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Latino Questions

Author: Damien M. Schiff
Pacific Legal Foundation

Today thousands of farmers, farm workers, and other Central Valley citizens convened in front of the Fresno City Hall for a Water Rally, sponsored by the California Latino Water Coalition, to protest the water restrictions, imposed under the Endangered Species Act, that are currently beleaguering California's agricultural sector.
PLF representatives were there to publicize PLF's petition drive to ask Governor Schwarzenegger to petition Interior Secretary Salazar to convene the Endangered Species Committee, popularly known as the God Squad. This federal committee has the power to exempt projects such as the State Water Project and Central Valley Project from the strictures of the ESA.

I'm wondering--Do the Latino's in California have a brain?

They vote straight Democrat.

The Democrats favor the Enviro-Nuts.

The Enviro-Nuts get their wish: Cut of all the water to the San Juaquin Valley in order to save a damn minnow.

There go the jobs that a lot of them sneaked in from Mexico for.

By the same token, it would appear that Obama and Company are discriminating against Latino's. Most of those affected are Latino agricultural workers.

Where is La Raza and MAL-DEF when you need them?