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Glenn Beck: Black Founding Fathers

FoxNewsChannel — May 28, 2010 — Did your school completely omit some of the greatest stories in American history? Glenn Beck certainly thinks so; as do I. Glenn Beck, the 21st Century's most popular historian, not only has a Doctorate from Liberty University:

but he has also done more to help educate Black Americans about the truth of American History, and how it isn't as racist and ignoble as the so-called 'historians' peppering academia in America, in colleges and universities nationwide, have been claiming since the early 20th century, that it is. So here's Glenn Beck on his Founder's Fridays series on his Glenn Beck TV show on Fox News Channel, discussing Black Founding Fathers, and how they've been erased from our history by 'progressives' who care more about enslaving the minds of black Americans than allowing them to know the truth of their heritage:
(15 Min Video-BUT WORTH IT!)

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Louisiana Rep. Scalise Screams at Obama: “We’re Tired of the Excuses” (Video)


Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, May 26, 2010, 6:44 PM
We need a quarterback on the field like the law says he’s supposed to be. He’s not supposed to be the commentator in the booth.”

As crude oil continued to ooze through the marshes in Louisiana, Barack Obama flew to California to hold 3 fundraisers with liberal Senator Barbara “Ma’am” Boxer yesterday. Tomorrow he goes on his second vacation since the oil rig blew up in May.

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The Star Spangled Banner, like you've never heard it

The Star Spangled Banner, like you've never heard it

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RAY STEVENS--Come to the USA

Gov. Brewer: Obama 'Comic-in-Chief'?

(NECN: Phoenix, Ariz.) - In launching a Web site aimed at educating the United States on Arizona's controversial illegal immigration law, Governor Jan Brewer (R-Ariz.) took umbrage with the president's joke at the recent White House Correspondents' Dinner.

The event is an opportunity for its speakers to make light of politics, and President Barack Obama did so with Arizona's immigration law:

"We all know what happens in Arizona when you don't have ID -- adios, amigos."

It was this joke which became the target of Gov. Brewer's address regarding new steps the state government is taking to promote the law on a national level.

"It's fair to ask whether he intends to be the Commander-in-Chief or the Comic-in-Chief," Gov. Brewer said. "Since the president's joke was so inappropriate, I suppose, if I wanted to join in the comedian game, I could suggest that he should not give up his day job."

"Unfortunately, though, he isn't doing very well at that one, either," she added as her punchline. In the context of the Correspondents' Dinner, Mr. Obama's joke may not be seen by some as "so inappropriate." Gov. Brewer does not see the issue of border security as a joking matter, regardless of context.

With the signing of its immigration bill into law, Arizona has taken matters into its own hands after what is seen by Gov. Brewer as a failure by the federal government to secure the state's border with Mexico. Drug trafficking, violence and illegal immigration crossing into the United States from Mexico is a major concern for the state.

"While the president is making wisecracks and playing racial politics, some groups have suggested that Arizona be punished for enforcing laws that our federal government has failed to enforce -- that is misguided at best," Gov. Brewer said.

She suggested those that wish to boycott Arizona businesses -- Boston, Los Angeles, etc. -- visit the state to witness firsthand the conditions that produced the law.

"Our purpose today is to help the rest of the nation understand the crisis which confronts our state," Gov. Brewer. "Our nation's government is broken, our border is being erased and the president apparently considers it a wonderful opportunity to divide people along racial lines for his personal political convenience."

"Secure the Border"

The governor announced the formation of a committee that will make recommendations designed to increase border security, based on border control statistics. A Web site aimed at "educating" the nation on the state immigration law is also being launched.'s banner features photos of Brewer and Sarah Palin side-by-side.

The site lists under its "Support Arizona" section the organizations considering boycotting Arizona because of the law. Among the contacts listed is Boston Mayor Tom Menino.

SB1070 amended

Arizona's immigration law requires law enforcement officials to question during a "lawful stop, detention or arrest" people suspected of being in the country illegally. The bill, as it was originally signed into law, required officials to make a "reasonable attempt" during "lawful contact" at questioning people suspected of being in the country illegally. That phrasing led to fears of possible racial profiling by officers.

Gov. Brewer on April 30th signed into law HB 2162, which replaced "lawful contact" with "lawful stop, detention or arrest." In a statement, she wrote that the changes to SB1070:

"Specifically answer legal questions raised by some who expressed fears that the original law would somehow allow or lead to racial profiling. These new amendments make it crystal clear and undeniable that racial profiling is illegal, and will not be tolerated in Arizona."

