Monday, December 29, 2014

(JUST LIKE IN THE 70's) 2 Police Officers Ambushed, Shot at in ‘Unprovoked Attack’ in South Los Angeles: LAPD

Los Angeles police called off an intense 8-hour manhunt Monday morning that began after two officers were ambushed in an “unprovoked attack” in the Vermont-Slauson neighborhood of South L.A. the previous night.

August 1971.

I now have 2 months out on the road as a CHP Officer. I work the 1400-2230 shift,
which in the South Los Angeles CHP office is the least desirable shift. 
As mentioned before, you parked a unit and rode or drove with another officer at sundown. 
A frequent man I paired up with was Frank Garner . Frank was a Black man, and did not always follow policy, but if he erred, it was not malicious, and did not bring disrepute on the CHP. 
You are supposed to patrol only in county areas, as cities pay their police top patrol their streets. 
Frank liked to go into Los Angeles City at times. Who was I to correct him, as he had two years on. 
We are going south on Central at about 9 PM. It is dark. Suddenly we see an LAPD unit come west, then north on Central. It has all emergency lights and siren on.
Frank says, "Let's go see where he is going", and does a u-turn. 

We go north to 86th, then east. Frank exclaims:"He's going into the County ! ". 
We tuck right in, and soon we are at a scene just west of Hooper Av. 
There are sheriff's cars, LAPD cars, and police cars I do not recognize. 
You immediately hear gunfire--Shotgun rounds, and automatic weapon fire. 
We go forward, duck walking, crouched beside cars for cover. We have our handguns out, but we don't know who to shoot. While we are still trying to determine who is the bad guy, a Sheriff Deputy yells "Cease Fire". While rounds had been whizzing overhead, ALL of the local occupants of that area were out on the sidewalk, trying to see who was shooting and or who was getting shot.

There is an LAPD car parked at the curb, with both front doors open. An Officer laid on the pavement ahead of the unit. Ahead of that was a blue 1958 Pontiac.
You noted real quick that it seemed that you could not place your hand on that Pontiac without touching a bullet hole. Four black males, age 18 to 24, lay two on the sidewalk, and two out in the street. All were bleeding from parts of their bodies. A fire department ambulance arrived with the US's first paramedic. The driver walked up and asked a Sheriff Sergeant, "Who do we take first?". The Sergeant replied, "The officer, dumb sh*t" 

Talking to LAPD guys after some of the scene got cleared, we found that:
 LAPD Intelligence had info that four Black Panther males were enroute to Los Angeles to kill a cop. LAPD Intel had watched them arrive. They had been following in a pain clothes car, in civilian garb to see where they went. 

Enter the LAPD beat unit.  These two fficers agree that occupants of the blue Pontiac are acting suspicious.
they follow,and when the car starts out into County area, they stop it. Both officers get out. Driver officer walks forward.  Driver and passenger from the front seat of the Pontiac get out, lever .45's and fire. 

Driver officer is hit in the upper left leg. Passenger officer is not hit, gets back to car, puts out 112-99, and returns fire.
The WORLD comes. LAPD quickly comes up.They are armed with M-16's. 
Although they were hit several times, all the Panthers survived. 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Memories of South Los Angeles- relating to current conflicts

As a new CHP Officer, I was assigned to the South L A CHP Office, as, One, I had lived in San Pedro, and two, out of 53 graduating officers, 49 were assigned to Los Angeles. I reported in on June 28, 1971

Most of the area in South L A was County, which meant that the CHP had jurisdiction for traffic.

Like the little city strip-known as Watts-- that connects downtown Los Angeles with the harbor and San Pedro, the population was predominately Black. An additional aspect was that most were at the poverty level, living in "Public Housing" , and attending what the CHP motorcycle squad called "The Temple to Welfare".

You soon learned that these people had zero self-respect (That comes with having a job and paying your own way) and zero respect for law enforcement.

The situation then was like current day Ferguson , Missouri and New York City.

As CHP officer that drove cars, you never got out of sight of your car. Why?
The 60's were still around. There were several groups that still thought a good method of rebelling was to put a bomb on a cop car.

You parked one car either at the CHP Office or the Firestone Jail  and rode two officers to a car at sundown.
In other CHP Offices, you pair up only if you are going to work past 2200 hours (10 PM)

What the populace thought of you was revealed one night as I was paired with a senior officer, who was driving. We came to a stop light and had to stop. On the sidewalk, just outside my window were three black youngsters-- A girl about 14, a boy about 10, and a girl about 5.
The 14 year old say, "Good evenin', Officuh". The boy says. "God evenin. mistah po lice man"
The five year old  says "mothuh   f--ing pig".

