Sunday, December 28, 2008

Formed a Pattern

Back in my Officer days, if citizens complained about you more than once, your superiors would claim, "You have formed a Pattern. You are going to have change your ways, break this pattern or you will be going up to Sacramento for "Charm School""

Now, let us recount our major events this year.

The Russians invade Georgia--Obama is on vacation--takes FOUR days to come out with a Statement.

According to Congress, we have an Economic Crisis--they call for a Bail-out votes before the world stops turning. Obama is on vacation--says "Call me if you need me"

Israel starts pounding Hamas in Gaza-- Obama is on vacation... No word of what he thinks. STRANGE: He has his "Office of President -Elect" and has meddled in the Bush Administration's policy--but not now.

Based on observed behavior, where do you think BO will be when the Jihadists set off a nuke in New York... and what do you think he will DO?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Costly Hypocrisy.

What used to burn my butt as a Highway Patrol Officer was the fact that--by California Law--you had to take YOUR car in EVERY year, pay $65 to $100, and get your car "Smogged". Don't do that--It can't be registered. For not registering it, you can be cited every day for a year, have added Late Penalties, and at one year expired, an officer can impound your car--and you can not get it back until you register it--but you have to smog it before it can be registered.

Yet, Jose could get a "Border Crosser" card, and drive his POS beater across the border every day. He did not have smog HIS car, as it was registered in Mexico--that had no Smog laws.

California just put in this:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Passes Nation’s Strictest Diesel Truck Rules
By SUNITA SOHRABJI December 24, 2008 06:30:00 PM

In a move opposed by many small trucking businesses, the California Air Resources Board passed the nation’s strictest rules for diesel truck emissions Dec. 12 in Sacramento.

“This couldn’t have come at a worse time,” Paul Sihota, CEO of Royal Express Trucking in Fresno, Calif., told India-West. “Everything’s slowed down so much because of the economy,” he said, adding that he anticipates cutting back 10 percent of his workforce to meet the expenses of complying with the new regulations.

In an India-West article earlier this summer, Indian American truck owners, who make up one-third of the industry in California, said the new regulations, which require costly retrofits and replacements, would force many smaller trucking companies to shut down (I-W, July 25).

Diesel emissions in California contribute more than 40 percent of the two biggest components of air pollution: particulate matter and oxides of nitrogen, known as Nox. The American Lung Association estimates 9,000 people in the state die annually from illnesses associated with poor air quality, including chronic bronchitis and asthma.

Annually, about 3,700 deaths can directly be attributed to diesel-related illnesses, according to the ALA.

After hearing two days of testimony from nearly 200 truckers and public health advocates, CARB adopted new regulations which require all truck companies to initially retrofit their fleets with diesel trap oxidizers by 2010.

Trucks older than 2010 will have to be replaced, on a staggered schedule, by the year 2020. Companies with fleets of one to three trucks have an extra year to comply.

Fines for non-compliance could be as much as $10,000 per day.

The rules apply to all trucks doing business in California, whether or not they are registered in the state. Trucks that do long-distance hauling are also required to install more efficient tires and aerodynamic features.

“Today’s vote marks a milestone in the history of California’s air quality,” said California Air Resources Board chairwoman Mary Nichols in a press statement announcing the new regulations. “The Board’s actions will not only help protect the health of 38 million Californians, they will also ensure that California continues strongly on its path to achieving clean air,” she said.

Karen Caesar, CARB information officer, told India-West: “This was one of the most important and well-attended hearings in ARB’s history. Hundreds of people came forward to testify, and the Board took their comments very seriously.

“I think most people are pleased with the outcome, and feel we have passed two very progressive and vital regulations that will help to save lives and protect our future,” she added.

To help offset the estimated $5 billion in costs to the trucking industry, the state is offering $1 billion in loans and grants. Loan and grant applications are available on the CARB Web site:

Sohinder Athwal, founder of the Fresno, Calif.-based Market Express, told India-West, “We’re going to have to start spending money next year. I’m going to have to take on more debt to pay for the new equipment.”

Athwal has a mostly-newer fleet of 20 trucks, which were manufactured between 1998 and 2007. He applied for early-compliance funding in October from the Carl Moyer fund, but has yet to learn if he qualifies.

California is facing a staggering budget deficit of more than $41 billion over the next 19 months, and many truckers wonder if the state will be able to offer the funds it has promised them if it runs out of cash.

Sihota, of Royal Express, plans to move a significant portion of his business to Arizona. “There’s a lot of frustration in the industry about these new regulations,” he said.

“During an emergency in the state’s economy, California’s businesses are being burdened with cumbersome and expensive rules that just make it harder to do business here,” said Sihota.

The industry had offered an alternative to CARB’s regulations, which phased in the upgrades over a longer period of time. CARB rejected the proposal, saying its own timeline was designed to comply with federal standards.

Diesel costs so much in California due to all the "Scrubbing" it gets in refining to remove Sulfides.
Yet, when Diesel was almost $5.00 a gallon in California, you could cross the border, and fill your tank for $00.50 per gallon.
And now--The Mexican trucks can burn that stuff while American trucks have to buy the expensive "Clean" fuel in California.

Friday, December 26, 2008

A general symptom

When I became a new California Highway Patrol Officer in 1971, you soon found out the Seniority System that was in place.

