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Jason Mattera takes on the AARP

In January, I dubbed the porkulus bill the “Generational Theft Act of 2009.” Generational theft has been the leitmotif of the Obama administration throughout the entire year. We rang in the new year with it and the White House and Democratic majority want to end the year with it by ramming through a government health care plan that would cost at least $4 trillion and likely top $10 trillion when all is spent and done.
YAF/Hot Air TV correspondent Jason Mattera is back to speak generational truth to entitlement-expanding power. He presents AARP vice president Nancy Leamond with an invoice for generational theft and takes on the powerful senior lobby’s rank hypocrisy when it comes to pre-existing conditions (AARP’s main policy, Medigap, actually imposes long waiting periods on seniors who have pre-existing conditions, even though AARP reps, like liberals in general, decry the discrimination of folks with pre-existing conditions). Jason also confronts AARP on how ObamaCare will fatten their own wallets. Medigap, their $400 million cash cow, is left untouched by ObamaCare, while all other insurance providers are subjected to tighter regulation.
Talk about fat cats.
They can run to the nearest taxi, but they can’t hide.
(Thanks to camerawoman Monique Stuart. You can watch the full, unedited video at YAF.)

ALL the way from China to see SARAH

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Written by Christopher Monckton
Tuesday, 24 November 2009

This is what they did - these climate "scientists" on whose unsupported word the world's classe politique proposes to set up an unelected global government this December in Copenhagen.

An unelected global government with vast and unprecedented powers to control all formerly free markets, to tax wealthy nations and all of their financial transactions, to regulate the economic and environmental affairs of all nations, and to confiscate and extinguish all patent and intellectual property rights.

The tiny, close-knit clique of climate scientists who invented and now drive the "global warming" fraud - for fraud is what we now know it to be - tampered with temperature data so assiduously that, on the recent admission of one of them, land temperatures since 1980 have risen twice as fast as ocean temperatures.

One of the thousands of emails recently circulated by a whistleblower at the University of East Anglia, where one of the world's four global-temperature datasets is compiled, reveals that data were altered so as to prevent a recent decline in temperature from showing in the record. In fact, there has been no statistically significant "global warming" for 15 years - and there has been rapid and significant cooling for nine years.

Worse, these arrogant fraudsters - for fraudsters are what we now know them to be - have refused, for years and years and years, to reveal their data and their computer program listings.

Now we know why: As a revealing 15,000-line document from the computer division at the Climate Research Unit shows, the programs and data are a hopeless, tangled mess. In effect, the global temperature trends have simply been made up.

Unfortunately, the British researchers have been acting closely in league with their U.S. counterparts who compile the other terrestrial temperature dataset - the GISS/NCDC dataset. That dataset too contains numerous biases intended artificially to inflate the natural warming of the 20th century.

Finally, these huckstering snake-oil salesmen and "global warming" profiteers - for that is what they are - have written to each other encouraging the destruction of data that had been lawfully requested under the Freedom of Information Act in the UK by scientists who wanted to check whether their global temperature record had been properly compiled.

And that procurement of data destruction, as they are about to find out to their cost, is a criminal offense. They are not merely bad scientists - they are crooks. And crooks who have perpetrated their crimes at the expense of British and U.S. taxpayers.

I am angry, and so should you be.

What have the mainstream news media said about the Climategate affair? Remarkably little . The few who have brought themselves to comment, through gritted teeth, have said that all of this is a storm in a teacup, and that their friends in the University of East Anglia and elsewhere in the climatological community are good people, really.

No, they're not. They're criminals. With Professor Fred Singer, who founded the U.S. Satellite Weather Service, I have reported them to the UK's Information Commissioner, with a request that he investigate their offenses and, if thought fit, prosecute.

But I won't be holding my breath: In the police state that Britain has now sadly become, with supine news media largely owned and controlled by the government, the establishment tends to look after its own.

At our expense, and at the expense of the truth.

Christopher Monckton is a British Lord (3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley), the former policy advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and the inventor of The Eternity Puzzle.

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Ken Gladney... and me

IF you look at my Profile photo, it is a cropped version of this photo (Below)
I met Ken at the Flagstaff stop of the Tea Party Express as it headed back to DC for Sept 12, 2009.
Ken is shy and withdrawn. He is about 5'6" tall and 130 pounds. His attackers both weighed over 200 pounds.

I Am Kenneth Gladney
by Kenneth Gladney
I am a man with no chips on his shoulders and no axes to grind. I just want to be an accepted member of society. I want to make my own way in the world. A free man in a free country. On August 6, 2009 my manhood and my civil rights were reversed back to the 1960’s. I was working as a vendor at a townhall event on Aging, hosted by Rep. Russ Carnahan, in St. Louis. I was selling my buttons and flags.

A group of people with purple t-shirts were leaving the rally. As the group walked past me, I offered one of the gentlemen a Gadsen flag and a button. The man turned and looked at my board and said, “who in the fuck is selling this shit?”

I replied “I am Sir, would you like a flag or a button?“

He shouted at me, “What kind of nigger are you?!” Then, he grabbed my board, so I quickly grabbed it back, then the man punched me in the face and charged at me . I put my hands up to block the second blow from the large man, when two other people from that group grabbed me and threw me to the ground and started punching and kicking me. I was kicked in the head and in the back, legs and buttocks. Then a white woman ran up to me while I was on the ground and began kicking me in my head as well. A few people came to my rescue for which I am forever grateful.

Since then my life has been turned upside down and I wake up some days feeling scared and fearful for my life. The media has attacked me. They have made me out to be a dishonest and untrustworthy person. The real Kenneth is a kind and trust worthy man that just wants to be respected as a good man with a positive attitude that loves all people, no matter what walks of life they come from. I go to church and I believe in God, I hope to move past all of this and go on with my life. I still do not have a job and this situation has just made my life more complicated.

Exclusive: Police Report on Gladney Beating by SEIU Thugsby Capitol Confidential

It has been more than three months since Kenneth Gladney was viciously attacked by SEIU employees. The assault wasn’t an accident, but a deliberate attempt to intimidate and silence tea party activists and town hall protesters. The morning of the Gladney assault, the White House presented to Senate Democrats a ‘battle plan’ to quell the protests. The White House advised Democrats “punch back twice as hard.” Gladney was the first casualty.