Video courtesy of KXNV.

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SARAH PALIN : We are all Arizonans now

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Sarah Palin appeared with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer at a brief news conference in Phoenix Saturday and called on Americans to declare "we're all Arizonans now" and to urge President Obama to secure the nation's borders:

Gov. Palin said there is "a great deal of misinformation" about Arizona's law and said urged Americans to "come visit Arizona" to show support for the state and its governor on illegal immigration.

The event also launched a Web site, Secure The Border, which Governor Brewer said was an effort to educate America about border security.

Gov. Palin is in Phoenix for a scheduled speech to the Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Heritage Banquet.

- JP

U.S. Soldier Who Lost All Four Limbs in Iraq Sets Example for Us All – Video

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Via HotAirPundit

What a story. Brendan Marrocco is a U.S. Soldier who lost all four limbs to a roadside bomb in Iraq on Easter Sunday 2009. His character and courage is absolutely inspiring. What an example he is to us all.

CBS News

Sooner or later it had to happen – a soldier losing all four limbs and yet surviving. It happened to Brendan Marrocco on Easter Sunday of 2009 in Iraq, when his vehicle tripped a roadside bomb.

“It just took both arms, my left leg off completely and my right leg was still attached a little bit,” Marrocco said, “and killed my gunner – my best friend.”

Then there’s that nasty scar on his neck.

“Yeah, I severed my carotid artery,” Marrocco said. “That alone should have killed me.”

Carotid artery severed, both arms and left leg completely off – why didn’t he bleed to death? The answer is a gruesome irony: the heat of the blast instantly cauterized the same wounds it had caused.

“I was barely bleeding from them,” Marrocco said. The same weapon that took half his body saved his life. Just barely.

“I wasn’t expected to live,” Marrocco recalled. “I died three times and came back.” No pulse. “Flat-out dead.” . . . READ MORE

HotAirPundit has more, including photos. One of the best stories I have seen produced by the media in a very long time.

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Governor Palin's Keynote Address at the NRA Convention

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The Way Troops should be welcomed home

Crowds flocked to see the troops return from war in Edinburgh.
It was wonderful parade complete with bagpipes.
It was an emotional scene… Welcome home!

The battlegroup lost 30 soldiers in Afghanistan.
The BBC reported:

Hundreds of soldiers from the 3 Rifles and 1 Scots have marched in Edinburgh after returning from Afghanistan.

They were taking part in a homecoming parade on the Royal Mile to thank the public for their support, before being presented with their service medals.

The Edinburgh-based troops were deployed to Helmand in October 2009.

During the six-month tour the 1,400-strong battlegroup lost 30 members, the biggest loss of life in a battlegroup for 60 years.

Stupidist Caller Ever- Welfare Money From Obama Stash, Illegal Aliens

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Miggs, the Times Square Hero Horse, Gets Thanks and a Carrot

Christine Quinn gave Miggs a well-deserved scratch on the nose.

Read more:

Wayne Rhatigan and Miggs.

By Nicole Breskin
DNAinfo Reporter/Producer
CHELSEA — After city officials congratulated police and fire officials for preventing a car bomb explosion in Times Square, there was only one first responder left to thank — Miggs, the "bomb-proof horse."
Miggs, the trusty steed of mounted officer Wayne Rhatigan, who began the evacuation of the tourist haven after a T-shirt vendor alerted him to the smoking Nissan Pathfinder packed with explosives, was honored with carrots, apples and a variety of cupcakes for his role in the effort.
“Usually horses are afraid and run when there’s smoke,” Rhatigan told DNAinfo. “But Miggs did what he was supposed to do.
“He’s proven to be a bomb-proof horse,” he said, as stocky 15-year-old Miggs lapped up two carrots leaving a trail of orange foam around his mouth.
“His regular food is grains and carrots,” said Rhatigan. “But he loves cupcakes and pizza.”
Rhatigan joked he might have to put Miggs on a diet after his feast, but he said the treats were well-deserved.
For his part, Rhatigan, 46, got a plaque and a city proclamation from City Counsel Speaker Christine Quinn and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio at Pier 76 in Chelsea on Wednesday. His partner, Pam Duffy, also was honored.
“The horses are so well trained,” Quinn said, after she gave Miggs a good scratch on his nose. “They not only stood there next to a car on fire, [officers] were able to ride them and deal with the situation and keep the horses calm and that’s a real credit to the team here.”
NYPD’s Bomb Squad and their bomb-sniffing dogs were also honored in Greenwich Village on Wednesday, with the dogs treated to cookie biscuits.
Miggs was named after a fallen Staten Island police officer.
Rhatigan, a 19-year veteran of the police force, has rode Miggs for the entire five years he's been in the mounted unit.
“He is nice and mellow,” said Rhatigan, beaming with Miggs standing by his side. “He’s the only one I want to work with."
Wayne Rhatigan, Mounted Cop Who Evacuated Times Square, Dines with Mayor at Blue Fin