You learned that you were in the order of Seniority for Transfers and for Vacation sign-up. So if you were a "Newby", you got your vacation in Janauary. Get some seniority, you could go finally to summer months when your kids were not in school.

You learned that on the job, Senior Officers got to pick their Shift and the Beat (Area--Road--Neighborhood, as the CHP has to patrol County Roads). Newbys got what was left, often crappy roads or neighborhoods.

Senior Officers got an "assigned Car", which meant only they got to use that car.

Then came 1975: Women.
You soon found out that women had kids, and kids were their leverage. "I have to work Day Shift (Or Night Shift) because my I have to take my kids to ___"
Seniority went out there, becuase the Sergeants, Lieutenants, and Captians caved. Get an Equal Opportunity Complaint in your file, and your chances of promotion were dead.

You see all those above the rank of Traffic Officer--now, just Officer-- lived for the next promotion. The idea was sold to you,"You are not successful unless you promote".

From about 1990 on, Police Agencies found it hard to recruit new people.
Potential applicants heard about situations like the police officers involved in the Rodney King thumping--who were accused (But committed no crimes--they followed policy all the way)--charged, tried and found NOT GUILTY. Then President G H Bush then sent the FBI in, who charged them with violating Rodney's Civil Rights, and sent two of them to prison. Potential applicants saw O J Simpson get away with murder, and have attorneys destroy the reputations of an entire Department, and convict an detective for Perjury, based on something he said, and his memory of saying it.

So appicants became scarce. The Department began catering to Newbys.

No longer was the use of a car by a senior officer unique. Days Off were decided by a Supervisor--A sergeant--who was often influenced by the Department catering to women, minorities, and new officers. You found yourself following a Rotation System, that could have certain people exempted.

Now, it is 2001. The ONLY thingto show that I had the most seniority in my office is that my picture on the Office picture board is at the top. I am given a Parking Spot in the fenced back lot--which I usually found that some day shift (0600-1430)officer had parked in. [My preferred shift was 1300-2130, and only three people were assigned that shift. You were one of three officers out there from 1300-1500 that could be sent to crashes] I am taken off my favored beat, and constantly sent to an undesirable beat at the Sergeant's whim.

The ONLY thing that remained was Transfers and Vacation Sign-up. Yet, vacations took a hit as Newbys would sign up for summer vacation--then ask for Vacation days at Christmas -New Years--because " I have kids at home".

Sept 11, 2001.
After the World Trade Center Attack, all officers are taken out of their cushy path-to-promotion Office Jobs and put "On the Road". Two Officers are assigned to cars working from 1800 to 0600. You can be alone from 0600-1800 hours.

I find that I have been assigned to the 1800-0600 shift. I went to the Captain, I told him that I could "Get sick" from then until my date of retirement--Imposed by the Department (Mandatory Retirement at 60)of October 1, 2001. He said "Just change it".


What has all this got to do with the title?

We see a poser get picked by the Democratic Party. Qualifications? He's Black ( By his choice, as his mother was White). Yet, they put him in a place that should be occupied by someone with more experience in National Government.

We see an offspring of a President, long ago assainated, who had a reputation built by the Media. JFK.. Got us into Vietnam, chickened out of the Bay of Pigs, and was a womanizer who had an extensive prescription drug use--pushed to be a Senator from New York--based up her father and her mudering drunk uncle from Massachussetts

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The lawyers win--You lose


Another symptom that California is afflicted with a terminal disease.
So, judging from the decision, the rescuer should have left the victim in the car to burn up.


From the Los Angeles Times
California Supreme Court allows good Samaritans to be sued for nonmedical care
The ruling stems from a case in which a woman pulled a crash victim from a car 'like a rag doll,' allegedly aggravating a vertebrae injury.
By Carol J. Williams

December 19, 2008

Being a good Samaritan in California just got a little riskier.

The California Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a young woman who pulled a co-worker from a crashed vehicle isn't immune from civil liability because the care she rendered wasn't medical.

The divided high court appeared to signal that rescue efforts are the responsibility of trained professionals. It was also thought to be the first ruling by the court that someone who intervened in an accident in good faith could be sued.

Lisa Torti of Northridge allegedly worsened the injuries suffered by Alexandra Van Horn by yanking her "like a rag doll" from the wrecked car on Topanga Canyon Boulevard.

Torti now faces possible liability for injuries suffered by Van Horn, a fellow department store cosmetician who was rendered a paraplegic in the accident that ended a night of Halloween revelry in 2004.

But in a sharp dissent, three of the seven justices said that by making a distinction between medical care and emergency response, the court was placing "an arbitrary and unreasonable limitation" on protections for those trying to help.

In 1980, the Legislature enacted the Health and Safety Code, which provides that "no person who in good faith, and not for compensation, renders emergency care at the scene of an emergency shall be liable for any civil damages resulting from any act or omission."

Although that passage does not use the word "medical" in describing the protected emergency care, it was included in the section of the code that deals with emergency medical services. By placing it there, lawmakers intended to shield "only those persons who in good faith render emergency medical care at the scene of a medical emergency," Justice Carlos R. Moreno wrote for the majority.

The high court cited no previous cases involving good Samaritan actions deemed unprotected by the state code, suggesting the challenge of Torti's rescue effort was the first to narrow the scope of the law.