The Gladney beating took place at a forum on ‘Aging’, sponsored by Rep. Russ Carnahan. Carnahan had been caught flat-footed by earlier protests. This time he was more prepared; the day before the forum, Sara Howard took over as his communications director. Ms. Howard is a veteran leftist activist, holding senior positions with SEIU.

SEIU and partisan hacks like Media Matters have tried to spin away the Gladney beating. They would have you believe a 130 lb diabetic, recovering luekemia patient, picked a fight with men almost twice his size. The police report puts an end to that lie.

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The Vote on Health Care -Nov 6, 2009

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Dr Hasan goes to work

Unless you have been locked in Isolation, you know that a Muslim Army doctor went to work at Ft Hood yesterday, took two handguns, and killed 13 people and shot 38 more before he was brought down.

It became a question (In view of the Photo)--How did Hasan get on Base?

Someone had to have let him on.

I think I have the explanation:
It is not that Hasan's face was familiar. It was because he had Muslim garb on.

Our guardians have been whipped over the head so long with PC that the person who let him on did not challenge him.

So what if you go against PC?

The Flying Imams Win
And the rest of us lose.
(Even in a case of National Security)

So, that guard or person who allowed Hasan on will be skewered probably both civilly and criminally.



A frame grab from a security video provided by CNN shows Maj. Nadal Malik Hasan in a convience store in Killeen, Texas early Thursday morning, Nov. 5, 2009. (Associated Press)

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Still No Prosecution Months After SEIU Thugs Assaulted Kenneth Gladney

Long after purple shirt-wearing SEIU goons beat up conservative activist Kenneth Gladney outside a Missouri healthcare town hall meeting, not much has happened.

Almost three months after the incident the wheels of justice are spinning VERY slowly, Glenn Beck said on his TV show.
Mike Flynn, editor of, said

the incident happened August 6th. Charges were filed. Gladney went to the hospital. Immediately, the Democrats brought in a high-powered attorney to defend the SEIU thugs who were charged with assault and it just kind of disappeared.

Flynn noted that the case has “disappeared within the jurisdictions of those individuals who are part of Buffy Wicks’s truth squad.”

Flynn is referring to Wicks, now deputy director of the White House Office of Public Engagement. As the leader of the Obama campaign in Missouri, Wicks organized an “Obama truth squad.” Flynn said she organized at the Obama campaign headquarters a press conference of law enforcement officials, prosecuting attorneys, strict attorneys at the campaign headquarters who issued a warning that they would prosecute rival campaigns for any what they saw as misleading statements from their campaign.

Wicks also helped to oversee the infamous National Endowment for the Arts teleconference in August in which the Obama administration openly encouraged artists to produce pro-Obama art as political propaganda.

Naturally, the left has responded with vicious attacks on the victim, a diminutive black man with diabetes. Perhaps in the eyes of leftists Gladney hasn’t learned his “place” in society.

Watertiger at firedoglake calls Gladney “Joe the Dumber” and describes him as a “teabagging wingnut who tripped and fell while getting in the face of an SEIU member.”

Wndycty at Democratic Underground calls Gladney a “fraud” and a “fool.”

TBogg mocked Gladney and his injuries, calling him a “Teabagging Drama Queen,” and adding, “If the teabagging people weren’t such rage-filled imbeciles they would be the most adorable slow children on earth.”

Bronte17 at the far left hate site Daily Kos refers to Gladney as a “‘Don’t Tread on Me’ dork” and as ” a mouthy dork in a dark tan polo.” (That sounds a lot like “uppity” black, doesn’t it?) The blogger also suggests Gladney is suing SEIU because it has deep pockets. “[H]mmm… wonder if they think union money is easy pickin’?”

Oliver Willis, who works for the George Soros-backed slime factory Media Matters for America, inverts the perpetrator-victim relationship calling Gladney “the black conservative who is the current poster boy for the thug right.” Willis can’t get the sequence right on his blog’s tagline either, “Like Kryptonite To Stupid.”

Wonkette derided Gladney as “the biggest whore in history. Like 100 times more whorish than Joe the Plumber and the world’s entire collection of actual street-walking prostitutes combined.” [emphasis in original]


Through many years of watching, I have concluded that Liberals have two prominent aspects: Fantasy and Hypocrisy.

Here we have the Hypocrisy.

Remember after Rodney King how they all clamored for the prosecution of the LAPD officers? Remember how gutless prosecutors put those LAPD officers on trial for “Assault under color of Authority”, even though California Law says:

Any peace officer who has reasonable cause to believe that
the person to be arrested has committed a public offense may use
reasonable force to effect the arrest, to prevent escape or to
overcome resistance
SEC Section 835a , Calif Penal Code

REMEMBER, when a jury of their peers found the LAPD officers “Not Guilty:, the Kool-Aid drinkers of South Los Angeles rioted?

REMEMBER, Race Baiters confronting George H W Bush, who pandered to them and ordered the FBI to work a Civil Rights case against the Officers for “Violating Rodney King’s Rights”, and had them sent to prison?

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Latino Questions

Author: Damien M. Schiff
Pacific Legal Foundation

Today thousands of farmers, farm workers, and other Central Valley citizens convened in front of the Fresno City Hall for a Water Rally, sponsored by the California Latino Water Coalition, to protest the water restrictions, imposed under the Endangered Species Act, that are currently beleaguering California's agricultural sector.
PLF representatives were there to publicize PLF's petition drive to ask Governor Schwarzenegger to petition Interior Secretary Salazar to convene the Endangered Species Committee, popularly known as the God Squad. This federal committee has the power to exempt projects such as the State Water Project and Central Valley Project from the strictures of the ESA.

I'm wondering--Do the Latino's in California have a brain?

They vote straight Democrat.

The Democrats favor the Enviro-Nuts.

The Enviro-Nuts get their wish: Cut of all the water to the San Juaquin Valley in order to save a damn minnow.

