Friday, November 23, 2012

The Jets vs Obama team--a comparison

Last night, since it was Thanksgiving, and that is supposed to be a family thing, I watched a football game with my wife and eldest son. I rarely watch football, having lost any belief in 
the validity of the officiating about 10 years ago. So, we are watching . In the 2nd quarter, the Jets screw up SO BAD. In later times, clips will be shown with this music behind it:
The Jets handed out scarves before last night’s game with the Patriots. They should have given out paper bags for fans to wear over their heads instead.
This was a Jets loss from the Rich Kotite era — a bumbling, embarrassing, humiliating thrashing from the Patriots that ruined the Thanksgiving of every Jets fan.
What a bunch of turkeys.
Rex Kotite, er Ryan, and Co. got blown out on national television in their own building, turning the ball over five times and losing 49-19 to Bill Belichick’s Patriots in front of an angry holiday crowd at MetLife Stadium.!
At one point Ryan was caught by TV cameras saying “Un-bleeping-believable.” It got so bad “Fireman Ed” left at halftime.
“Obviously that was a nightmare of a game to say the least,” Ryan said.
The game got away from the Jets in a stunning, 52-second, second-quarter sequence when the Patriots scored three touchdowns — one on offense, one on defense and one on special teams. The sequence was the funniest thing NBC has shown on Thursday night since “Seinfeld” went off the air

So, this morning , I go out to feed and clean our horses. My mind wanders as I do this. Usually, I associate one series of events with another which are supposedly NOT related. 
Then, it hit me: The Obama Administration is to Government as the Jets are to football. 
You just read the N Y Post's description of the Jets' comedic loss--accomplished in 52 seconds. 
In the last 4 years,  Obama's team has:
Stolen a car company and gave it to the UAW
Cheated the car companies management out their pensions
Closed auto dealers, putting them out of business, based on how much money they had donated to Republicans in the 2008 election.
Had the ATF violate federal law by forcing gun dealers (under threat of losing their license to sell guns) sell guns to convicted felons, who then turned the guns over to some of the world's worst organized crime . We--Other than Obamaphiles--discovered this when Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed by one of those guns. 
Was shipping weapons to the Al Quaida backed "Rebels" fighting in Syria. These same rebels are using those guns to kill Christians. The weapons were trans-shipped through Libya (Where Obama had helped depose and kill the established ruler of Libya by arming the "Rebels" there, and using U S forces (Without bothering to get U S Congressional approval) for air strikes against that ruler. We found out about this when "Rebels" (we know not who hired them. The best guess is Russia, as Russia backs Syria and wants that flow of weapons stopped) killed two diplomats, two CIA agents and fired a top admiral and a general.