Sunday, October 14, 2012

Some Just don't quit

Marine Special Operator in Afghanistan 2/8

Brought to you by that Vietnam Veteran, Oliver North 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Obama's Routine communication--If his lips are moving...

Today's Arizona Republic blasts out the Democrat Party Line

Fatal shooting of border agent likely 'friendly fire,' FBI says

I see several things wrong with this story, and the motive for saying it. 

As a former law enforcement officer, from the start of 1971 to the end of 2001, I know that officers in this time have communication with others in their agency at all times.  The third Agent would know where the two first responders were, where they were heading to, and what their position was as they advanced

A State Senator told of why SB 1070 was passed. People living out from established towns came before the Senate and testified to Illegals walking through their property, sometimes in clear daylight, stealing and or vandalizing their property. 
Another account talked of ranchers getting a visit after dark by three SUV's, armed men getting out, and then being told by some man that they would be using one of the rancher's outbuildings to conduct "business" a few nights further, and if any police agency was notified, the family or resident would be killed. 
Knowing this, WHY would an Agent be out there alone (Third Agent Responding)

The Motive:
That notorious statement by J Napolitano that the Border was safer now than it has ever been. This incident clearly demonstrates that anywhere outside of a town , and near the Border can be deadly, and is NOT protected by the Obama Administration. 

Obama and henchman have lied to us about: (A list)
The GM Take over  (Supposedly a bailout, but handing GM to the UAW)
Libya--First, telling us no troops were involved while ordering airstrikes against Khadaffy, and now the lie that a spontaneous demonstration had erupted, while clear indications were that this branch of Al_Quaida had carefully planned this "Hit".