There go the jobs that a lot of them sneaked in from Mexico for.

By the same token, it would appear that Obama and Company are discriminating against Latino's. Most of those affected are Latino agricultural workers.

Where is La Raza and MAL-DEF when you need them?

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Another industry put into Damned if you do...

PUC rejects San Diego utility's plan to turn off power during high winds,0,2542238.story
Reporting from San Diego - The Public Utilities Commission on Thursday rejected a plan by San Diego Gas & Electric Co. to turn off power to back-country areas during times of high winds and low humidity to avoid a repeat of the disastrous fires that ripped through the county in 2007.

The commissioners, in a 4-1 vote, said the company had not shown that its plan would decrease the chances of fire.

Commission member Rachelle Chong said she was influenced by opposition from the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, the county Office of Emergency Services and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

Any new plan, if the company wants the commission's approval, should have "more support and confidence from these first-responders," Chong said at the hearing in San Francisco.

Opponents said the shut-off plan would endanger back-country residents by leaving them without electricity to pump water onto small fires. About 17 areas with 60,000 customers were targeted for shutoffs when humidity was low and winds hit a sustained rate of 35 mph or gusts up to 50 mph.

Three fires that destroyed 1,500 homes and burned more than 200,000 acres in October 2007 were blamed on sparking wires knocked to the ground by high Santa Ana winds.

Opponents, including the Board of Supervisors, said the utility was more interested in limiting its liability than in protecting back-country residents. The company has agreed to pay $740 million to insurance companies to cover payments to their policyholders for the 2007 fires.

Despite the rejection, the company still has the authority to turn off power in emergency situations, Commissioner John Bohn said. The difference, he said, was that without the PUC's backing, the company does not have decreased liability for fire damages.

"There are risks associated with living in the backcountry as opposed to downtown San Diego," Bohn said.

Commissioner Dian M. Grueneich urged the company to redouble its efforts to replace wooden poles with metal, trim vegetation near overhead lines and generally "harden" its system against high winds and fire.

"The shut-off plan has always been a diversion from the real problem: For years, SDG&E has failed to enact known safety measures that would prevent wildfire caused by its infrastructure," said Dianne Jacob, chairwoman of the county Board of Supervisors.

In a statement, Debra L. Reed, president and chief executive of the utility, said the company was disappointed at the decision but pleased that the PUC commended some of its fire-prevention efforts and reaffirmed the company's position that it retains the authority to shut off power during emergencies.

"Our goal always has been to reduce the potential for any more catastrophic fires in our region," Reed said, "and we will continue to work with key stakeholders in the community to achieve this goal."


SO, another service is placed into the "Damned if you do, Damned if you don't" press.
IF you leave the power on, it can start fires--and the Tort Liability attorneys will sue you.

IF you turn off the power (Now fires will not start), you can not fight a fire started by another source of ignition (No power--no water pump) --and the Tort Liability attorneys will sue you.

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Head up and locked (video warning-Graphic)

The thing the receipient was supposed to focus on was the inattention of one your girl driver. If you choose to watch the video, you will find it realistic, although it is set in the U K .

My thought was: This is like what is happening with America. We are the young girl, focused on American Idol, what celebrity was found in bed with who, what basketball team will go to the playoffs (All the while ignoring criminal acts by Sports figures), and Gee--just what did that disfigured little Perv, Michael Jackson , die of or from?

Maybe there are some boycotting Glenn Beckl--but not me. Glenn, his assistants, and show guests, are laying out what a bunch of crepps Mr. Hope and Change has brought along with him. Glenn is showing that Mr. Hope and Change, with cast and crew are out to wreck the US, just like the inattentive young U K girl.

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When is this going to happen?


With 33 dead, including the gunman, this was the deadliest mass shooting in US history. Other incidents, sometimes called 'spree killings', include:
October 1991 Previously, the worst mass shooting had been when George Hennard drove his pickup to Luby's cafeteria in Killeen, Texas, then shot dead 23 people and himself.

July 1984 Some 21 people were killed when a 41-year-old opened fire at a McDonald's restaurant in San Diego. He was shot by police.

August 1966 A gunman holed up in a clocktower at the University of Texas campus in Austin killed 15 people before being shot by police. Prior to yesterday, this was the worst campus shooting in US history.

August 1986 A former postal worker entered a post office in Oklahoma, and shot 14 workers before killing himself.

February 1983 Three men shot dead 14 people in the Wah Mee club in Seattle's Chinatown.

April 1999 The most notorious campus shooting of modern times: two students at Columbine high school in Littleton, Colorado, killed 12 students and a teacher before killing themselves.

March 2005 A student at Red Lake high school in Minnesota killed five students, a teacher, a security guard, and then himself. Before school he had shot dead his grandfather and grandfather's companion.

July 1993 A businessman, 55, entered a law office in San Francisco and shot dead eight people, then himself.

February 1988 An ex-employee returned to his laboratory in Sunnyvale, California, and killed seven people, and injured three - including a woman he had been stalking.

January 2006 A woman killed seven people then herself at her former postal workplace in Goleta, California.

March 2006 A loner shot six people at party in Seattle, then himself.


For a long time, certain people have been irritated to the point where they felt that the only solution was to kill the person causing that irritation. In those cases, legally the shooter was not justified, and either went to prison or committed suicide at the time of the shooting.

Now comes our immoral leader who seems on a marathon trip to see if he can break every law and christian commandment. He ignores the Constitution, and greedy, selfish people either look the other way, or actively support him in his quest for total control in this nation.

Right now, members of Congress appear to be those enablers. A part of the proposed "Health Care PLan" is to tell selected groups (Anyone over 65, the handicapped, those with long term disabling maladies) --YOU ARE GOING TO DIE.
Now, we all know modern US Medicine works miracles, keeps people alive, and adds years to people's lives. So, it is possible to cure or maintain people.

But the Enablers are telling people, YOU ARE GOING TO DIE--because we will NOT pay the cost of your care.

MY QUESTION: When is this going to happen?

When is some son, husband,wife, parent --Who has been told your beloved IS GOING TO DIE BECAUSE WE REFUSE TO PAY FOR IT---going to go into some Congress Person's Office and shoot them, and use as a defense--defending the life of another.