The three dissenting justices argued, however, that the aim of the legislation was clearly "to encourage persons not to pass by those in need of emergency help, but to show compassion and render the necessary aid."

Justice Marvin R. Baxter said the ruling was "illogical" because it recognizes legal immunity for nonprofessionals administering medical care while denying it for potentially life-saving actions like saving a person from drowning or carrying an injured hiker to safety.

"One who dives into swirling waters to retrieve a drowning swimmer can be sued for incidental injury he or she causes while bringing the victim to shore, but is immune for harm he or she produces while thereafter trying to revive the victim," Baxter wrote for the dissenters. "Here, the result is that defendant Torti has no immunity for her bravery in pulling her injured friend from a crashed vehicle, even if she reasonably believed it might be about to explode."

Both opinions have merit, "but I think the majority has better arguments," said Michael Shapiro, professor of constitutional and bioethics law at USC.

Shapiro said the majority was correct in interpreting that the Legislature meant to shield doctors and other healthcare professionals from being sued for injuries they cause despite acting with "reasonable care," as the law requires.

Noting that he would be reluctant himself to step in to aid a crash victim with potential spinal injuries, Shapiro said the court's message was that emergency care "should be left to medical professionals."

Torti's liability has yet to be determined in court, and if the Legislature is unhappy with any judgment arising from the immunity denial, it can revise the code, he concluded.

Torti, Van Horn and three other co-workers from a San Fernando Valley department store had gone out to a bar on Halloween for a night of drinking and dancing, departing in two cars at 1:30 a.m., the justices noted as background.

Van Horn was a front-seat passenger in a vehicle driven by Anthony Glen Watson, whom she also sued, and Torti rode in the second car. After Watson's car crashed into a light pole at about 45 mph, the rear car pulled off the road and driver Dion Ofoegbu and Torti rushed to help Watson's two passengers escape the wreckage.

Torti testified in a deposition that she saw smoke and liquid coming from Watson's vehicle and feared the car was about to catch fire. None of the others reported seeing signs of an imminent explosion, and Van Horn said in her deposition that Torti grabbed her arm and yanked her out "like a rag doll."

Van Horn's suit alleges negligence by Torti in aggravating a vertebrae injury suffered in the crash, causing permanent damage to the spinal cord.

Neither Torti nor her attorney, Ronald D. Kent, could be reached immediately. Kent's Los Angeles law office said he was in meetings on the East Coast and may not have seen the decision.

Van Horn's attorney, Robert B. Hutchinson, disputed the notion that the ruling could have a chilling effect on laymen coming to the rescue of the injured. Good Samaritan laws have been on the books for centuries and state that "if a person volunteers to act, he or she must act with reasonable care," Hutchinson said.

"Ms. Torti ran up in a state of panic, literally grabbed Ms. Van Horn by the shoulder and yanked her out, then dropped her next to the car," he said, deeming Torti's assessment of an imminent explosion "irrational" and her action in leaving Van Horn close to the car inconsistent with that judgment.

Hutchinson said it was too early to say what sum Van Horn might seek in damages; her original suit was summarily dismissed in Los Angeles County Superior Court before he could arrange expert assessments of the costs of her life care and loss of potential income. It was her ambition to become a Hollywood makeup artist -- a dream no longer achievable, the lawyer said.

Torti's trial at the Chatsworth courthouse is expected next year.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

OBAMA won't do no harm

When Jerry Brown was elected Governor of California, the Liberals were ecstatic.
Their Liberal Paradise was at hand. Brown governed from 1975-1983.

One of the most disastrous things Jerry Brown did was to appoint a woman--who had been a Law Clerk, and a Public Defender. Bird was the first Chief Justice to be removed from that office by a majority of the state's voters.

Rose Bird brought us Vicarious Liability.
That term means-- after an incident where someone is "harmed", everyone connected to that person or the property where the "harm" took place is named in the lawsuit.

She bought us the idea of Comparative Negligence. . That idea says if ONE of those above named parties is 5% at fault-- they pay the entire judgment if the other parties cry poor or take bankruptcy.

She brought us Special Relationships. That means if you are a police officer, and you do something nice for a person--but do not sit around and hold their hand, then that person is "harmed" after you did not stick around--the person can now sue YOU and your agency.

No, Obama will appoint justices based on their only qualification id being Liberal.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Defining Survival

Driving along this morning, listening to Dennis Prager. He had a man call in and say that he he was thoroughly dedicated to seeing John McCain and Sarah Palin get elected.

BUT--This dedication had lost him some friends--who were going to vote for Obama.

I have relatives who have drank the Kool-Aid. Their emails are now blocked, and the phone does not get answered if their number appears on "Caller ID"

First, I grew to the age of 14 being overweight. No one wants to be seen with the fat kid, so I learned to be alone.

Second, my main career in life was as a police officer. You have no friends as a police officer--except other police officers.

