Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rodney King and Donald Sterling

Is it just me... or is this like Rodney King?

You see, what happened to Rodney at the end of that pursuit was a common occurrence. Run from LA PD and you got your ass kicked. 

It was nothing new or out of the ordinary.The changer was that a man had just got a new video camera, and had a vantage point. 

The outcome of that was that Rodney was transformed into a Saint while all involved were punished.

Now we come to wealthy Democrat Donald Sterling. 

Everyone one knew what a low life he was. BUT, hypocritically, they kept it to themselves because --He kept money coming their way [ Kinda like Democrats. They hate your guts, but they shower you with money as long as your are not white or hold a steady job, and vote Democrat]

But a stripper sets him up, records him, and that recording gets to TMZ--where a lot of brain dead people watch, and suddenly, Sterling is condemned and over.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Cavalry riding to Bundy Ranch Cattle