Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Phoenix Mayor Gordon

Last Friday, Governor Jan Brewer took decisive action combating illegal immigration in our state and signed Senate Bill 1070. I applaud her for her courage.

Unfortunately, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon is asking the City of Phoenix to file a legal challenge to fight this new law. Instead of filing frivolous lawsuits against our state and finding ways to avoid the law, we should be developing an implementation plan that ensures we comply with the law. Government creates the law and we should expect government to abide by the law.

SB 1070 will soon become law and we need to uphold the rule of law in Arizona. We should not be filing frivolous lawsuits that will waste taxpayer’s dollars, as Mayor Phil Gordon wants to do.

That is why I am emailing you today. I need your help.

On Tuesday, Mayor Phil Gordon is trying to push the Phoenix City Council to spend taxpayer dollars to bring a lawsuit to block SB 1070.

Its absurd for him to be spending your tax dollars on his own political agenda and that of President Obama, Al Sharpton and the east coast press.

Please contact the Mayor and other members of the Phoenix City Council and tell them you do not want them to use taxpayer money to fight SB 1070. Or, please come to tomorrow’s city council hearing and voice your opinion. The meeting starts at 2:00 and is held at the Phoenix City Council Chamber – 200 West Jefferson Street in Phoenix.

Thank you and I would be grateful to hear your thoughts on this important issue via email at council.district.6@phoenix.gov.

To contact Mayor Phil Gordon, please use the information below:

Mayor Phil Gordon

To contact other City Council Members, please use the information below:

Claude Mattox: council.district.5@phoenix.gov or (602) 262-7446

Michael Nowakowski: council.district.7@phoenix.gov or (602) 262-7492

Tom Simplot: council.district.4@phoenix.gov or (602) 262-744

Thelda Williams: council.district.1@phoenix.gov or (602) 262-7444

Peggy Neely: council.district.2@phoenix.gov or (602) 262-7445

Bill Gates: council.district.3@phoenix.gov or (602) 262-7441

Michael Johnson: council.district.8@phoenix.gov or (602) 262-7447

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