As CHP Officers we were expected to be courteous and professional at all times.  Four citizen complaints in a year gets you fired.

You had two experiences that demonstrated what it took to keep order in that area:

One, you would be driving down a street, and a black male. usually age 16-25, would just turn from walking on the sidewalk, and walk  in front of you. We-the CHP --would stop as the person sauntered in front of you sneering at you as they walked.

BUT , L A County Sheriffs had Plymouth Furys that looked like our Dodge Polaras
Most of these people were illiterate and could not tell the difference between the Sheriff's Star decal on the door

IF that young man stepped out in front of a sheriff's Deputy, you would hear the engine rev up, the rear go down, and the car increase speed at the offender . You could have seen some Olympic speed on foot .

Often we would stop black males (AS that was all that was there) for a traffic violation. There would be an incessant protest that the man had done nothing wrong. These people usually had no ID, no registration for the car. You could NOT run a check on the person unless you got permission from a Sergeant.
Ninety per cent of them had warrants, and a glove box full of unsatisfied tickets . If you ran him, then you had to take him to jail, it would burn up two to four hours of your shift.

When you finished to ticket, you would ask for a signature. Mostly, you would get a blast oof "I ain't signin' no M--F--ing ticket". (If you don't get a signature he has to be booked into jail)
So, you would calmly fold the citation book, lay it on the hood, and say to him,"You know--I thought I was dealing with a reasonable person. I made a mistake. What I am going to do is call the sheriff over here and let him write the ticket".
Invariably , he would blurt out, "Oh NO..Don't get Sheriff John here--I will sign it"
He knew that the sheriff's deputies would dribble him off the asphalt, then take him to jail.

Conclusion--These types only fear an ass kicking or being subjected to very uncomfortable pain. You do not negotiate with them. Trying to treat them kindly indicates to them that you are weak--and that they can subdue you .

Don't think that all the people were like this. There were many hard-working decent people, that respected officers and saw them as allies and protectors. You quickly developed a "Street sense" to tell which ones you were dealing with.

The BIG turn around was after Rodney King. LAPD Officers were accused of "Assault under color of Authority" . They were tried in State Court and found NOT GUILTY.
However, GHW Bush came to town to start his campaign for term II. Black Ministers from South Central cornered him and threatened to convince all the residents to vote Democrat if
he did not take action.  Bush sent the FBI after them,(If you are a police officer, County Deputy or State Trooper, you quickly find that the FBI is NOT your friend)  and convicted them of "Civil Rights Violations".

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

There is another Darwin Award winner.


There is another Darwin Award winner.  His name is Antonio Martin.  He was killed in Berkley Missouri, very near Ferguson.

Why is he a Darwin Award winner?

Because he pulled a gun on a police officer.  In the pantheon of really stupid ideas, that one is pretty near the top.  The cop fired in self defense and a thug died.

From BPR:

An officer with the Berkeley, Mo., Police Department shot and killed an armed, black teenager in apparent self-defense Tuesday night, according to St. Louis County police spokesman Brian Schellman.

Making matters more tense, Berkeley is close to Ferguson where black teen Michael Brown was shot during an altercation with former Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson.
The teen involved in Tuesday’s shooting was identified by his mother, Toni Martin, as Antonio Martin, 18.
According to the officer’s report, the incident occurred during a routine check at a Mobil gas station.
When the officer approached the vehicle, Martin pulled out a gun and pointed it at the officer. That’s when the policeman fired at the teen several times, killing him.
A second man who was with the teen ran from the scene.
Martin was on his way to see his girlfriend, his mother told KMOV.
She said her son had been expelled from school but was working on getting his life back together and she was encouraging him to join Job Corps, KMOV reported.

He was expelled from school.  No one has come up with it yet, but it is a safe bet he has a criminal record. 

The usual suspect began rioting immediately.  For America, things are getting so bad that Obama no longer needs to stoke the flames of racial hatred. 

Fortunately for this officer there was a near by surveillance video system that backs his story and a 9 MM pistol was recovered from the dead thug.

Until we get rid of the Obama Regime and replace it with a conservative Presidency, this is only going to get worse.

Hold on to your hats. The next two years are going to be rough. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sources to modern problems

In my young life, first of all, I had what I would term a DI Mom.
My mother drove us--myself and two brothers, although, as I was the oldest, mine came first.