Because if this Obamacare package passes, there will be people essentially who will be "Put to Death"

This is a new one for the Liberal Radicals. It also illustrates thier raging hypocrisy.
They have, since the 70's, claimed it was a RIGHT for a mother to execute her unborn or just born. Simultaneously, they expressed outrage at Abu-Gharib prison. (Prisoners "Tortured" by having to put panties on their heads and pile up in a haep naked)
They were aghast that someone would give murderers and serial killers the same treatment as those killers have given their victims. They champion Mumia Abu-Jamal,who stood over a wounded police officer and executed him, and did sit-ins to protest Stanley ''Tookie" Williams execution.

Yet, they cling to the ability to kill babies, and now the elderly.

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Radical's Obvious hypocrisy

It is my conclusion that the two biggest, most glaring aspects of Liberals are Fantasy and Hypocrisy.
An example of Fantasy is that we should raise the minimum wage to $10, and everyone would be erarning a good income
Employers can not afford to pay $10 an hour, so a lot of people get laid off

Here you have people who are foamy-mouthed about Abu-Gharib, about the death penalty for serial killers, but they almost demand that every woman should have the Right to kill her baby at birth or before.
Add to that:
As "Jack Dunphy" writes (Below), they are wanting the power to give older people a Death Sentence because it is uneconomical to keep them alive


What’s the Price of Tomorrow?
Filed under: General — Jack Dunphy @ 11:47 am
[Guest post by Jack Dunphy]

A dear friend recently passed away at the age of 91. He had been in fairly good health until the last year of his life, and he spent his final six months shuttling between emergency rooms, intensive care units, and a convalescent hospital as he battled pneumonia and a MRSA infection. He was even given a pacemaker a few months before he died.

One can envision that had the health-care regime now under consideration in Congress already been in place, my friend would have been denied much of the treatment he received in those final six months. What sense does it make, some would argue, to commit so many costly resources to the treatment of a 91-year-old man? Why not offer medication to keep him comfortable and then allow nature to take its course, freeing those health-care dollars for some more vital patient?

From a strictly economic perspective, why indeed?

My friend’s wife survived him and lives on today at age 90. She still drives but prefers not to if there is someone around to take her on errands, so while her husband was in the hospital, my wife and I would sometimes drive her to visit him. Though confined to his bed and in some discomfort, he was for the most part alert and responsive. The singular joy of his day was the visit with his wife, when she would sit at the edge of his bed and rub his back and tell him of the latest news from relatives and friends. They had been married for 62 years, so there was also a lot of talk about the old times. As they wrapped up their visits, she would tell him she loved him and that she would see him tomorrow. “Love you too,” he would answer, “see you tomorrow.” Finally, as all of ours will, those tomorrows came to an end.

If this monstrosity of a health-care bill becomes law, who will determine, and by what measure will they determine it, that we have consumed our allotment of medical care and are now obliged, for the sake of a healthier nation, to go away and die?

I’m certain my friend and his wife held those last few see-you-tomorrow moments as priceless. Who will put a price on ours?

–Jack Dunphy

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Sitting in a combination Gulf Gas Station/Dunkin Donuts location this morning, having coffee and a bagel, looked through the window at cars gassing up.
Then I noticed the ads of the windows.
Budweiser was $9.99 a 12-pack, then I saw that Keystone $6.69 for a 12-pack.

This got me to thinking:

The price of gasoline is going up, and California is proposing a 37 cent per gallon Tax on Gas.

The price of a pack of cigarettes here in New York is $6.00 per pack--and up.

What this brought to my mind is that the Soviet Union kept the price of booze low.
Though they taxed everything else out of reach, they left the escape from misery at a low ptrice.

Kinda like where Obama is sending us to

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We been here before 2

Gerald Walpin

McCaskill questions Obama team over firing of IG
UPDATE: (3:10 p.m.) McCaskill just released a statement (below) saying the Obama administration is now in "full compliance" with the law.


Sen. Claire McCaskilli Sen. Claire McCaskill, known for her close ties to President Obama, criticized his administration Tuesday because it "failed to follow the proper procedure" in notifying Congress about removing an inspector general.

The inspector general in question is Ge
Gerald Walpinrald Walpin who watches over AmeriCorps and other programs in the Corporation for National and Community Service.

McCaskill wrote a a law that requires the president to give Congress 30 days advance notice of an IG’s dismissal along with cause for the termination.

Said McCaskill on Tuesday:

"The White House has failed to follow the proper procedure in notifying Congress as to the removal of the Inspector General for the Corporation for National and Community Service. The legislation which was passed last year requires that the president give a reason for the removal.

"‘Loss of confidence’ is not a sufficient reason. I’m hopeful the White House will provide a more substantive rationale, in writing, as quickly as possible,” McCaskill said.

She was one of several senators to who expressed concerns over Walpin's dismissal.

Later Tuesday, the administration said it removed Walpin in part because he was “confused” and “disoriented” at a meeting last month.

In a letter to Congress Tuesday night, Obama ethics counsel Norm Eisen said this:

"Mr. Walpin was removed after a review was unanimously requested by the bi-partisan Board of the Corporation. The Board’s action was precipitated by a May 20, 2009, Board meeting at which Mr. Walpin was confused, disoriented, unable to answer questions and exhibited other behavior that led the Board to question his capacity to serve.

"We further learned that Mr. Walpin had been absent from the Corporation’s headquarters, insisting upon working from his home in New York over the objections of the Corporation’s Board; that he had exhibited a lack of candor in providing material information to decision makers; and that he had engaged in other troubling and inappropriate conduct,” Eisen wrote.

The letter also said a complaint had been filed against Walpin by the acting U.S. Attorney in Sacramento accusing Walpin of failing to disclose evidence in an investigation.

"Mr. Walpin had become unduly disruptive to agency operations, impairing his effectiveness and, for the reasons stated above, losing the confidence of the Board and the agency. It was for these reasons that Mr. Walpin was removed,” Eisen wrote.

Reached at his home in New York Tuesday night, Walpin called the allegations in the Eisen letter "absolutely amazing.