Third, this isn't just a chess or video game. This is for your life. I do not want to be parked in some Projects, because Obamassiah has friends who want my property.
No one knows where this asshole was born, and he sure as hell won't tell you. He is probably not even a citizen--but that doesn't matter to the Worshippers.
He has associated with a violent unconvicted felon-William Ayers.
His cousin in Africa--who he campaigned for on U S Taxpayer money --locked his opponents in churches, then set the churches on fire. If a person was able to escape the building, Obama's cousin's followers were waiting outside to hack them to body parts with machetes

So, this is not Nixon (who cared about the country) versus JFK--who cared about this country ( B O doesn't like anything about this country)

So--If you say you are for Obama--look for me to shun you, and give you no aid, comfort, or conversation.


A Product

There are people who regard nimals as "A PRODUCT"

The horse Racing crowd is especially guilty of this. And, if their PRODUCT doesn't return profits, that PRODUCT is eliminated like you would throw away an empty milk carton.

The photo is of my horse, who I regard as my children. I could not sell them, or even give them away, and if they got sick or injured, they would get vet care.

OBAMA rwegards the US working class as a PRODUCT. That is it--just like a race hose.
And, Liberal Oregon and California have passed assisted suicide laws "To east the suffering of those who are terminally ill".

Liberals always sell their defective ideas with the idea that comapssion is attached.

What this is going to moorph into is that Government Health Care--remember, Libs since Hillary have been tring to put that on us--will be found to "Cost too much", (LOOK AT HAWAII)and the "Dead weight" will be eliminated.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


You have to understand the Democrats in this race.
Let's see who is running for President or Vice President:
JOE BIDEN--He went on to receive his J.D. from Syracuse University College of Law in 1968--LAWYER
HILLARY CLINTON--law after graduating from Yale Law School in 1973-LAWYER
B HUSSEIN OBAMA--A graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School-LAWYER


JOHN S. McCAIN--Naval Officer, Pilot, politician.
Sarah Palin--Mom, reluctant politician.

MY experiennce with LAWYERS:
First of all, I went to law school two years. I know what they teach.
One common theme is "Get rid of your conscience--It just gets in the way of a good job".
LAWYERS have no boundaries on what they will do to WIN.
They will lie, (They can--they aren't witnesses--Perjury doesn't apply) intimidate,
(Run bluffs on other lawyers) wrongly accuse (been on the receiving end of that a few times as a Highway Patrol Officer), and act like a$$holes in court.

SO, what you are seeing thrown against Sarah Palin is a sample of what Police Officers and Forennsic witnesses have to endure when they go to court.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Alaska infected with Radical Liberal Democrats

AGAIN: There are two hallmarks to Liberals: Fantasy and Hypocrisy.

This story about Sarah Palin firing the head of the Highway Patrol is total created BS by the Leftstream Media.

My Thoughts:
A. You don't get FIVE DAYS OFF for nothing. Judging by this typical Union-afflicted Organization, Wooten would have had to shoot somebody to get fired.

B. The Governor can fire whoever she damn well pleases--and she should not have to justify it to adversarial AdamHenry (Alpha Hotel to you military types) media types

C. WE always ignore the fact that Clinton fired ALL of the Attorney Generals when he came into office. Their only sin: They worked under a Republican President.

D. The Dems love to play a theme over and over. This particular theme is "We got rid of Nixon over Watergate". They ignore the fact that at the time, the Democrats ran Congress, and the only source of news was TV newspapers, both contaminated with Liberal Idealism.


Trooper Mike Wooten spoke to CNN on Friday.
Wooten tells CNN he made mistakes
INTERVIEW: Trooper says he feels stressed from media spotlight.


(09/06/08 05:00:03)
Embattled state Trooper Mike Wooten, in an interview aired Friday on the CNN cable news network, admitted he'd made some mistakes and is feeling stress from having his troubles with the Palin family splashed across the national news media.

Wooten didn't directly discuss allegations that Gov. Sarah Palin abused her powers by pressuring her former public safety commissioner to fire the trooper, who was involved in a rough divorce with Palin's sister.

In July, Palin dumped the commissioner, Walt Monegan, who has said he believes his failure to dismiss Wooten might have cost him his job. Palin refutes that, saying she and Monegan had friction over budgeting.

Palin, her family members and at least one of her aides have harped about Wooten's alleged misdeeds -- that he demonstrated a Taser stun gun on his preteen stepson, shot a cow moose unlawfully, and operated his patrol car after drinking alcohol.

A trooper internal investigation begun in April 2005 and completed in March 2006 resulted in a five-day suspension for Wooten.

With his union representative by his side, Wooten on Thursday taped a brief interview in Anchorage with the CNN Special Investigations Unit, part of the army of international news people in Alaska to gather background on Palin, running for vice president on John McCain's Republican ticket.

Wooten told CNN: "You know, I was young and I made mistakes and I was punished for those mistakes. I learned my lesson. They're behind me and I'm trying to move on and be the best dad I can be to my children and be the best trooper that I can be. You know, I love my job and I love this state."

CNN reporter Drew Griffin noted Wooten, 36, has had four failed marriages, and that he denied threatening to kill Palin's father. Griffin also said Wooten holds no ill will toward Palin and is "actually excited" about her vice presidential nomination.

The Washington Post on Wednesday reported on e-mail messages Monegan said he received from Palin. In a Feb. 7, 2007, e-mail, Palin purportedly wrote: "It was a joke, the whole year long 'investigation' of him," referring to Wooten.

Wooten's union this week filed an ethics complaint against Palin accusing members of her administration of prowling through Wooten's confidential personnel and workers' compensation files for information to use against him.


