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Obama blasts House GOP in tense meeting

This is what is needed--Republicans telling BO that he is full of CRAP, and refusing to go along with his "Bolshevik" program.

President Obama clashed with House Republicans Friday in a face-to-face meeting that was designed to improve bipartisan cooperation but quickly devolved into a series of accusations from both sides.

Obama criticized Republicans for portraying his health-care plan as “some Bolshevik plot” and telling the public that he is “doing all sorts of crazy stuff that is going to destroy America.”

“I am not an idealogue. I’m not,” Obama said.

“There were chuckles in the room when he said that,” Rep. Tom Price said afterward, “because I don’t think the American people believe that.”

Despite the contentious tone of the more than hour-long forum (transcript here), Republican leaders were positive afterward.

“It was the kind of discussion, frankly, that we need to have more of,” said House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, Virginia Republican.

“I give the president an enormous amount of credit, because I’m sure that there wasn’t a person in the room that’s been elected that hasn’t had to go in to an adversarial setting, and be heavily outnumbered and yet stay that long and take those questions,” Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, Michigan Republican and chair of the GOP’s policy committee, told The Daily Caller.

Cantor used the occasion to call on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, Maryland Democrat, to “follow the president’s lead and begin to open their doors, and invite Republicans to participate in a discussion like we just had.”

Despite plaudits from some Republicans, there was little actual agreement on matters of policy.

Obama said that Republican proposals on health care have been mostly comprised of “political assertions that aren’t substantiated.”

At one point, the president read from a summary GOP ideas booklet, and said many of the Republican claims on how GOP legislation would work were “not true.”

Rep. Mike Pence, Indiana Republican, shot back that the ideas were “backed up precisely by the kind of detailed legislation that Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi and your administration have been busy ignoring for 12 months.”

Obama said several times that he has read Republican proposals but that, more often than not, he has been unable to find credible evidence supporting their efficacy.

“I couldn’t find credible economists who could back up the claims,” Obama told Pence, referring to the GOP’s counter proposal for the stimulus a year ago.

Price, a Georgia Republican, said in an interview that Obama is only paying attention to experts “who believe in leftist policies for the nation.”

“He is not interested in solutions other than those that come from the farthest left of the political spectrum,” Price said.

Obama also implied that Republican criticism of the $787 billion stimulus passed last year was hypocritical.

“A lot of you have gone to appear at ribbon-cuttings for the same projects you voted against,” Obama said.

Rep. Peter Roskam, Illinois Republican, said that the GOP has “really been stiff-armed by speaker Pelosi … there really is this dynamic of frankly being shut out.”

“We have not been obstructionists. The Democrats have the House and the Senate and the presidency,” said Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Utah Republican.

Obama did admit to “failure” on two counts. He said he had not lived up to his pledge to televise health care negotiations on C-SPAN.

“What is true, there’s no doubt about it, is that once it got through the committee process and there were now a series of meetings taking place all over the Capitol trying to figure out how to get the thing together — that was a messy process. And I take responsibility for not having structured it in a way where it was all taking place in one place that could be filmed,” he said.

And Obama said he needed to do a better job at keeping Democrats and Republicans in Congress talking to one another.

“What I can do maybe to help is to try to bring Republican and Democratic leadership together on a more regular basis with me. That’s, I think, a failure on my part, is to try to foster better communications even if there’s disagreement,” he said. “And I will try to see if we can do more of that this year.”

Thursday, January 21, 2010

HELPING HANDS--by a 15 year old Patriot


By Frances Rice
From the voters of Massachusetts came a stunning rebuke of President Barack Obama and his Democrat cohorts in Congress. Unmistakable was the clear and concise message shouted by Bay State voters across the political spectrum – WE DO NOT WANT SOCIALISM.

The repudiation of Obama’s socialist agenda began as a murmur of protest in the spring of 2009. During town hall meetings over that summer, the voices of citizens grew louder. For months, Tea Party protests drew millions of average Americans across the country, with over 2 million descending on Washington DC in September, according to National Park Service estimates. Obama and his Democrat congressional minions mocked the protesting citizenry. They expressed a lack of concern when in November the voters in Virginia and liberal New Jersey sent an anti-socialism shock wave throughout our body politic by electing Republicans as their governors.