"Anybody who’s heard me speaking more than I’m used to speaking on radio and TV in recent days, obviously under great pressure from what happened would clearly know that I know what I’m saying and what I’m doing and I’m not incoherent," Walpin told POLITICO.

"There’s nothing confusing about malfeasance and there’s nothing confusing about what appears to be the fact that they terminated me because I was doing my job because the White House wanted to protect people who proclaim they are friends of the White House."

That may be a reference to his investigation of Kevin Johnson, a former Phoenix Suns star guard in the NBA who also is a prominent Obama supporter. Johnson runs a non-profit education group.

A second statement from McCaskill is expected today.


McCaskill expressed disappointment that the White House initially failed to follow proper procedure by not giving the reasons for Walpin’s removal.

However, the additional information provided late Tuesday in a letter to the Chairman and Ranking Member of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee put the White House in full compliance with the notice requirement in the law.

The law was authored by McCaskill and requires the president to give Congress 30 days advance notice of an IG’s dismissal, along with reasons for the termination.

“Last night, in response to my request for adequate information on the firing of Inspector General for the Corporation for National and Community Service Gerald Walpin, the White House submitted a letter to Senators Lieberman and Collins that now puts the White House in full compliance with the notice requirement in the law.

"The next step for Congress is to use the 30 days provided by the notice to seek further information and undertake any further review that might be necessary. The reasons given in the most recent White House letter are substantial and the decision to remove Walpin appears well founded.”

White House travel office controversy
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(Redirected from Travelgate)

The White House travel office controversy, often referred to as Travelgate, was the first major scandal of the Clinton administration. It began in May 1993, when seven longtime employees of the White House Travel Office were fired, after a brief investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The White House said the action was due to financial improprieties in the office operation. Critics said the actions were done to allow friends of the Clintons to take over the travel business and that the involvement of the FBI was unwarranted. Heavy media attention forced the White House to reinstate most of the employees in other jobs and remove the Clinton associates from the travel role.

Investigations by the FBI and the Department of Justice, the White House itself, the General Accounting Office, the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, and the Whitewater Independent Counsel all took place over the subsequent years. Travel Office Director Billy Dale was charged with embezzlement but found not guilty at trial in 1995. First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton gradually came under scrutiny for allegedly having played a central role in the firings and making false statements about her role in it.

In 1998 Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr exonerated President Bill Clinton of any involvement in the matter. In 2000 Independent Counsel Robert Ray issued his final report on Travelgate, stating that Hillary Clinton had made factually false statements but saying there was insufficient evidence to prosecute her.

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Hope and Change--Not what Obama had in mind

The photo above is Neda. Sorry, but I do not know if that is her first or last name.

She was killed day before yesterday in Tehran, Iran. She was simply observing people protesting when a Basij (Thugs, comparable to Gestapo and ACORN) shot her for being there.

She was 16.

The rabid Islamic Secret Police officer who shot her probably thought she was just another protestor. Was he ever wrong!

Neda has become the ultimate martyr for this cause. From what I am getting from Twitter and other sources, the people of Iran are tired of being crapped on.
They are are tired of the religion of Violence being shoved down their throat, and facing arrest, prison, beatings, torture, and even death for possibly unintentionally crossing some religious leader who only sits on his fat ass and utters "Death to Israel and Death to America"

There was a bogus election which was the spark that set off this firestorm. The Supreme Leader thought that letting people "vote" would mollify some of their resentment. Iranians are not stupid. They figured out real quick that the religious leaders just had the votes taken to a trash dump, and none were ever counted.

So, they had protests, and out come the thugs-- burning, gassing, beating, and shooting the protestors. Which only pissed them off more

Friday, June 19, 2009

Coming in Iran and Elsewhere

Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler
To The Point (TTP) News
Friday, 19 June 2009

Tomorrow's the day, folks. Crunch time in Tehran. You know what happened today: head mullah Ali Khamenei delivered the Friday sermon everyone was waiting for, and he didn't give a fig for freedom.

He insisted the June 12 elections were fair and not fraudulent, ordered the protestors to stop demonstrating in any way, and obey their master Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Any opposition rallies are banned, he said, and any attempt to hold one will be put down with armed force. His speech was as hard-line as it could possibly have been.

It is 10pm Friday evening in Tehran as I am writing this, and protestors have begun shouting Allahu akbar - their cry of protest - from the rooftops. Their cell calls, emails, and twitters give every indication that they plan to hold enormous rallies tomorrow in straight defiance of Khamenei and the mullah regime.

There will be blood tomorrow. But whose?

The Army has so far refused to crack down on the protestors - and word is they will continue to refuse tomorrow. The feared Pasdaran or Revolutionary Guard (IRG) is evidently so split that the mullahs can't rely on them. There is even word that soldiers and IRG will turn on the regime's basiji militia thugs who have been doing the beatings and killings so far, and defend the protestors.

But nobody knows. Everyone's scared, scared they might die or suffer horrible brutality tomorrow. Yet they say they are going through with it. They have heard the words of Patrick Henry - Give me liberty or give me death - and taken them to heart.

The Iranian people have suffered so much ghastly tyranny for 30 years. This is their chance. Our prayers should be with them tomorrow.

That the democracy protestors in Iran are proceeding without the slightest regard to what America's Coward-in-chief thinks shows how irrelevant he is becoming to the world.

Another demonstration was provided this week by the brilliant speech by Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu on Sunday (6/14). It was a total middle finger salute to Zero, yet performed in such an elegantly accommodating way that all Zero could do was thank Bibi for agreeing with him.

Zero's demand is to split Israel in half with the "two-state solution." Bibi said, okay, Palestinian independence, two states, no problem. All the P's have to do is recognize Israel as a legitimate Jewish country, and absorb their own people - currently in refugee camps in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan where they've been for 60 years. Forget us absorbing them here in Israel.

And boom - just like that, the debate is over and Zero shuts up. Arabs seethe and fume, Mubarak petulantly says Egypt will never recognize a "Jewish" state, but they do nothing either. Noting Zero's sudden silence - and not just over the Palestinians but over the mullahs in Iran whom they hate and fear - the Arabs are now just as contemptuously dismissive of him as... Bibi.