Read more:

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From the Arizona Trenches

by 'Anglo' writer-friend Frank Maguire

From the Arizona Trenches May 2, 2010

It’s my routine to leave the house early in the a.m., often around 5:00, and head for the foothills here in the desert around Arizona City . It is quiet and beautiful, and I watch the sun rise over the mountains to the east. I read, think, and write.

Because the area is part of what the Border Patrol calls the “pipeline,” where human-cargo “coyotes” and drug-smugglers head north from the border, about 80 miles to the south, it can be a dangerous location. I have observed incidences of activity over the past three years.

My writing place is 12 miles south of Casa Grande, adjacent to the huge Tohono O’odham (formerly called “Papago”) Nation reservation, close to the junction of U.S. Routes 8 and 10. The thousands of square miles of desert and the surrounding mountains make it very difficult for the Border Patrol. There is a large BP office in Casa Grande, and another, smaller, just north of rt. 10, in Eloy, less than a mile from where routes 8 and 10 connect.

Every morning I chat with BP Agents who gas-up at the large Love’s Truck Stop on Sunland Gin Rd. , in Eloy. I have gotten to know a number of them, and I’ve written some articles on the dangerous conditions here in the “pipeline.” Per the advice of my Agent acquaintances, I am always armed. I carry a Colt Commander MK-80, Series IV .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol, with Hydro-Shok ammunition in the magazines. Sometimes, if there have been recent goings-on, I include a Marlin .44, lever-action carbine, or a Mossberg .12 gauge riot shot gun. I don’t go looking for trouble, but I would prefer to survive it if it presents itself.

Yesterday morning, Saturday May 2nd, I was out at my regular hour. At about 7:00, on the dirt road just east of the mountains, about 500 yards from where I sat, two Pinal County Sheriff’s vehicles accompanied by two Deputy Sheriffs on ATV’s and an unmarked SUV drove up to some trails that run westward into the mountains. I watched until I could no longer see them, and then I drove into the desert where I would be able to regain sight of them.

The patrol cars had stopped at one trail-head, and the ATV’s were climbing the trail. We were quite close and I chose to leave since I didn’t want to be a distraction to them.

Later in the day, I saw the news that Border Patrol Agents, Casa Grande and Eloy Police, and Pinal County Sheriff had raided a number of local houses that were being used by human-cargo and drug smugglers and had arrested a large number of illegals. Also, one Pinal Sheriff’s Deputy had been shot by an Ak-47 wielding drug-runner. A few of the smugglers had managed to get away, and the police agencies were searching for them. The location they described is exactly where I was situated that morning.

You are watching the war against Arizona being waged by despicable lying politicians and complicit business persons who have their own reasons for not obeying the federal and state laws in re. illegal entrance into the United States . As you watch, remember this: you are being lied to, and you and your families are being placed in serious jeopardy by the very people who are saturating the news networks with accusations that Arizona is a haven for hateful bigots. The reality is, contrary to the deceitful hypocrites who are far from the border wars that we in Arizona deal with every day, Arizonans are persons who take the U.S. Constitution seriously, and who do not rationalize or sentimentalize the laws of our nation away.

Consider, fellow citizens, that we in Arizona are acting as your first line of defense. If you join in the efforts against Arizona , you are guaranteeing that the war against illegal entry across America ’s sovereign borders will get even worse. And even you in the silly sanctuary cities established by fools and liars will be forced to contend with a virtual alien army as your “neighbors.”

In closing: the area in which I live with my Hispanic wife, Helen Isabel Estevez Maguire, is at least fifty-percent Hispanic in population. I choose to live here. Other than the continuous invasion by illegals, who are hidden in stash houses in Arizona City , Eloy, and Casa Grande, the citizens here get along very well. Contrary to the accusations of ethnic hatred, there is a neighborly atmosphere. As we, here, watch the hypocrites attacking Arizonans while they live in their protected, lily-white communities, we just shake our heads in disgust. Our advice? If such as these want to see what hypocrisy and hatred look like, all they need to do is to check out their faces in a mirror.