Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Head up and locked (video warning-Graphic)

The thing the receipient was supposed to focus on was the inattention of one your girl driver. If you choose to watch the video, you will find it realistic, although it is set in the U K .

My thought was: This is like what is happening with America. We are the young girl, focused on American Idol, what celebrity was found in bed with who, what basketball team will go to the playoffs (All the while ignoring criminal acts by Sports figures), and Gee--just what did that disfigured little Perv, Michael Jackson , die of or from?

Maybe there are some boycotting Glenn Beckl--but not me. Glenn, his assistants, and show guests, are laying out what a bunch of crepps Mr. Hope and Change has brought along with him. Glenn is showing that Mr. Hope and Change, with cast and crew are out to wreck the US, just like the inattentive young U K girl.