This week with his usual acuity, Jack Kelly wrote about The Abject Failure of Obama's Foreign Policy. The sequel is unfolding before our eyes: The Abject Failure of Zero's Domestic Policy.

How about this for an inspiring above-the-fold front page headline in this morning's Washington Post? Obama Initiatives Hit Speed Bumps on Capitol Hill

Every chief of staff I know for Republican senators tells me Waxman's cap-and-trade climate bill - a Zero legislative centerpiece - is flaming out. It's so bad Dems are being advised to stop even using the terms "global warming," "cap-and-trade," and "green jobs." Watch for their new linguistic con, "clean energy."

The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) just scored the ObamaCare health bill as adding $1.6 trillion to the deficit while leaving tens of millions still uninsured. As a result, "health care reform is on life support," says Democrat senator Jim Cooper (TN).

And Zero's amazing power grab for the Fed to seize control over a widening swath of US business ran into a buzzsaw yesterday (6/18) when both Dem and Pub senators on the Banking Committee raked Tiny Tim Geithner over searing coals.

This means that every one of Zero's top legislative priorities - even with full Dem control of the House and Senate - now stands an excellent chance of crashing and burning.

We should all drink to that. Could I suggest an under $10 favorite red? It's Castaño, a Monastrell from Yecla, Spain. 90 points from Wine Advocate.

A month ago we talked about the coming economic train wreck in China. This week, after long-time bragging by Beijing that the PRC would quickly rebound out of recession and ascend back up to 8% growth in 2009, the Chicom State Council admits that China's economy faces "long term difficulties."

Say goodbye to 8%, warns Chicom Vice Premier Li Keqiang. "It's impossible for China to have a V-shaped recovery," states government banking specialist Liu Xin.

Now the fellow who accurately predicted to the day (September 5, 2008) the US equity market meltdown, Albert Edwards of Societe Generale in Paris, in a thoroughly researched report, is warning of a "bubble of belief" in China that is about to pop.

Back in 1997, Edwards also predicted the popping of the Asian Bubble. Now, he is saying that "China is the global Achilles Heel."

"I believe we will look back on the Chinese economic miracle as the sickest joke yet played on investors," he concludes, citing collapsing earnings for most of China's major industrial companies. Consider reading the whole report, linked above.

Yep, just like we said, China, like Zero's economy, is a sucker's train wreck.

Oh, that means the smart money is on oil failing to $50 a barrel by September 1st.

The HFR raises a full glass of Castaño to all TTPers who are lucky enough to be Dads.

It is the most wonderful and rewarding thing in the world for a man to be a father. I have been blest with two of the most awesome boys a father could ask for. Of all that I have ever been able to do in my life, being their Dad is the best thing I've ever done. Nothing comes close.

So Happy Father's Day this Sunday!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm not going to New York

We ARE planning to go to our grand-son's graduation in New York State. We WERE planning to see New York City, which is about 100 miles from the town where our grandchildren live.

First, this email arrives this morning from a VERY credible source:
Tom is a cameraman/journalist for a TV station in West Palm Beach, FL.

To everyone,

I was working with a reporter yesterday who mentioned that he has a friend who is a Hematologist and a guy considered to be one of the top people in his field. This doctor basically told that he had to report to Washington, D.C. immediately, to help with his expertise in case of a nuke attack on a U.S. city.

I have no idea whether this is to prepare for something that may happen, or something that the government knows about, but isn't telling anyone. We're not doing a story on it because the reporter isn't telling anyone and this is supposed to be secret. Nobody swore me to secrecy.

Anyway, I gave those on my email list the inside scoop on the Anthrax attack in Boca Raton, Fl. several years ago and all of the terrorist stuff going on in the Palm Beach County and Ft. Lauderdale areas. I was at Mohammad Atta's apartment the day after 9/11 (head terrorist) and I was at the home of the first Anthrax attack victim and shot an interview with the doctor who diagnosed him the day it was announced. This is your latest scoop. Pretty wild. See, sometimes being on my email list pays off.


Then, I go looking at news. I find:


'Confidential' U.S. nuke info posted on Web
By Sara A. Carter (Contact) and Eli Lake (Contact) | Tuesday, June 2, 2009

U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) mistakenly published on the Internet Tuesday a detailed 268-page dossier disclosing the addresses and specifications of hundreds of U.S. nuclear weapons-related facilities -- including reactors.

The document is a draft declaration of facilities to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the U.N. nuclear watchdog, required under agreements the United States signed in 2004. It is considered highly sensitive though technically not classified.

"It's a mistake and it should not have been released, especially not with 'safeguards/confidential' still written on it," said David Albright, a former nuclear inspector and president of the Institute for Science and International Security, a Washington think tank. But he added, "It's probably more embarrassing than dangerous." Many of the sites disclosed are civilian labs related to related to weapons research and reactors that produce fissile material. The locations of missile silos were not disclosed.

That said, Mr. Albright added, "If we had published it, all hell would break loose."

The pages of the document, which are marked "highly confidential, safeguards sensitive," appeared on the GPO Web site. An accompanying letter from President Obama dated May 5 said the United States "regards this information as 'sensitive but unclassified.'" The document was sent to the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

A anti-government secrecy expert, Steven Aftergood, praised the decision to publish the dossier. "It is significant on a few different levels," said Mr. Aftergood, who runs the project on government secrecy for the Federation of American Scientists.

"It is a rather comprehensive selection of data on hundreds of U.S. nuclear sites and activities in a single document. It is important as a reference document. It is important as an indication of U.S. engagement in the arms control process."

The United States ratified the additional protocol agreement in 2004 with certain conditions.

Then, sifting through more news I find:
Aerospace News
Air France received bomb threat days before 447 crash
Air France received a bomb threat for a previous flight from South America to Paris just days before Air France flight 447 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean.

Air France flight 447 disappeared over the Atlantic on Monday en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. All 228 people on board are presumed to have been killed.

