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We Will Remember Them

'We Will Remember Them'
Stars Record Tribute to Troops

A cast of 200 Donate their Time to Raise Money In Abbey Road Studios Biggest Ever Recording Session

"We will remember them, Give thanks and honour them, For our tomorrow, They gave their today"

Released on Sunday 8th November on iTunes and various other download stores.

Music stars have gathered to record a moving tribute to British Armed Forces past and present.

On Sunday 1st November 200 people spilled into Abbey Road Studios, donating their time and talent to record an Anthem as a Thank You to all our Military personnel who have served our country protecting our freedom.

This was the biggest ever 1 day session to be staged at Abbey Road in the history of the famous recording studios.

Multi-million selling artists from Michael Bolton to Robin Gibb, to Hayley Westenra contributed to the song, written by A1's Mark Read and Robert Hart (Bad Company, Distance, The Jones Gang).

They performed alongside The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Pipes & Drums from the Army School of Bagpipe Music and Drumming, Bugles from The Academy of Music at Kneller Hall, a Choir of Celebrities and the Carmel Thomas Youth Choir.

Paul Carrack, Kenny Jones, Paul Rodgers, Lee Mead, Mark Read, Mica Paris, Natasha Hamilton, Haley Westenra, Carol Decker, Nell Bryden and Liz McClarnon also starred.

"I never miss an opportunity to thank our troops," said Michael Bolton, who dropped everything while rehearsing for performances at the Royal Albert Hall this week to take part. "They are the bravest people you'll ever meet."

'We Will Remember Them itself goes back to the the first world war', explains Robin Gibb, 'but it's very significant and it makes people stop and think just what these guys are doing for their country'.

Joseph star Lee Mead: 'Two or three hours in a recording studio on a Sunday is nothing compared to what our troops go through every day'

'I know people out there in the military, someone close to me was in Afghanistan and was blown up in his tank,' says Natasha Hamilton os Atomic Kitten, 'He has been in rehabilitation for many months. When it's someone that you know that's been out there fighting, it brings it home how important it is to remember through song.'

ALL proceeds go directly to the Royal British Legion and the Help For Heroes charity by SRLV Accountants and Coutts Bank. The money will help support injured troops and their families whose loved ones have paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country.

"This is an appeal to raise funds to help and support the families who have lost or suffered horrendous injuries in their Military service", says Kenny Jones. "In addition, the Anthem will also remember all our Service Men and Women from all past conflicts."

From the artists

I am delighted to have the opportunity to add my support to the servicemen and women and their families who put themselves on the line for us all.

Paul Carrack

I was invited to sing and participate in the recording of 'We Will Remember Them' whilst touring the UK recently. Supporting our troops, and showing our appreciation on their return is something that is essential to me.

Micheal Bolton

I am so grateful to all our boys and girls risking their lives to protect ours for this I consider it an honour to be apart of this contribution in song

Mica Paris

I participated in the “We Will Remember Them” song because I have always felt passionate about the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in two World Wars so that countries in Europe could be free, including Germany. I feel just as strongly today for the brave soldiers who are in Iraq and Afghanistan, who, every day are putting their lives on the line so we can have peace in the world. They are the very few who are prepared to pay the ultimate price, so we should respect, support and above all, honour them, and we must not let them down.

Robin Gibb

We thought that this was a fitting time for us to get into the studio together for the first time in ages. It was such an emotional song to record, and of course to be part of such an important message just made it even more special. The artists all giving up their time to perform just shows how important the troops are to all of us.

Liz McClarnon & Natasha Hamilton

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