We had a dairy and a cattle ranch. I had to be up at 0400 to milk cows, feed them, and clean the milk barn. If I was not up, DI Mom had tricks like-- Turn the bed over, pour ice water in there with you. To this date, if I have to wake up at 0300, I will wake up at 0255.

You learned that an injury did not give you an out . On one occasion, I was running on foot to head off a calf, with my attention on the calf, and ran into barbed wire. I had a gash from my right eye, back on the side of my head for about an inch. I ran in the house. DI Mom rinsed it off, put a bandage on it and said, "Get back out there, your father needs your help".

In fifth grade. I was doing the milking by myself while my parents were both about 40 miles away on the ranch on a roundup . A cow I was driving into the barn was frightened by a dog that ran in front of here. This cow had been poisoned by malathion, and had no feeling. She ran over me, stepped on my head, leaving a contusion about 2 inches long. BUT, I completed milking all the cows before I washed it off.  Calling 911 did not exist.

You learned to depend on you.

Secondly, you learned that you earned what ever you got: Do productive work, and you earned an income or a reward. Do destructive things and you got a penalty.
The penalty was very public, painful, and  shaming,.

We lived for years near the tracks of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe railroad tracks. Hobos that rode the trains free would get off and approach the front door. They would knock and ask, "Do you have any work that a man could do for a meal?"

With earning an income comes SELF RESPECT and a sense that you are as good as the next guy.

When I became a California Highway Patrol Officer,first of all, the Academy, you were taught things you needed to know basics of how to do your job. the other part was to test your endurance, your tenacity, and tolerance for the stress that would come.

BUT--It became clear that YOU were depending on you. Come an ugly situation, there was probably no cavalry riding to your rescue . THEN, you again were alone after the the incident where second guessers abound. Like a training officer told me when I got to my first office: "They give you a gun, a badge, the ability to arrest-but that's it. After that., you are ON YOUR OWN".

To thread the landmines, I read journals, subscribed to law news, went to seminars, and read case decisions.

I DID NOT depend on any superior to "Have my back".

I have two perceptions now:

One, that too many law enforcers have the false belief that,"If something happens, my Department will back me".  Not true. Now, you are a political throw-away.

Two, the Reward-Penalty proposition has become reversed--Thanks to Democrat-Liberal-Progressive pushing of "Compassion".
We are supposed to have compassion for those who sit on their asses, commit crimes- such as illegally entering our United States--and either aborting or giving birth to children while not having resources or income to support them. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

And they get paid well...

Members of the St. Louis Rams raise their arms as they walk onto the field on Sunday, Nov. 30, 2014, before a football game against the Oakland Raiders.

Players on the football team showed solidarity with Michael Brown and Ferguson protesters.

Well, maybe someone beside myself will :
A. Not pay out big bucks to see an in person NFL game.
B. Not even watch a televised game. 
C. Be more convinced that these players--while having a talent to play football are not
     worth the huge outlandish mega -million dollar salaries they are paid

    You know, it once was that the players were from the city they played for . What it has morphed in to is a bunch of mercenaries who will play for the highest bidder 

D. Realize that in a lot of cases, the outcome of the game has been decided by high stakes gamblers, who made a call to referees.

Maybe the NFL will:

1. Stop covering for player's immoral and sometimes criminal behavior.  Maybe they will 
    become aware that us "Normal people" have to obey laws or we will be arrested and   

2. Realize that we just had an election that told us that people are not happy with the Status     
     Quo and Politically Correct causes. 

To me, this "Hands up-Don't Shoot" demonstration by these players tells that there are one or more things that influenced them:

A. They are stupid. Should they consult any CREDIBLE news source, you can obtain the 
      autopsy report on Michael Brown, Brown's criminal record, and the information given to 
      the Grand Jury.

B. They want to identify with stupid people and feel like they are one with them.

C. They don't care that this show of solidarity with criminals angers their paying fans 

Friday, November 21, 2014

What Obama's legacy will be

Here is my view of what the Obama Administration has brought us, and what the results will be .

First, it appears that you have to have only one major qualification to be appointed to the Administration: A Corrupt Radical.  Secondly, if you are also Black, you go to the head of the line.

The results are mass violations of law and ethics and prejudice against anyone White and Christian.

What do I base this on? Fast & Furious, The IRS scandal, The Secret Service Scandal, Benghazi- and the list goes on.