This report comes from ABC News:

Also today, ABC News has confirmed that Air France received a bomb threat over the phone concerning a flight from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Paris days before Air France flight 447 disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean Sunday night.

Authorities at Buenos Aires' Ezeiza Airport delayed the May 27 flight before takeoff and conducted a 90-minute search of the threatened aircraft. Passengers were not evacuated during the search, which yielded no explosive material. After the inspection, authorities allowed the plane to take off for Paris.

Four days later, flight 447 departed from Rio de Janeiro. There was no known threat against the missing flight.

It's difficult to know how often airlines receive bomb threats, said Emily McGee, spokeswoman for the Flight Safety Foundation.

"I think that they happen periodically," she said. "Here' were not putting a whole lot of stock in it (the bomb threat) in the discussions internally."

As far as theories of what happened to flight 447, investigators had immediately dismissed terrorism on Monday but have since backtracked.

"First thing Monday morning, they were saying it was definitely not terrorism," McGee said. "They seem to be pulling back from that. It would strike me that they are keeping all the options on the table."

Also on the table: Blaming weather and blaming the computer.

InformationWeek editor at large Paul McDougall explores computer failure: "In the the Air France disaster, there's a particularly urgent need for government authorities to eye the aircraft's on-board computer system as a possible culprit."

He explains the purpose of the Air Data Inertial Reference Unit, or ADIRU, which sends data about the plane to the autopilot.

"Never has 'garbage in-garbage out' carried such dire consequences," McDougall writes. "And the fact is, wonky ADIRUs have been identified as the culprits in several recent near-catastrophes. Last year, for instance, authorities blamed the ADIRU after a Qantas Airbus 330 started porpoising wildly while at cruising altitude. There were 51 passenger injuries, ranging from broken bones to spinal damage."

On the weather front, Bloomberg News is reporting that "updrafts and lightning" may have helped "knock the airliner from the sky."

Posted by Andrea James at June 3, 2009 10:19 a.m.

SO, folks, all this news, plus the demonstrated incompetence of the Obama Regime led me to decide:


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Jerry Brown, Liberal Icon, put a woman on the California Supreme Court.

Jerry Brown was the start down the slippery slope to what you see as California today.

Rose Bird had never been a judge. But she was a LIBERAL.

This is what people remember about her. mainly that no death penalty appeal would get by her.
Sources--Wikipedia and

Bird was born near Tucson, Arizona. Her father, after having deserted the family, died when she was five, so her mother Anne moved with Rose and her two older brothers to New York, where they grew up in poverty. Bird earned her bachelor's degree Magna Cum Laude from Long Island University and went on to graduate from UC Berkeley's Boalt Hall in 1965.

Her career was marked by several firsts: prior to becoming the first female Chief Justice of California, she was the first female law clerk in the Supreme Court of Nevada, the first female deputy public defender in Santa Clara County, the first woman to hold a cabinet-level job in California (as Secretary of Agriculture) and the first chief justice (male or female) to be removed from California's Supreme Court. In 1966 Rose Bird had joined the Santa Clara County Public Defender's Office where, between 1966 and 1974, she held the positions of deputy public defender, senior trial deputy, and chief of the appellate division. In addition to arguing cases before California's Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal, and in federal court, Bird taught at Stanford Law School from 1972 through 1974.

Her tenure on the Supreme Court was controversial. She was criticized as an ideologue who substituted her personal bias over the law and state Constitution. Her widely perceived personal versus judicial opposition to the death penalty was a particular sore point for her critics. She was first up for confirmation in 1978. There was a campaign waged against her, which she did not respond to. However, shortly before the vote, it was charged that the court decided to withhold the publication of a controversial ruling until after the 1978 vote [1]. The ensuing controversy generated considerable press coverage but Bird was confirmed by a 52% to 48% margin.

As of 1986, six of 15 Chief Justices in U.S. Supreme Court history, including Earl Warren, had had no previous judicial experience,[1] but Bird's lack of prior judicial experience, when originally appointed by former Governor of California Jerry Brown, led to the assertion that she was unqualified for the position in campaign literature by Republican Associates of Southern California, directed by Gene Wibert of Glendale, CA.

Almost from the moment she was appointed to head the state's highest court by Gov. Jerry Brown in 1977, Ms. Bird, a pioneering liberal lawyer who had never been a judge, became one of the most controversial figures in California politics. She led a liberal majority that strengthened environmental laws and consumer rights. But in 1986, voters angry at her opposition to the death penalty removed her and two other Brown-appointed justices by refusing to extend their terms. They were the first such removals in California history


What do I remember about Rose Bird.

She made life more miserable for citizens and police by expanding liability.

She came up with the concept of Special Relationships.

That meant that if you came across someone broke down--You either had to take them to help, or wait til their help got there.
You could not let anyone help you--If they got hurt, you were liable.

Joint and Several Liabilty. She applied this concept. What does this mean? Say Joe Blow is drunk at a bar. He has several DUI's and no license. He asks around for a ride. Dangerous Dan, also pretty drunk, volunteers to give him a ride. On the way home Dan takes a ramp too fast, flips the car, and causes Joe to become a paraplegic.
SO--Joe before would have sued Dan.
NOW, Joe sues--- Dan, the maker of Dan's car, and the Transportation department for designing a ramp that someone could turn their car over on.
Dan has not a cent.
The car maker proves that the car did not fail.
The Result:
IF Joe's lawyer can get a bubble-headed jury, they will find the Transportation Dept more than 10% at fault, and Joe is set for life.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


The photo above is this year's Kentucky Derby winner.

I start with this because of a conversation my wife and I had with a man who came to do a service on our house. He used to managed a huge ranch in this region for almost 20 years. He still has horses, and to him, his horses are his family, his children.
He choked up when he told of the passing of his favorite horse recently.

The conversation moved to how amiable this man was. He said, "I get along with just about everyone...well, except for race horse people".

My wife asked why.

The man was searching for words when I said "It's their attitude. To them, a horse is a product. The product does not produce, you eliminate it".

The man looked at me, stunned, and said, "That is exactly it!"

