Thursday, September 11, 2008


You have to understand the Democrats in this race.
Let's see who is running for President or Vice President:
JOE BIDEN--He went on to receive his J.D. from Syracuse University College of Law in 1968--LAWYER
HILLARY CLINTON--law after graduating from Yale Law School in 1973-LAWYER
B HUSSEIN OBAMA--A graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School-LAWYER


JOHN S. McCAIN--Naval Officer, Pilot, politician.
Sarah Palin--Mom, reluctant politician.

MY experiennce with LAWYERS:
First of all, I went to law school two years. I know what they teach.
One common theme is "Get rid of your conscience--It just gets in the way of a good job".
LAWYERS have no boundaries on what they will do to WIN.
They will lie, (They can--they aren't witnesses--Perjury doesn't apply) intimidate,
(Run bluffs on other lawyers) wrongly accuse (been on the receiving end of that a few times as a Highway Patrol Officer), and act like a$$holes in court.

SO, what you are seeing thrown against Sarah Palin is a sample of what Police Officers and Forennsic witnesses have to endure when they go to court.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Alaska infected with Radical Liberal Democrats

AGAIN: There are two hallmarks to Liberals: Fantasy and Hypocrisy.

This story about Sarah Palin firing the head of the Highway Patrol is total created BS by the Leftstream Media.

My Thoughts:
A. You don't get FIVE DAYS OFF for nothing. Judging by this typical Union-afflicted Organization, Wooten would have had to shoot somebody to get fired.

B. The Governor can fire whoever she damn well pleases--and she should not have to justify it to adversarial AdamHenry (Alpha Hotel to you military types) media types

C. WE always ignore the fact that Clinton fired ALL of the Attorney Generals when he came into office. Their only sin: They worked under a Republican President.

D. The Dems love to play a theme over and over. This particular theme is "We got rid of Nixon over Watergate". They ignore the fact that at the time, the Democrats ran Congress, and the only source of news was TV newspapers, both contaminated with Liberal Idealism.


Trooper Mike Wooten spoke to CNN on Friday.
Wooten tells CNN he made mistakes
INTERVIEW: Trooper says he feels stressed from media spotlight.


(09/06/08 05:00:03)
Embattled state Trooper Mike Wooten, in an interview aired Friday on the CNN cable news network, admitted he'd made some mistakes and is feeling stress from having his troubles with the Palin family splashed across the national news media.

Wooten didn't directly discuss allegations that Gov. Sarah Palin abused her powers by pressuring her former public safety commissioner to fire the trooper, who was involved in a rough divorce with Palin's sister.

In July, Palin dumped the commissioner, Walt Monegan, who has said he believes his failure to dismiss Wooten might have cost him his job. Palin refutes that, saying she and Monegan had friction over budgeting.

Palin, her family members and at least one of her aides have harped about Wooten's alleged misdeeds -- that he demonstrated a Taser stun gun on his preteen stepson, shot a cow moose unlawfully, and operated his patrol car after drinking alcohol.

A trooper internal investigation begun in April 2005 and completed in March 2006 resulted in a five-day suspension for Wooten.

With his union representative by his side, Wooten on Thursday taped a brief interview in Anchorage with the CNN Special Investigations Unit, part of the army of international news people in Alaska to gather background on Palin, running for vice president on John McCain's Republican ticket.

Wooten told CNN: "You know, I was young and I made mistakes and I was punished for those mistakes. I learned my lesson. They're behind me and I'm trying to move on and be the best dad I can be to my children and be the best trooper that I can be. You know, I love my job and I love this state."

CNN reporter Drew Griffin noted Wooten, 36, has had four failed marriages, and that he denied threatening to kill Palin's father. Griffin also said Wooten holds no ill will toward Palin and is "actually excited" about her vice presidential nomination.

The Washington Post on Wednesday reported on e-mail messages Monegan said he received from Palin. In a Feb. 7, 2007, e-mail, Palin purportedly wrote: "It was a joke, the whole year long 'investigation' of him," referring to Wooten.

Wooten's union this week filed an ethics complaint against Palin accusing members of her administration of prowling through Wooten's confidential personnel and workers' compensation files for information to use against him.


1. Nets Ignored Clinton Firing 93 U.S. Attorneys, Fret Over Bush's 8
The broadcast network evening newscasts, which didn't care in 1993 about the Clinton administration's decision to ask for the resignation of all 93 U.S. attorneys, went apoplectic Tuesday night in leading with the "controversy," fed by the media, over the Bush administration for replacing eight U.S. attorneys in late 2006 -- nearly two years after rejecting the idea of following the Clinton policy of replacing all the attorneys. Anchor Charles Gibson promised that ABC would "look at all the angles tonight," but he skipped the Clinton comparison. Gibson teased: "New controversy at the White House after a string of U.S. attorneys is fired under questionable circumstances. There are calls for the Attorney General to resign." CBS's Katie Couric declared that "the uproar is growing tonight over the firing of eight federal prosecutors by the Justice Department" and fill-in NBC anchor Campbell Brown teased: "The Attorney General and the firestorm tonight over the controversial dismissal of several federal prosecutors. Was it political punishment?" Brown soon asserted that "it's a story that has been brewing for weeks and it exploded today" -- an explosion fueled by the news media.