1. Nets Ignored Clinton Firing 93 U.S. Attorneys, Fret Over Bush's 8
The broadcast network evening newscasts, which didn't care in 1993 about the Clinton administration's decision to ask for the resignation of all 93 U.S. attorneys, went apoplectic Tuesday night in leading with the "controversy," fed by the media, over the Bush administration for replacing eight U.S. attorneys in late 2006 -- nearly two years after rejecting the idea of following the Clinton policy of replacing all the attorneys. Anchor Charles Gibson promised that ABC would "look at all the angles tonight," but he skipped the Clinton comparison. Gibson teased: "New controversy at the White House after a string of U.S. attorneys is fired under questionable circumstances. There are calls for the Attorney General to resign." CBS's Katie Couric declared that "the uproar is growing tonight over the firing of eight federal prosecutors by the Justice Department" and fill-in NBC anchor Campbell Brown teased: "The Attorney General and the firestorm tonight over the controversial dismissal of several federal prosecutors. Was it political punishment?" Brown soon asserted that "it's a story that has been brewing for weeks and it exploded today" -- an explosion fueled by the news media.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sometimes, it is your only option.....


Politicians, lawyers, and judges PRESUME that the population will always "Knucle under" and follow laws, rules, and regulations.
So, they make those laws, rules, and regulations to suit themselves and/or wealthy, influential contributors, to the defeceit of all other people.

So anyone in that class of "All other people" KNOWS that following the law is not going to get them any satisfaction.

My guess: This shooter found out that the target had something to do with him losing his job.
By the story, the man was already sick of crooked politicians.

A man recently fired from a Target store barged into the Arkansas Democratic headquarters Wednesday and fatally shot the state party chairman before speeding off in his pickup. Police later shot and killed the suspect after a 30-mile chase.

Police identified the suspect as 50-year-old Timothy Dale Johnson of Searcy, a town about 50 miles northeast of Little Rock. They said that moments after the shooting, Johnson pointed a handgun at a worker at the nearby Arkansas Baptist headquarters. An official there said he told the worker, “I lost my job.”

Chairman Bill Gwatney died four hours after the shooting. The 48-year-old former state senator had been planning to travel to the Democratic National Convention later this month as a superdelegate. He had backed Hillary Rodham Clinton but endorsed Barack Obama after she dropped out of the race.

Clinton and her husband, former President and former Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton, issued a statement saying Gwatney was “not only a strong chairman of Arkansas’ Democratic Party, but … also a cherished friend and confidant.”

Conway police said a Target store 30 miles north of Little Rock had fired Johnson earlier Wednesday because he had written graffiti on a store wall. The age and address provided by Conway officers matched those provided by Little Rock police for its suspect.

Witnesses said the gunman entered the party offices shortly before noon and said he wanted to see Gwatney.

“He said he was interested in volunteering, but that was obviously a lie,” said 17-year-old party volunteer Sam Higginbotham. He said that when the suspect was refused a meeting with Gwatney, he pushed past employees to reach the chairman’s office.

Little Rock police spokesman Lt. Terry Hastings said the suspect and Gwatney introduced themselves to one another, at which time the suspect “pulled out a handgun and shot Gwatney several times.” Hastings didn’t say what the two discussed, but said their discussion was not a heated one.

Police said after leaving the office, the suspect pointed a gun at a worker at the Baptist headquarters seven blocks away. When asked what was wrong, the man said “I lost my job” said Dan Jordan, the group’s business manager.

After the suspect avoided spike strips and a roadblock along U.S. 167 near Sheridan, police rammed his car, spinning it, said Grant County Sheriff Lance Huey. He got out of his truck and began shooting, and state police and sheriff’s deputies fired back, striking him several times, he said.

Hastings said investigators found at least two handguns in the suspect’s truck.

There was a busy signal Wednesday night at a phone number listed under Johnson’s name. Little Rock police said they could find no criminal record for him.

According to Conway police spokeswoman Sharen Carter, Target fired Johnson before 8 a.m. Wednesday because he had written on a wall. Other store employees said Johnson’s body shook as he turned in his ID badge. A Target manager had called police because of the incident but the wall had already been cleaned.

The state Capitol was locked down for about an hour until police got word the gunman had been captured, said Arkansas State Capitol police Sgt. Charlie Brice.

Gov. Mike Beebe, a Democrat who served with Gwatney in the state Senate, had been on a flight to Springdale in northwestern Arkansas. He returned to Little Rock and joined an impromptu vigil at University Hospital after what he called a “shocking and senseless attack.” Gwatney had been Beebe’s finance chairman during the governor’s 2006 campaign.

“Arkansas has lost a great son, and I have lost a great friend. There is deep pain in Arkansas tonight because of the sheer number of people who knew, respected and loved Bill Gwatney,” Beebe said.

Karen Ray, executive director of the Republican Party of Arkansas, sent her workers home early “out of an abundance of caution.”

“Our hearts go out to everyone at the Democratic headquarters. What a tragedy,” Ray said. “This is just a very upsetting, troubling and scary thing for our staff as well.”

Sarah Lee, a sales clerk at a flower shop across street from the party headquarters, said that around noon Gwatney’s secretary ran into the shop and asked someone to call 911.