When I was in High School, we had a history teacher. He had an unusual wide mid-girth.
We found out that he had almost been cut in two by a Nazi machine gun while an army soldier in Europe.  Mr Wallace.

Mr Wallace had studied history and Government  (Then called Civics).

He told us that after the Civil War, President Lincoln had blocked retaliation against the South. But, with Lincoln's assassination, the hawks went full bore. Rules were made, similar to Obama's Executive Orders.
One rule was: Anyone that had served in--or given Aid and Comfort to the Confederate Army--COULD NOT VOTE.

Who did that leave? Former Slaves.

"Carpet Baggers" from the North came down to pillage what was left of the South. They got former slaves elected to their legislatures, got contrasts for projects that never started, then left.

The Former Slaves had no compassion for their former owners.

To counter this, General Nathan Bedford Forrest started the Ku Klux Klan.
Yes, and the sheets and hoods were because if the occupying Union Army knew of who had intimidated the Blacks, that person would have been hanged .

When this "Reconstruction" period finally ended, segregation began.

As late as 1980, I saw the simmering resentment and inherited anger that had passed down for generations in the South.

My assertion is that Obama's policies of exempting Blacks from laws, and appointing Blacks who have that sole quality will foster a new type of segregation and distrust.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Its a Cultural thing.

Illegal Immigrant Drunk Driver Hits And Kills 3-Year-Old Waiting For Ice Cream

An illegal immigrant driving drunk and without a license crashed through a fence Sunday, hitting and killing a 3-year-old girl as she was waiting in line for ice cream in Porterville, California.
Adolf Balbuena, 18, mowed down the toddler, Angeles Moreno, as she and several others, including an 8-year-old boy, were waiting line at an ice cream truck.
After hitting Moreno, Balbuena backed up and drove away. He was arrested at his home around an hour later,the Fresno Bee reported.
Initial reports did not state Balbuena’s immigration status, but KMPH reported on Tuesday that he is an illegal immigrant from Mexico. Though the local district attorney is handling the case, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will ultimately decide whether he will be tried in the U.S. or deported back to Mexico, the TV station reported.
Both the Fresno Bee and KMPH noted this was the third hit-and-run to have occurred in the San Joaquin Valley in the past few months.
The Obama administration has cut back on enforcing immigration laws against illegal immigrants with DUIs on their record.

Patricia Vroom, a 26-year Immigration and Customs Enforcement attorney, filed suit against Department of Homeland Security Sec. Jeh Johnson alleging, among other things, that she was forced to relax immigration enforcement against illegal aliens with DUIs and voter ID thefts on their record.
The Obama administration has pushed heavily for relaxed enforcement of immigration laws by increasing what is known as prosecutorial discretion.
Vroom alleged that on Sept. 17, an ICE director named Jim Stolley told a group of agency attorneys that “they should favorably exercise prosecutorial discretion in some cases involving low-level criminal aliens, including those who had ‘old’ DUI convictions, if they had enough equities.”
After some of the attorneys pushed back against the suggestion, Stolley allegedly said “we don’t give a shit about that. Let it go.”
After being a Highway Patrol Officer for over 30 years, and arresting over about 6,000 DUI's, I think I can speak to this.
You see, Illegals for Mexico and Central America on the one hand , want to blend in and not be noticed. On the other hand, the rabidly cling to their culture. 
Culture dictates that they retain their hyphenated two last names. You will read in the news, suspect's name 
Sheriff’s officials have identified the suspect as Marcelo Marquez, but the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency said in a statement Saturday that his name actually is Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte.
Looks like ol' Luis was--like so many Illegals--using an alias, but his real name is still on file.
Another cultural thing is MACHO. In this culture, you try to be the most Macho of any male in the neighborhood  . Macho means being the most  cold-hearted tough guy that you can be. 
One aspect of being Macho is being able to drink more alcohol --and keep going--than any other male around.
To get around this, you are going to have to change their "Culture". 

Read more here:

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The price of being NICE.

First off, I worked as a law enforcer for 27 years in San Diego County. Dealing with Illegal Aliens was a daily experience. There were two times that I came close to being crippled or killed, and both were by Illegal Aliens.

Secondly, I saw the continuing contamination of California by more Illegals entering and at the same time, the pandering to their interests by Democrats wanting votes and Republicans in Name Only wanting greater profits from "Cheap Labor" ( They would be paid cash-under the table-less that Union wages, no benefits--no taxes collected on that money) .

