Saturday, November 1, 2008

OBAMA won't do no harm

When Jerry Brown was elected Governor of California, the Liberals were ecstatic.
Their Liberal Paradise was at hand. Brown governed from 1975-1983.

One of the most disastrous things Jerry Brown did was to appoint a woman--who had been a Law Clerk, and a Public Defender. Bird was the first Chief Justice to be removed from that office by a majority of the state's voters.

Rose Bird brought us Vicarious Liability.
That term means-- after an incident where someone is "harmed", everyone connected to that person or the property where the "harm" took place is named in the lawsuit.

She bought us the idea of Comparative Negligence. . That idea says if ONE of those above named parties is 5% at fault-- they pay the entire judgment if the other parties cry poor or take bankruptcy.

She brought us Special Relationships. That means if you are a police officer, and you do something nice for a person--but do not sit around and hold their hand, then that person is "harmed" after you did not stick around--the person can now sue YOU and your agency.

No, Obama will appoint justices based on their only qualification id being Liberal.