Lee said the secretary told her the man had come into the party’s office and asked to speak with Gwatney. When the secretary said she wouldn’t allow him to meet with Gwatney, the man went into his office and shot him, Lee said.

Last November, a distraught man wearing what appeared to be a bomb walked into a Clinton campaign office in New Hampshire and demanded to speak to the candidate about access to mental health care. A hostage drama dragged on for nearly six hours until he peacefully surrendered.

The confrontation brought Clinton’s campaign to a standstill just five weeks before the New Hampshire primary. Security for her was increased as a precaution. She said she did not know the suspect.

Gwatney was a national superdelegate who had endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, according to the Web site

“We are deeply saddened by the news that Bill Gwatney has passed away,” Hillary and Bill Clinton said in a joint statement issued Wednesday. “His leadership and commitment to Arkansas and this country have always inspired us and those who had the opportunity to know him. Our prayers are with his family during this time.” Former President Clinton is a former Democratic governor of Arkansas.

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama also expressed his condolences.

“I was shocked and saddened to hear about the tragedy in Arkansas,” Obama said in a written statement. “We’re all grateful for the quick action of law enforcement and quick thinking by Chairman Gwatneys staff, and Michelle and I are keeping him and his family in our prayers.”

Gwatney also earned a reputation for being an outspoken critic of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a Republican, coining the phrase, “Pinning Huckabee down on an issue is like nailing Jello to the wall.”

Huckabee reacted to news of the shooting Wednesday by releasing the following statement: “The senseless shooting at Democratic Party Headquarters in Little Rock today is a shocking and sobering reminder of just how depraved our world has become. All of our thoughts and prayers turn toward Bill Gwatney and his family today, while we await details on what happened and why.”

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It has not bothered me...


Another home invasion in Phoenix by…Cartel hitmen? Mexican military?

By see-dubya • June 28, 2008 03:33 AM Allah didn’t think much of this story, or at least of the accusations that the guys who shot up that house (and a suspected pot dealer) in Phoenix dressed as cops in tactical gear were connected with the Mexican military. ICE now says they weren’t.

Okay, but I’ll keep my eyes open; there’s a strong tendency to downplay controversial incidents like this one. (Remember how long it took the Feds to admit that Hesham Hedayet, who shot up the El Al counter at LAX, was a terrorist?)

Whatever the story is, I’d like to get to the bottom of it, because something like it happened again Thursday. Four to ten guys in police uniforms and tactical gear busted into another house in Phoenix. And their choice of targets is interesting:


That's the phrase you hear a lot of. "It has n't bothered me"
A variation of "If it is not happening to me--it is not happening".

The latest Home Invasion in Phoenix was :
August 11, 2008

Suspects wore body armor, carried AK-47s It happened at about 9 p.m. Sunday near 91st Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road.

Three men reportedly tried to bust into a home in the neighborhood.

According to Phoenix police, at least one suspect is dead after the homeowner pulled a gun and fired in self defense.

Police said that homeowner was also shot in the confrontation. His injuries reportedly were life threatening.

A neighbor said she saw a suspicious-looking car before bullets started flying, and knew something was not right.

"It came down the street here, and then it backed up and just sat there, like right in the middle the intersection," the woman said. "That really didn't sit right with me, how that felt. I went back into the house and about three minutes later I heard between 10 and 12 gunshots, and so I called CrimeStops right away."

Police are searching for two other men who were seen leaving the area in a gray or silver P.T. Cruiser with the personalized Arizona Diamondbacks license plate. The partial number on that plate is T-M-O.

According to neighbors, the suspects were wearing full body armor and were armed with AK-47 assault rifles

How many of you have firepoer to counter an assault like this.

You are dealing with Illiterates: How can you be sure they get the right address?

Normally an armed for intruding is called an invasion, and is countered. By our government is so dedicated to pandering to Mexico that the story gets spun--and nothin' gets dome

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Russians have nothing to worry about

The Russians whave nothing to worry about. They can slaughter all the Georgians at will. No American will stop them.
For 5 years now, our Elected Officials have allowed the likes of Code Pink,, NotInMyName, and druggie hippie freaks to set the agenda.
Wenow prosecute military members who actually defend themselves and shoot people. Same for our domestic protectors--Witness Ramos and Campeon.

No McCain here might as well fart upwind for all the good it will do. The Dictator members of the Anti-American United Nations have too many sweet deals with Russdia to DO anything.


McCain calls for U.N. resolution against Russia
By Klaus Marre
Posted: 08/11/08 11:02 AM [ET]
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Monday called on the United Nations Security Council to condemn Russia’s aggression against Georgia.

“We should move ahead with the resolution despite Russian veto threats, and submit Russia to the court of world public opinion,” McCain said in Erie, Pa.

Apart from a Security Council resolution calling for a cease-fire and condemning Russia’s aggression, NATO should begin “discussions on both the deployment of an international peacekeeping force to South Ossetia and the implications for NATO's future relationship with Russia, a Partnership for Peace nation,” the Arizona senator stated.

The GOP presidential candidate has seized on the conflict between Russia and Georgia over the breakaway province of South Ossetia, hoping to highlight his foreign policy credentials and draw a contrast to Democratic rival Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.).

McCain noted that he has met with Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili “many times, including during several trips to Georgia.”

