Thursday, July 10, 2008

Depends on what you like

It is raining.
Yes, I know--A lot of people associate rain with depression, gloom, and dreary.

I grew up on ranches around Arizona. That meant cattle, and that meant they needed something to eat. Rain told you the grass would grow, the cattle would be fatter, and you would get more money per head.

Also, it is our "Monsoon Season". This was named by some carpetbagger from New York or Chicago. We never called it a "Monsoon Season".
This occurs each summer. Wet warm air comes up from Mexico.

Snce it is summer, our temperature at our altitude [5200 feet] gets to 85-90-95.
This causes hot air to rise and pushes the wet air up into the cold upper atmosphere. You get condensation (Rain) and electricity (Lightning)


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