. Not American values. Just the votes.
With the votes, come power, and with power comes the ability to continue to “fundamentally change” America from a Republic into something far less.
It is ironic that the party of equality and rights for all wants a sub-culture-of people in our nation to be above the law or at least to be allowed to legally live outside of the law.
How’s that for equality dear Americans?
Fruits of allowing a sub-culture to exist that is beyond the law:
The Houston Chronicle reported in October of 2010 that the incidence of illegal immigration cases that had been dismissed in Houston courts was up 700% over the previous month.
Dozens of serious crimes committed by Illegal Aliens documented HERE
Staggering statistics HERE

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  1. another excellent analysis.... is anyone actually SURPRISED that these cities have the crime rate they do? I'm not!