A frequent critic of Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin, the presumptive GOP nominee pulled no punches in his statement Monday on the conflict.

“Whatever tensions and hostilities might have existed between Georgians and Ossetians, they in no way justify Moscow’s path of violent aggression,” McCain said. “Russian actions, in clear violation of international law, have no place in 21st century Europe.”

Russia’s attacks are “a matter of urgent moral and strategic importance to the United States of America,” McCain argued. He described Georgia’s transformation into a democracy as “nothing short of remarkable,” adding that this makes Russia’s actions “all the more alarming.”

“Russia is using violence against Georgia, in part, to intimidate other neighbors such as Ukraine for choosing to associate with the West and adhering to Western political and economic values,” McCain said. “As such, the fate of Georgia should be of grave concern to Americans and all people who welcomed the end of a divided Europe and the independence of former Soviet republics. The international response to this crisis will determine how Russia manages its relationships with other neighbors.”

The Arizona senator said that Russia’s “pattern of attack appears aimed not at restoring any status quo ante in South Ossetia, but rather at toppling the democratically elected government of Georgia.”

“This should be unacceptable to all the democratic countries of the world, and should draw us together in universal condemnation of Russian aggression,” McCain added.

The conflict could have “severe, long-term negative consequences” for Russia’s relationships with the U.S. and Europe, he noted.

McCain also called on Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to begin “high-level diplomacy” and urged the U.S. to begin sending humanitarian aid to the region.

“World history is often made in remote, obscure countries,” McCain said. “It is being made in Georgia today. It is the responsibility of the leading nations of the world to ensure that history continues to be a record of humanity's progress toward respecting the values and security of free people.”

Sunday, August 10, 2008


REUTERSMourning amidst the rubble: A Georgian man cries next to the body of a relative who died in Gori.


An unidentified South Ossetian woman cries at an unknown location in the breakaway Georgian province of South Ossetia, Friday, Aug. 8, 2008. Russia sent columns of tanks and reportedly bombed Georgian air bases Friday after Georgia launched a military offensive to retake the breakaway province of South Ossetia, threatening to ignite a broader conflict. Hundreds of civilians were reported dead in the worst outbreak of hostilities since the province won de facto independence in a war against Georgia that ended in 1992. Witnesses said the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali was devastated. (AP Photo/Musa Sadulayev)


On the first day, Russians --by their own count--killed 1500 CIVILIANS.

WHERE ARE THE QUAKERS-- that are always telling US--U S Forces--that we should not be killing people in War?

WHERE IS "NOT IN MY NAME" that sent "Human Shields" to Iraq to keep the Coalition from bombing Saddam Husseins war infrastructure?

--- That's what I thought.

They are a bunch of self-hating hypocrites, bnt on destroying the United States, and ignoring the crimes against human rights by Despots.

Saturday, August 9, 2008



You know, some people are just plain insensitive and ignorant.
Maybe these two Dorks just think that they are so secure that they can screw over everyone outside of Congress.

------------------------------------------------------------------------- POTOMAC WATCH By KIMBERLEY A. STRASSEL

Republican Energy Fumble
August 8, 2008; Page A13
Politics has its puzzling moments. John McCain and most of the GOP experienced one late last week. That was when five of their own set about dismantling the best issue Republicans have in the upcoming election.

It's taken time, but Sen. McCain and his party have finally found -- in energy -- an issue that's working for them. Riding voter discontent over high gas prices, the GOP has made antidrilling Democrats this summer's headlines.

Their enthusiasm has given conservative candidates a boost in tough races. And Mr. McCain has pressured Barack Obama into an energy debate, where the Democrat has struggled to explain shifting and confused policy proposals.

Still, it was probably too much to assume every Republican would work out that their side was winning this issue. And so, last Friday, in stumbled Sens. Lindsey Graham, John Thune, Saxby Chambliss, Bob Corker and Johnny Isakson -- alongside five Senate Democrats. This "Gang of 10" announced a "sweeping" and "bipartisan" energy plan to break Washington's energy "stalemate." What they did was throw every vulnerable Democrat, and Mr. Obama, a life preserver.

That's because the plan is a Democratic giveaway. New production on offshore federal lands is left to state legislatures, and then in only four coastal states. The regulatory hurdles are huge. And the bill bars drilling within 50 miles of the coast -- putting off limits some of the most productive areas. Alaska's oil-rich Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is still a no-go.

The highlight is instead $84 billion in tax credits, subsidies and federal handouts for alternative fuels and renewables. The Gang of 10 intends to pay for all this in part by raising taxes on . . . oil companies! The Sierra Club couldn't have penned it better. And so the Republican Five has potentially given antidrilling Democrats the political cover they need to neutralize energy through November.

Sen. Obama was thrilled. He quickly praised the Gang's bipartisan spirit, and warmed up to a possible compromise. Of course, he means removing even the token drilling provisions now in the bill. But he's only too happy for the focus to remain on the Gang's efforts, and in particular on the five Republicans providing his party its fig leaf.

Equally gleeful was Louisiana's Mary Landrieu, the Senate's most vulnerable Democrat. She had been sweating the energy debate, especially after her vote against more oil-shale production -- a position her Republican opponent, John Kennedy, had used against her to great effect. Yet there she was, chummily standing with the Gang of 10 and boasting that she is working with "five Republicans" to "lower prices at the pump by increasing offshore drilling here at home."

