Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The LEFT and RINO's: Ignoring what works.



SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt — Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe will not step down and Western critics who called the country's recent election a sham can "go hang," the longtime ruler's spokesman said Tuesday.

Mugabe was attending an African Union summit in this Red Sea resort after claiming victory Sunday in a runoff election that his opponent withdrew from, citing violence against supporters.

Leaders at the AU summit have been unwilling to publicly criticize Mugabe, and instead are gently pushing behind the scenes that he accept some sort of power-sharing agreement with Zimbabwe's opposition.

Presidential spokesman George Charamba sounded resistant to proposals about sharing power. Some African leaders have expressed frustration that more was not being done to pressure Mugabe.

Charamba told reporters that Mugabe would not step down.


What the Liberals and RINOs ignore is that you only get compliance with rules, laws. regulations, and policy if you enforce those rules.

Sometimes, to enforce those rules, you have to use force.

What the Liberals have done is give excuses for not enforcing laws, or making certain groups of people "Exempt" from those laws and rules.
Examples of Exempt:

(If you try to enforce law on minorities, you are a Racist)
Democrats (Bill Clinton [perjury], Sandy Berger{Burglary}, Jane Fonda {treason}, Nancy Pelosi, Jimmy Carter {Ford Act--making policy with unfriendly foreign powers}

The RINOs since George HW Bush have been trying to "Out-nice" the Democrats, who are actually vicious backstabbing gutter fighters. G W Bush tried the "New Tone" and they shoved it up his ____.

We Conservatives had a last hero of Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan knew when to hammer someone.


Khadafy bombed a TWA jet, killing four americans. RR bombed Khadafy


PATCO's leader, Robert Poli, still thought that he could shut down the nation's airports and that the administration would have to give in to the union's demands. But instead, the government scrambled to hire more controllers (many from the military) and the disruption to air traffic proved to be brief. And amazingly, the American people stood with Reagan in large numbers. It wasn't too long before air traffic was back to normal; fears of disaster having been unwarranted.

But on the second thought, just imagine what would have happened had one accident occurred during this time. The blood would have been on many hands, including Ronald Reagan's.

As D'Souza (a Reagan aide at the time) notes, the president adopted this stern course of action without consulting any polls. Yet, much to the surprise of many on his staff (who were often incredulous at some of his actions), the American people supported him because they were convinced that principle mattered, especially in the face of threats and intimidation. By this one incident, which set the tone for the whole presidency, "Reagan proved that the right thing to do can also be politically advantageous."

It took two years to fully train the new controllers, but we all survived, disruptions were few and PATCO was dead. The American labor movement had suffered its worst defeat in decades and the balance of power in labor disputes shifted towards management. Reagan's image as a courageous leader was burnished.
The point of putting Mugabe up there is that things get done only if you are willing to use force

Playing Touchy-Feely with cut-throat Democrats and Islamofascits will get us poverty and enslavement

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