Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nut Job shoots aircraft

The owner of this aircraft is DOCTOR Ritland.

He uses this aircraft to to locations around the world, I'm told,  to do Pro Bono medical work.

Dr Ritland just fixed my back--He is SUPER SURGEON (Neurologist) WE have met around 30 people here in our town who had their backs and/or necks corrected by Dr Ritland
THERE WERE ZERO Negative comments about the doctor or his work.

PHOENIX - May 29, 2011 

The owner of a plane that was shot at as it sat parked at a Valley airport credits "extraordinary police work" with helping to catch the suspected shooter.

Around 1:30 Sunday morning, two Phoenix police officers on routine patrol near the Deer Valley airport heard gunshots.

They found shell casings on the ground and a bullet hole in a plane owned by Stephen Ritland of Flagstaff.

"The plane goes down there for six months during the winter to keep the snow off," said Ritland during an exclusive interview with ABC15.

The officers saw a car speeding from the scene and managed to write down its license plate.

A short time later they showed up at the home of 26-year-old Randon Reid where they claim to have found two guns they believe Reid used in the shooting.

"He was trying to do damage to a perfectly good airplane," said Ritland. "It's hard to have respect for people who do that."

A police spokesperson says the officers arrested Reid on charges of aggravated DUI and felony flight.

The officers say when they tried to question Reid about the shooting, he declined to talk.

"His mug shot doesn't strike you as that of a responsible, working citizen," said Ritland.

Ritland and his wife plan to travel to the Valley Monday morning to inspect the damage to their plane.

They credit the two officers for catching Reid and hauling him off to jail.

"I think that's extraordinary police work," said Ritland. "They happened to hear the shots and were able to track him down."

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