Friday, April 23, 2010

SHE DID IT--WE DID IT--NOW WE ARE ALL (fill in the Blank)

Sitting here at home, Arizona Gov Jan Brewer just made a speech after signing the Immigration Bill.
Oh, yeah, that is the SAME Bill that Obozo (Who won't do JACK about the problem) just criticized
Obama Blasts Pending Arizona Immigration Law: "Irresponsibility"

Cardinal Mahony criticizes Arizona immigration bill
Head of L.A.’s Catholic archdiocese likens the bill to techniques used by Nazis and Communists.(WHO THE HELL DOES HE THINK IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE?)
This bastard is the reason I left the Catholic Church. I refuse to give a penny because it will go in some Illegals pocket

BUT, since we (Arizonans) are racist, bigoted Homophobes, WE MUST BE DOING WHAT AMERICANS WANT

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  1. I hope this is going to last and then spread to the border states first and then on through the USA.

    Good going Arizona!! If you stick with it you might regain control of your own destiny.

    Great going on the Gun Carry Law too, I wish there were more trees out there, I could live there otherwise!!