Any complaint was met with, "You are not compassionate" , or La Raza's favorite--"You are racist."

You have to understand the culture of Mexico and Central America to grasp how they are going to respond to you.

In their corrupt countries, it is OK to bribe. In fact, they depend on it to influence police and politicians. (Kind of like how Obama is running the U S)  The escalation from this is what you see from the Cartels: Dead bodies found that have been tortured, decapitated, genitals cut off pre-mortem.

In their world, they rationalize beating or killing local police by deciding that they are corrupt.  And, if you can kill a cop, and get out of town, you are HOME FREE.

Part of the process in California was that Rep Loretta Sanchez  was elected by Illegal Aliens in 1996

From former Congressman Duncan Hunter, I learned that after the election, Bob Dornan complained that Illegals voted. The Federal Elections Commission drug their feet, and did not start an investigation until six weeks later. (REMEMBER BILL CLINTON was President)
They found that a Hispanic branch of ACORN had organized these Illegals, had them vote and left town for Mexico right after the election.

Now, to day before yesterday's shooting in Placer and Sacramento Counties in California.
You had a man --using a fictitious name, which is common among Illegals living in California-
with a violent history--that had he been arrested before, he would have been released by the arresting police Dept or sheriff's office.

Local jails refusing to hold illegal immigrant offenders, forcing feds to track them down

As a Private Investigator AFTER my Highway Patrol career, I found that Worker's Compensation Claimants doing fraud--that were about 85% Illegals--often had signed up for other welfare benefits.
In one case I called the Los Angeles County to inform them that a Claimant that I was investigating had signed up for welfare, using a relative's name.
The person answering got angry, said it was none of their business, "We distribute-we don't investigate", and said the payments would continue.

You found that:
The Insurance Company just wanted to stop paying them.
Only ONE county's Prosecutor would prosecute them for fraud.
Immigration was not interested.

So, California, and all you Illegal Alien friendly States and Sanctuary Cities,   two dead Deputies are just a small sample of what you get "for being a nice guy".

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Those that ignore history--Electing Hillary

My thought begins with the ends of World War II, and continues with Democrats in office since then. 

We ended with WWII with the atom bomb. Going back in history, wars were won with ferocious, no-quarter given action. Genghis Khan conquered Asia, the middle East, India, and Eastern Europe. He conquered their military, then occupied the region. Should one of his people be killed in an area or village, he eliminated the population there. 

Now, to 1950. China and N. Korea decide to annex S Korea. Democrat Harry Truman declares it " A Police Action", and fires the military commander who tries to win that conflict. Essentially that war is still going as there is a TRUCE, not a Peace Treaty or surrender by N Korea.

Going up to the late 1950's, we have Communist backed surrogates declare N Vietnam to be a country, and militarily eject France from their colonial holding.  They then begin the attempt to annex S. Vietnam with Soviet Union's assistance. 
Unfortunately, Pres Kennedy, who approved out "Assisting S  Vietnam was assassinated,
allowing your classic Democratic politician, LBJ to become President. 

Johnson, like our present day CIC, both micromanaged the conflict, shorted the military of both supplies and permission to operate effectively. Our troops were sacrificed to "Show that we cared" .

Enter Jimmy Carter, Another half-hearted  Democrat, with more attention to his image tan the safety and well-being of the United States. He allowed the Shah of Iran and be replaced with fanatical Islam.  Feeling pressure about people taken hostage from our Embassy in Tehran, he sent a "rescue" effort that literally crashed and burned in the desert of Iran. 

The hostages were released when Ronald Reagan assured the Ayatollah that a nuclear weapon would visit them if they were still held after his inauguration 

Now, we have Bill Clinton. Bubba tries to show he cares, placing U S military in Somalia, again depriving them of manpower and needed equipment.  All I have to say here is--Remember Black Hawk Down. 

Meanwhile, back at home, Hillary is conducting a war on News Media and Journalists. Writers who oppose Bubba and her are visited by the IRS and  FBI agents. 

Obama is elected. His asinine dream of a perfect world is attempted. As a consolation prize, Hillary is given the post of Secretary of State.  Both she and Obama are acolytes of Saul Alinsky , who learned his transnational tactics from Al Capone.

While Obama is conducting a secret conflict in Syria, having had his fanatic Islamist brothers depose Moamar Kdhaddafy in Libya, he is now using a secret location in Benghazi, Libya to forward arms to "Freedom Fighters" would become our present day ISIS.

