Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What America Wants

The news stories below are just tidbits from all areas around the US. Everywhere you look, you see someone is getting favored over someone else.

I have known it a long time and the truth came out about 4 years ago in the NBA ,when a referee ADMITTED he made false calls against a team because he had large gambling debts to the mob in Jersey and this is how he paid back his debt. I came up with the phrase, "He got a call from Tony (Soprano)" after seeing a bogus, unfounded call against ANY team.
Lately, these calls are getting more frequent and obvious. My wife and son still believe. Monday night, the Chargers played the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas. San Diego's reciever caught a pass. made a touchdown, only to be cancelled by an Official's call of "Offensive Pass Interference" .

In Mexico, a police officer gets his job..because he bribed someone. His pay will be a very low amount because it expected that he will "Shake down" every contact he makes. Bribes and payoffs become a way of life. Most Mexicans USED TO come here for two things: Get away from that sysyem in Mexico, and two to EARN a living. I think the goal now is to make US Taxpayers pay your way ( And Democrats WILLINGLY fund them for a vote every two years) while clinging to that atrocious " Culture".

I think most Americans are waking up to the fact that the Obama Administration does TWO THINGS:
It Rewards those that got it elected, which includes donating funds or raising funds for the campaign. and secondly, it Punishes anyone who did not donate or support Obama's campaign. (EXAMPLE: Chrysler dealers who did not donate to Obama were closed down, and Fender Guitars raided frequently )
To justify this, the Obama insiders shriek, "Well, they (Other administrations) did it too" [No facts or evidence that they did--an accusation will suffice]

Americans want Rule of Law. They want to see people who struggle and work hard survive, prosper and enjoy their EARNINGS (Not a payoff from tax funds)

They want to see lawbreakers hauled into a court, before an honest ethical judge (Not many of those anymore) and punished, instead of having the law ingnored because of WHO the focus is. Most Americans know if they did the same thing, they would be looking at considerable prison time.

They want see their military and police personnel as QUALIFIED, able to pass Physical Performance Tests, and written knowledge tests, instead of whether the selection is influenced by whether the candidate is minority, gay, or female.

In short, Most Americans would like to Honor and Integrity run the country.

16 cops in ticket fixing scandal turn themselves in shortly after midnight

Obama Fundraiser Pushed Solyndra Deal From Inside

SEC Filing: GM Wipes Out Stockholders

Christie Slams Superior Courts “Outrageous, Self-serving Decision”

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  1. the Obama administration is HUGELY into picking winners and losers. If you have any questions that he will always come down on the side of unions, ask the owner of Boeing..... politicians are completely out of control and I fear one day soon they are gonna push the wrong person and things are gonna go nuts