Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Congressman acquainted with Reality

Rep. John Peterson (R-Pa.)

Here is a guy who is in touch with how things really work.

Think about it: Everything you buy has to be transported.
Transported means Fuel used.
The only efficient fuel is gasoline or Diesel.

Reid and Pelosi have managed to convince me that they are agents for some Middle East Dictatorship. If you bar American Companies from drilling in OUR lands--the price goes up... they get more of OUR money, and use it to fund terrorist enterprises.

Lawmaker: Energy crisis greater threat than terrorism
By Bob Cusack
Posted: 07/16/08 12:36 PM [ET]
Rep. John Peterson (R-Pa.) said Wednesday that the nation’s energy problem “is more important and threatening to America’s future than terrorism.”

During an interview on C-SPAN, Peterson stressed the need for Congress to act now to address the nation’s energy crisis.

Amid the partisan bickering on Capitol Hill, Peterson and Rep. Neil Abercrombie (D-Hawaii) are leading a bipartisan group of lawmakers seeking consensus on energy legislation.

On Wednesday, the lawmakers said that their plan will not call for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

Abercrombie said ANWR has “psychological and political baggage” and Peterson pointed out the group wants to pass a bill this year.

“We can’t do everything,” Peterson said, but stressed that the scope of their package will be broad.

Drilling in parts of the United States, however, is expected to be a key part of their plan. Peterson has indicated that provisions on natural gas and shale oil in the West will likely be included in the bipartisan bill.

Patrick Creighton, Peterson’s spokesman, stressed that nothing is completely in, or completely out, of the package, but noted that ANWR legislation has never been passed in the Senate.

The two lawmakers recently said they would be announcing the members of their group this week, but have reconsidered.

Abercrombie said the members of the group are “evolving” and would be announced at a later date, suggesting that releasing the list now could subject certain members to political problems. Last week, Peterson and Abercrombie said the group would be composed of 10 Democrats and 10 Republicans.

Peterson and Abercrombie have been frustrated with the leaders of their respective parties and, despite long odds, believe their bill will be acted upon in 2008.

Peterson, who is not seeking reelection, said, “Public pressure is building.” He added that anti-drilling members of Congress were strongly criticized by their constituents during the July 4 recess.

Abercrombie said, “You can’t stand in front of a wave.”

House Democratic and Republican leaders have repeatedly relied on slogans during this election year in attempting to drive home their arguments on energy. A top slogan for Democrats has been “Use it or lose it,” while Republicans have cited the “Pelosi premium.”

Abercrombie said, “Slogans are not going to change the fundamentals of energy.”

He claimed the public is tired of the political games politicians are playing on gas prices.

“We’re legislators. We’re not theologians,” Abercrombie said, bemoaning the “sacred texts” of political rhetoric on gas prices.

The Hawaii legislator said it is up to his group to build a consensus plan, noting that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has called for floor votes on bills that she did not vote for, but which had bipartisan backing.

“The public is not going to give a pass to either party [on gas prices],” he said.

The two lawmakers are working with a few of their colleagues in the Senate, but stopped short of committing to when, exactly, they would meet with their counterparts in the upper chamber, indicating the Senate moves at its own pace.

“The Senate is a stately body,” Abercrombie said. “The House is like Australian rules football on ESPN.”

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