Ignoring outraged citizens, Democrats on Christmas Eve passed the Senate version of their disastrous health care legislation, egregiously bribing senators for their votes, including the multi-million dollar payoffs to Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson and Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu. Blatantly dismissing Obama’s promise of transparency, Democrats proceeded to reconcile the Senate and House bills behind closed doors. Gleefully, Democrats sent a chilling message to the American public that there was nothing we could do to stop them.

Then came Scott Brown. A witty, down-to-earth guy from a small town, he traveled his state in a pickup truck, clearly articulating the dissatisfaction of Americans across the country. Seeking to capture the seat that Senator Ted Kennedy held for nearly a half century and that had not been held by a Republican in over three and a half decades, Brown boldly proclaimed that he would be the 41st vote against ObamaCare. He stated plainly that he would vote to halt the Democrats’ spending our nation into bankruptcy, giving billions of bailout dollars to corporations, and providing terrorists the same rights and privileges afforded American citizens. His message resonated well with the freedom-loving people of Massachusetts, the home of the Boston Tea Party of 1773 and the 1775 Concord shot that was heard around the world, the genesis of our nation’s blood-soaked journey to independence.

So, how did Obama and the Democrats respond to the Massachusetts earth-shattering vote that reverberated around our nation? They resolved to double down and cram down ObamaCare, gambling that Americans love entitlements more than they love freedom. A lesson Democrats learned from black Americans who consistently vote for Democrats in exchange for government handouts, even though the Democrats’ socialist policies have turned black communities into economic and social cesspools. A video posted on the Internet “Detroit in RUINS! (Crowder goes Ghetto)” provides a look at the type of devastation all of America will face, unless the voters in around the country rebel as urged in the video “America Rising: An Open Letter To The Democrats” and repeat in November the Massachusetts Miracle of January.

Frances Rice is a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel, a lawyer and chairman of the National Black Republican Association. She may be contacted at: www.NBRA.Info

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Friday, January 15, 2010

To The Point News - HALF-FULL REPORT 01/15/10

Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler
Friday, 15 January 2010

Sure enough, it didn't take long for the moonbats to figure out how to blame Bush for the Haiti earthquake. Note their arguments in the Puffington Host.

It's all Bush's fault because he supposedly engineered the 2004 rebellion that overthrew Haiti's fantastically corrupt Marxist dictator Jean-Bertrand Aristide, and that Bush had all US aid to Haiti channeled through private aid organizations and not through bottomlessly corrupt government officials. They actually claim this.

This was quickly followed by media moonbat Keith Olbermann of MSNBC arguing that the disaster in Haiti is why the US needs ObamaCare. You can trust the Left to never let a crisis go to political waste.

Here's something to focus on during the Haitian horror: the humanity of Judeo-Christian values. Look down the full list of countries, companies, and organizations (current as of today 1/15/10) providing aid to Haiti or an abbreviated summary of the list here.

First, note that with the exception of miniscule aid from Turkey (an emergency management expert and a psychologist), not one single Moslem country is providing a dime. It is one of Mohammed's five requirements to be a Moslem that you contribute to charity - for other Moslems. People who aren't Moslem aren't really people at all, they are sub-human infidels, kafrs, not deserving of charity.

Note that India is not on the list. Charity is an alien concept to Hindu thought. Your fate in this life is what you deserve for the way you were in past lifetimes, your karma. Better luck next lifetime.

Note that giant China, with its trillions of dollars in foreign reserves, is digging deep with $1 million - the same as tiny, poverty-stricken Guyana. Predominantly Chinese Singapore is forking over a hot 50K. Charity and conscience play little roles in the Chinese psyche. If you want them to help, the only thing that works is to shame them in to it.

The only other countries in all of Asia helping Haiti at all are South Korea at $1 million, and Japan at $5 million.

Charity - helping your fellow man when in dire need - is a predominantly Western concept, a predominantly Jewish and Christian concept. Which is why Israel immediately sent two Boeing 747s with medical teams and aid to Haiti, and why most all the countries, companies, and charities helping Haiti are Western.

You can look down that list and take pride in your culture - that we in the West are foremost in helping those suffering horrific disaster. If you wish to help yourself, consider The Salvation Army's effort in Haiti or the Haitian-based Haiti Foundation.


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