The secret location--not an embassy, but an outpost that was often occupied by our ambassador to Libya. That ambassador had repeatedly requested more security measures--Which Hillary ignored .

My point is--If you elect Hillary--or any other Democrat, expect:

--Troops to be sent to far away locations to be sacrificed to the theme of "WE CARE" 

--Critics here at home to be intimidated by Government agencies, just like our recent IRS misuse. 

--American citizens to be attacked at will any time they are in a foreign country, abused, injured, and killed (Example--USMC Sgt Tahmorissi in Mexico) 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Rep Duncan D Hunter shows that he is a Marine RE Sgt Tahmorrissi

Friday, September 12, 2014

A law enforcer's experience with "Domestic Violence"

Since I was in law enforcement from early 1971 to late 2001, I saw the evolution of laws pertaining to "Domestic Violence".

You see, up until the 90's, it was semi-accepted--unless a husband or "Live-in" did a serious bodily injury to their other.

Women would complain, neighbors would call, police would respond, often resulting in an arrest of the inflicter of the injuries.  Later, again very often, the injured would refuse to sign a complaint, resulting in the release of the inflicter and no charges being filed

Usually, this was because the injured realized that the inflicter was her "Meal Ticket", or --here was a classic case: I--along with several others--were dispatched to a shooting. Husband, who is hard-core unemployed, and baby sits their children, has struck up a frequent meeting with a neighbor lady. Wife comes home early and surprises them. She rages at hubby, and keeps it up--neighbor had fled.
Hubby tells wife to shut up, like they say, Hell hath no fury.  Hubby goes to a drawer, brings out a .25 auto pistol and shoots wife--twice.

L A County Sheriffs enter the apartment, then call in L A's first Paramedics. Wife is removed on a gurney .  She is now down to street level. Hubby is brought down with a gun to his back and in handcuffs. Wife on gurney--yells repeatedly--"Don't hurt him--I love him".

The 90's arrive and this becomes an issue in California. Like most things the California legislature deals with, they do overkill.

NOW, the parties do not have to be married. All that is required is if they live together. They do not have to be of the opposite sex.

IF a Peace Officer is called to a dispute, and one party has a "Visible Injury", that Peace Officer MUST:
Arrest the other party
Offer to take the injured party to a shelter
Offer to call a judge and obtain a Restraining Order

The injured party is now not the Victim. The State is, and the prosecutor of the jurisdiction will file charges

(NOTE: IF the accused inflicter is a Police Officer, and a Restraining Order is issued--he/she can not carry or be in possession of a firearm. Consequently, his/her Department will terminate them) 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

If only Debbie weren’t so “inhibited” and “shy”.

From: Debbie W.
Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2014 10:28 PM
Subject: RE: Thank You For Contacting My Office

Come on, Mr. Cornyn!  ENOUGH!!!!!

Humanitarian frosted ass!  What the hell kind of manipulation game are you playing? Do you really think this canned Administration response is not transparent as it is horse manure.  What don’t you get about ILLEGAL ALIENS and the conspiracy to haul these filthy criminals into our country?  The conspiracy being carried out by servants of the public trust.

Who actually wrote this twaddle?  One of Obama’s useful idiots?  BLAH. BLAH BLAH  Sadly?  Boo hoo.  Reach in your damn overfilled pockets…open up YOUR home…put them to bed in one of your guest rooms…feed them yourself.  BUT DON’T THINK YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH INTIMIDATING, COERCING OR OTHERWISE REACHING INTO THE POCKETS OF FOLKS WHO DISAGREE WITH YOUR NONSENSE…YOUR POLITICAL MANUEVERS.  You will pay for this.  Trust me.  If not now…in the afterlife.  I guarantee that on faith alone…because YOU and YOURS stole everything else from me.

These are not even primarily children and you damn well know it.  These alleged ‘minors’ were brought in…flown in…bussed in…by those who profess to be our government and it is all being done with the dollars you stole from us to do it.  These invaders are being foisted upon our communities and our schools with all manner of disease and parasites.  Our money was used to pay for their travel and other expenses…AGAINST OUR WILL AND INSTRUCTIONS.  OUR MONEY is being used to bring in confirmed terrorists from many countries…including Muslim countries whose agenda is to crush us.  And the elephant in the room is that you and your cronies have the same agenda or it would not continue to be a problem.