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have a President that thinks of us like that. He could care less for our safety, and he has shown that by several traiterous acts and statements.
He could care less about our health. As I write this, he is doing the old tactic where he takes a dog turd, coats it in frosting, and tells you that it is a cupcake.
His assertion that it will give everyone health care.
B S.
I don't know why he wants to expand it. Existing government laws, rules, and regulations give Illegal Immigrants FREE health care (TAXPAYER PAYS FOR IT) and Medicare for us over 65--whether you--the 65 and over- like it or not(TAXPAYER PAYS FOR IT).

The existing plan is always short on cash. BO plans to add millions more people.
So how you going to match up cost?

Simple--you are a Product, and if that Product generates costs more that some bureaucrat thinks should be paid--You will be eliminated.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Two choices

Ol Nancy says she didn't know what was going on.
An INFORMATION GATHERING/DISSEMENATING Agency (CIA) hasdocuments that show she was told FORTY TIMES since 2001

You have two choices:
A. She was told, and is lying
B. She has a defective intellect and forgot.

With either choice--would you hire her as an employee


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday accused the CIA of misleading Congress about its use of enhanced interrogation techniques on terror detainees.

"Yes I am saying the CIA was misleading the Congress, and at the same time the (Bush) administration was misleading the Congress on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, to which I said that this intelligence doesn't support the imminent threat," Pelosi said at her weekly news conference.

"Every step of the way the administration was misleading the Congress and that is the issue and that's why we need a truth commission," she said.

Under a barrage of questioning, Pelosi adamantly insisted that she was not aware that waterboarding or other enhanced interrogation techniques were being used on terrorism suspects.

"I am telling you they told me they approved these and said they wanted to use them but said they were not using waterboarding," she said.

Growing increasingly frustrated throughout the briefing, Pelosi slowly started backing away from the podium as she tried to end the questioning. As she backed out, she continued to accuse the CIA of not telling Congress that dissenting opinions had been filed within the administration suggesting the methods were not lawful.

The CIA immediately disputed Pelosi's accusation, saying the documents describing the particular enhanced interrogation techniques that had been employed are accurate. CIA spokesman George Little noted that CIA Director Leon Panetta made available to the House Intelligence Committee memos from individuals who led the briefings with House members.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


A realization came to me today.

The cities that are the most rabid about following "Their" teams are the ones that have the most oppressive Liberal elected officials in place.
Think about it:
Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots. Fenway Park and Foxboro are always sold out --for years.
Same with the N Y Yankees, The Giants and the Jets.

The Liberals stifle achievement with high taxes, PC programs, and crooked ways to get elected. Here we think about Chicago--The White Sox, the Cubs, and "Da Bears".

The fans--to my mind--are stymied about performing well, and earning income they could brag about. So, the Identify and do a Transference on to "Their Team".

This reminds one of the Roman's "Bread and Circuses", items of entertainment, and/or distraction to keep the Romans from noticing that the treasury was draining, and military efforts were waning out on the edge of the Empire.

My presumption is that this will not last.

---Ballplayers make outrageous salaries, and BO and the government WILL NOT move to limit their pay like they have the pay of the CEO's who held out their hands.
If you make millions, BO is going to get 35%+ of that to keep Air Force One flying and buy Momma $540 shoes.

---Fans that are being cut off from their income by layoffs, loss of sales, or just the abhor able dismal economic system that BO has wrought, are going to find survival (Food, shelter) become priority items. Who cares if A-Rod hits a ball if you got no food on the table?

--The total sports system has been corrupted by "Sports Books". I am not a fan of ANY team. I do like to watch persons like Kurt Warner. It only takes a short while of watching a game --I would never attend or enrich some owner by going to a stadium to see any of these games--on TV, and you can see which referee or official got a call from "Tony in New Jersey" "Ya Know-- I REALLY the the Pittsburg Steelers in the Super Bowl, Yaeh. I like 'em so much I put money on 'em. Think you could see your way clear to watchin' for penalties that the Cardinals might do?"

Think I'm kidding here? Just watch, you will begin to see a trend. If a flag is thrown, the network showing the game will show you a replay. Hopefully, you know the rules about football. See for yourself--was a violation committed?
In the Super Bowl, the only calls were on the Cardinals, and Coach Wisenhunt beat the first two on challenges.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Derby

We watched the Ky Derby because my wife wanted to.

There were two unusuals there. One was a horse General Quarters, that was owned and traned by a retired school principal.
The otherm pictured above, was Mine That Bird, whose trainer looks like Rich from Big & Rich. Bennie "Chip" Woolley Jr
Chip had crashed a motorcycle last week and wrecked his ankle. He is still on crutches, and can't put weight on the right foot.
But, true to South West values, he got someone someone to hook up a trailer, loaded Mine That Bird, and drove 1200 miles to Louisville.

Somehow, Chip got a 42 year old Jockey, Calvin Borel, to ride Mine that Bird

At this race were four famous trainers, and a Saudi Sheik,all of who had no spending limits.

Mine that Bird was 50 to 1 odds

Watching the race, Borel drove the Bird through traffic, like Bird was a corvette and the others were Semi's on the 405 freeway at rush hour.

There was no doubt that the Bird won.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

CUT- BO--OK, Here's a cut.

Since the Poseur acting as President has fully demonstrated that he is completely in the Radical Liberal Mode...
Radical Liberals have two major goals:
1. Tax and spend OUR money
2. Cut the Military and police budgets

Were I a Marine, and armed with this information
7 Military Tech Winners and Losers Under Gates's Proposed Defense Budget
The Presidential Helicopter
What it is: 23 choppers scheduled to replace the current fleet of Marine One VH-3Ds and VH-60Ns. Outfitted with a kitchen, a bathroom and a White House–worthy high-speed communications suite, the Lockheed Martin VH-71 is closer in capabilities (and amenities) to Air Force One than to its short-hop predecessors.

The Plan: The VH-71 program will end. Gates said the program is six years late and has gone from cost estimates of $6 billion to $13 billion.

I would say" BO.. Looks like we gotta cut our budget. Therefore, the Marine One will no longer be picking up your dumb ass from your front door. We would suggest a Taxi or town car to get you out to Air Force 1".

Monday, January 5, 2009