Monday, July 7, 2008

Damned if you do, Damned if you don't

Nevada Senator Harry Reid gave a June 30 interview, now famous on YouTube, in which he somberly intones, "Coal makes us sick. Oil makes us sick. And this global warming is ruining our country. It's ruining the world." Oil and coal, of course, are all natural and organic, created deep in the womb of Mother Earth by Gaia herself, a point largely lost on the Enviromentalists and otherDemocrats infatuated with all things natural and organic.

Then there is another inconvenient truth Harry Reid hasn't noticed.

In the last hundred years, while we have been getting sicker and sicker from oil and coal, life expectancy in the world and in the US has doubled. Life expectancies in the world "before coal, before oil," were much shorter than now. In the age of Classical Greece and Rome, 1,500 to 2,500 years ago, andin Medieval Britain,500 to 1,000 years ago, life expectancy was just20-30 years.By 1900 life expectancy had risen to 30-40 years, and global life expectancy today is 78 years, three times as long as justtwo hundred years ago.In the US, life expectancy for men was 38 yearsin 1900, and 75 years in 2004. For women, life expectancy was 40 yearsin 1900, 80 years in 2004.

Yes, folks, the Anti-Everything, "It's a Haz-Mat"(Hazardous Materal) crowd would have us using horses to get around and carry goods again.

Well, not too fast. Near Ramona, California is a community called Country Estates. This is in San Diego County. Knowng that people who came to this area would want to feel and live the Western way, the creator of the area included two large centers for horses, an Equestrian Center (English, Dressage, Jumpers) and a Western Center. (A base for trail rides)

This in the County of San Diego. The county established a "Board" to deal with flys, and fly-borne diseases. The Board of Supervisors gave that Bard of Vector Control power to issues citations for violating rules that the Bof VC came up with.

The Western Center was threatened with a $500 citation because the Bof VC had declared horse poop to be a Haz-Mat, which attracted flies. The Western Center was supposed to patrol daily and make sure there was NO horse poop on the streets or sidewalks leading to the trails.

The Western Center also had to scoop up from "Gathering stations" horse poop that had been gathered from individual pens, and send it off in a Garbage truck whose service was paid for by the tenants.

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