You’ve been assisting in the perpetration of the lies to Texans who voted you in and all Americans who foot these bills and are being destroyed by the likes of you.  Insider trading, unauthorized use of OUR money to fund your travel and entertainment, conspiring with bankers and other countries to our detriment and working behind the scenes to prevent real Americans from taking Congressional seats and other high offices and undermining our Freedoms and Liberties to protect your sorry ass and the asses of those who have harmed us by breaking the public trust.  You have participated in legislation that makes US criminals.  You have looked the other way and done zero to stop the installation of an illegal POTUS and the illegal acts of this Muslim dirt bag.  It is YOU and your peers who have participated in the money laundering that has destroyed so many innocent people and their futures…and health.

Treacherous journey?  Alone and vulnerable?  You are full of s…t.  UNACCOMPANIED?!!!  We all know the real back story now and so do you, you lying pig.  The current illegal Administration put out a job offer to anyone willing to accompany these illegal aliens … several months before the planned surge.  This is an attack on our country and our people and every damned last one of you thieves is a traitor and enemy for perpetrating an invasion…a planned invasion into our Republic.  You know, the one you swore as a FIDUCIARY to protect and serve………..  Areas controlled by the cartels?  What about the areas in America that YOU and your cronies ceded to those filthy bastards?  Come on buddy…all we need are a few jets to strafe invaders.   All we need is to cut off the spigot.  All we need is border patrol…and our military…fully armed and at the ready with a government that is actually doing their primary job:  National Security…protecting our borders and people from enemies both foreign and domestic.  Remember that pesky oath?  HUH?!!!

This one inane and lie-filled email from you proves you are a Traitor and a liar.  Stop giving aid and comfort to illegal aliens and this ‘surge’ would stop.  Stop allowing OUR food stamps, welfare, Social Security, and hard earned assets of the American people to be handed over to these invaders and they won’t have the incentive.  YOU and the rest of the thugs and thieves in public office are providing the incentive and invitation.  Without it we would not have the invasion crisis or the constitutional crisis we are suffering today…and you also damn well know that.

Stop putting them up in hotels and other facilities and facilitating the handing over of jobs to these illegal cockroaches.  Most of them are young men…the most dangerous human refuse on the planet.  You and the rest of the filthy liars would have us believe they are all little vulnerable babies and children…and now you throw in women!  Women who come here and start pumping out third world voters for dictator wannabes … and we pay the bill because you steal from us…from our Social Security INSURANCE, Medicare and Medicaid, food stamps and even Federal tax dollars to give them tax refunds they did not earn!

This did not happen due to Obama’s failed policies alone…and you damn well know it.  This happened because our government is chock full of traitors, criminals and domestic enemies who did not do their jobs…at least not the one they are fleecing us for.  Our Congress is facilitating this fraud and theft by and through their own actions and lies like the ones on your email and through direct action and inaction.  You hold legal rights to turn this train headed for hell around and yet you do nothing but fuel it against the wishes, demands and instruction of the majority of your EMPLOYERS.  And then you make a complete and total ass out of yourself in a cowardly show of wringing your hands and whining.

WE don’t consent to housing and taking custodial care of these invaders.  If you stopped them BEFORE they entered and held their governments accountable for this invasion WE would not be listening to or reading the kind of twaddle you are peddling.  We would not see story after story of families being ruined by the rape, murder and wholesale destruction these invading cretins commit daily.  Stop the financial aid to all these countries and put them all on public notice that WE will shoot to kill anyone who puts one dirty foot across our border…through our front door, back door or window…and go to war with any country that aids, abets or encourages the invasion.  It’s real simple, Pal.  And I would not want to be in your shoes when the literal s..t hits the fan and Americans have hit their limit!

Refugees, my ass.  This is one of the primary means by which you manipulate, lie and excuse your theft of OUR assets.  Call someone a refugee and they get a handsome paycheck, housing and free food and are told by our employees to keep having babies so they can continue to steal from our State and Federal coffers…you get votes, you think.   You get kick backs from contractors.  You get campaign funds from contractors.  Meanwhile, this money is being stolen from our INSURANCE funds that WE WERE EXTORTED FROM and UNDER DIRE THREAT TO PAY FOR!  We get less jobs, lower pay and crappy jobs, companies going bust or leaving the country, expatriation of solid Americans who helped fund OUR country and build companies here, we see factories being built and funded by our tax dollars and our hard work in other countries, we see our families thrown out in the street and begging for the programs they never thought they would need while the cost to fund the safety nets was extorted from them…begging while the unentitled are fast tracked onto the welfare rolls.  We see our fresh water resources being drained and sold off to other countries and corporate cronies so they can sell it back to US!  We see real patriots being murdered and imprisoned for telling the truth and attempting to save our nation.  We see our homes and property being stolen at gunpoint by the criminals you put in office and protect…AT OUR EXPENSE, NO LESS.

