Thursday, April 8, 2010

Free or "Kept"



I am wondering how many others have thought about this comparison.
The first set of photos compares wild mustangs with Premarin mares.
Premarin is Horse - Pregnant Mares Urine (PMU) Farming - 01) The largest source of female hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medications comes from pregnant mares urine. The name Premarin is an acronym of its source PREgnant MARes urINe. These drugs are prescribed with no concern for the pain and suffering of many mares like these.

The second set compares a wild Jackrabbit with a rabbit farm.

In both second photos, the animals are given just enough space and food to be kept alive and to produce a product.

In both first photos, the animals have FREEDOM. Yes, it is up to them to find food and shelter, and avoid predators, but the can do what they want to, wehen they want to, and how they want to.

Now, this freedom was what we had. It has been eroded and sliced away a bit at a time. It was taken, in return for guaranteed food, shelter,and security.

So, it appears to me that there are humans living like the rabbits in the rabbit farm, and the Premarin mares, in "Government Assisted Housing", and eating Government supplied food.

So what product does the Government expect from these people.

Their only product is their votes. As long as they deliver VOTES, the Government will keep them alive-but not comfortable. And the Government will sustain them with the proceeds of the tax money extorted from people who work, invest, and earn their own way

A realization came to me. You can live on Government assistance--All you have to do is give up your pride and self-respect.

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  1. The democrats have been training people to live like this for years. If democrats are so wonderful to the poor folks why are they still poor?