These invaders put themselves and their own children at risk at the instruction of their governments and you jackasses.  They CHOOSE TO MAKE THE JOURNEY.  They leave countries that have lower living costs and ‘free’ medical care (you know, the kind you jerks are trying to fleece us for) and lower unemployment rates for the promises YOU bastards make to them.  You, buddy, allow the cartels and murderers in while you send our men and women to die in other countries…allegedly protecting them and their borders…which YOU refuse to do here.

YOU, and the rest of the dirt bags, are responsible for all of this.  CONGRESS IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS.  Not some skinny, drug addled, piece of Muslim scum that was installed to be the scapegoat in exchange for all the little boys and ice cream he can ‘eat’…and the permission to act like a king and abuse every last Christian white human he can before the game is over for him….and all the riches he can skim off the top.

YOU are a sorry excuse for even the lowest of creatures…because you choose to be a liar, thief and traitor.

Go to hell…please…soon…and take all the dried up carcasses you make your dirty deals with off our backs.


You just might be laughing now and rolling in the booty … but the gig is up.  Nobody is fooled and you are the idiots.  You are just one more dried up old woman … another rotting carcass…an embarrassment to yourself, your family and humanity and you are so stupid you don’t even realize it yet.

Deborah Warren
One tired and angry American woman…A REAL AMERICAN

From: [
Sent: Friday, July 25, 2014 9:43 AM
To Deb..
Subject: Thank You For Contacting My Office

Dear Ms. Warren:

Thank you for contacting me regarding the humanitarian crisis at our southern border caused by the surge in unaccompanied migrant children illegally entering the United States.  I share your concerns regarding this important matter.

As you may know, the southern border is currently ground-zero for a growing humanitarian crisis.  Since October 2013, more than 50,000 unaccompanied children have been apprehended at the southern border after making a treacherous journey from Central America through regions of Mexico controlled by drug cartels, such as the Zetas.  The children who have made this journey are alone and vulnerable—facing the threat of murder, kidnapping, rape, sexual slavery, and forced labor at the hands of savage criminal organizations.  Human rights organizations and academics estimate that as many as six in ten women and girl migrants experience sexual violence during the journey through Mexico.  This is especially troubling given the recent increase in the number of female unaccompanied alien children who are under the age of thirteen. 

Sadly, this crisis is the predictable result of President Obama’s misguided policies.  By failing to enforce our immigration laws, President Obama has created an incentive for Central American children to make the dangerous journey to the United States—jeopardizing their lives by putting them in the hands of transnational criminal organizations.  I believe that President Obama must take swift action to address the humanitarian crisis on our southern border that his failed policies have created.  President Obama must also work with Congress to increase immigration enforcement resources to ensure that our borders are protected against further surges of illegal immigration.

To address this crisis, I joined Representative Henry Cuellar to introduce the bipartisan, bicameral Helping Unaccompanied Minors and Alleviating National Emergency (HUMANE) Act (S. 2611) on July 15, 2014.  The HUMANE Act would improve the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 (TVPRA; P.L. 110-457) by treating all unaccompanied migrant children the same—allowing children from all countries, not just Canada and Mexico, to be voluntarily reunited with their families after they are apprehended by the Department of Homeland Security.  Children who do not consent to be returned to their home countries would be placed in the protective custody of the Department of Health and Human Services and required to appear before an immigration judge within seven days.  If the child fails to prove that they are eligible to remain in the United States after their hearing before the judge, they will be ordered removed from the United States on an expedited basis.

The HUMANE Act would also authorize increased border security and port of entry resources to achieve operational control of the southern border.  S. 2611 was referred to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs for further consideration, and it is my hope that this important legislation will be brought to the Senate floor for debate as soon as possible.  You may be certain I will continue working with my colleagues in the Senate to ensure that the Obama Administration and the Department of Homeland Security are held accountable for their failure to secure the border and enforce our immigration laws.  We must do everything we can to end this humanitarian crisis and protect our southern border.

I appreciate the opportunity to represent Texas in the United States Senate.  Thank you for taking the time to contact me.

United States Senator

517 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

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