Mr. McCain, who had been commanding the energy debate, was left to explain why he, of all people, wasn't more enthusiastic about a "bipartisan" effort on energy, especially one that includes "drilling." His camp was forced to take refuge in taxes, explaining that their boss couldn't sign up for a bill that included more. If this is what Mr. McCain's good friend Lindsey Graham considers "helping," somebody might want to ask him to stop.

And pity poor Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has been working overtime to stanch GOP losses this fall and head off a filibuster-proof Democratic Senate. His dogged efforts to highlight Democratic opposition to drilling has kept energy in the news and laid the groundwork for GOP candidates to use the issue to their advantage.

In the Colorado Senate race, Democrats had christened former GOP Rep. Bob Schaffer "Big Oil Bob" -- hoping to smear his oil industry career. "Big Oil Bob" has instead embraced his pro-drilling positions and is pummeling opponent Mark Udall for his antidrilling stance. In recent weeks, Mr. Schaffer has erased Mr. Udall's lead. Polls show Republican Sens. Norm Coleman (Minnesota) and John Sununu (New Hampshire) both climbing in the polls on the back of strong energy arguments. As two of the GOP's most vulnerable senators, both might well have run for cover with the Gang of 10. Instead they're fighting on the merits.

The "bipartisan" Republican senators have undercut these efforts, and boosted Ms. Landrieu. They've even put a smile on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's face. He'd been struggling to tamp down the energy debate through November, where he hopes to increase his majority and permanently shelve drilling. He's now counting on the Gang to fruitlessly continue "negotiations" straight through the Senate's short September session and solve his problem for him.

Not one of the five Republicans in the Gang is facing a tough election this year. That's the sort of security that leads to bad decisions. And theirs is the sort of thinking that could leave Republicans in a permanent minority.

Write to

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This was what the Civil War was about





Should McCain join the House Oil Party?
John Boehner extended an invitation to John McCain yesterday to join the House Republican caucus in their rebellion against Democratic stonewalling on a vote on drilling. McCain had offered to come off the campaign trail if Barack Obama would also agree to do so and join Congress in an open debate and an open vote to rescind the federal moratorium on drilling in the OCS and interior. The House Minority Leader tells McCain to come regardless of Obama’s participation:
In a briefing with bloggers in House Minority Leader John Boehner’s office August 5, Rep. John Shadegg, R-Ariz, said he would “love to have McCain come speak on the floor” as part of the protest. He said he believes inviting a senator to speak on the House floor would not violate House rules and challenged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to stop it.

“Yes, I think it is something he [McCain] could do. I mean, technically, we are trying to abide by the rules of procedure for the House,” Shadegg said. “[W]e begin with a prayer, the pledge and we are speaking from the well — with one exception, we’re not taking questions from the gallery, but we are trying to accord ourselves normal decorum from the House floor.”
It’s definitely an intriguing offer, and McCain should accept immediately. No matter where he’s campaigning at the moment, he will not get more or better press than if he arrives at Capitol Hill with the lights off. It would also force the national press to cover the revolt by House Republicans, and perhaps even produce televised coverage of the speeches in the darkened chamber.

It might also force action by Nancy Pelosi to call the House back into session. Normally, a Senator wouldn’t go into the House while the lower chamber is in session, but no such restriction exists at the moment. The only way Pelosi and the Democrats could keep McCain from exploding this to the top of the headlines would be to do exactly what the GOP wants — to call the House into session, and keep it in session.

There are no down sides to a McCain campaign visit to Capitol Hill. He’d get great press, he would underscore Democratic obstructionism on energy, he would demonstrate party unity, and he would put pressure on Obama to respond with something other than tire gauges and cuts in electricity. Any campaign events he has to postpone couldn’t have a fraction of the impact this appearance would have, both for himself and the GOP. Someone on Team McCain should be redirecting the jet now.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Put up--or shut up.


How very simple--but challenging--for Democrat House Members.
Sign the damn Discharge Petition--or go along with Pelosi's other sheep and risk being defeated at the polls this fall!


August 5, 2008 07:44 AM EST

California Democrat Nancy Pelosi may be trying to save the planet — but the rank and file in her party increasingly are just trying to save their political hides when it comes to gas prices as Republicans apply more and more rhetorical muscle.

But what looks like intraparty tension on the surface is part of an intentional strategy in which Pelosi takes the heat on energy policy, while behind the scenes she’s encouraging vulnerable Democrats to express their independence if it helps them politically, according to Democratic aides on and off Capitol Hill.

Pelosi’s gambit rests on one big assumption: that Democrats will own Washington after the election and will be able to craft a sweeping energy policy that is heavy on conservation and fuel alternatives while allowing for some new oil drilling. Democrats see no need to make major concessions on energy policy with a party poised to lose seats in both chambers in just three months — even if recess-averse Republicans continue to pound away on the issue.

“The reality is we will have a new president in three months, and what Bush and the Republicans are trying to do amounts to a land grab for the oil companies,” said one senior House Democratic aide involved with party strategy. “I don’t think we have to give in at all pre-election — we have many more options postelection.”

It’s a reality that Rep. Nick J. Rahall (D-W.Va.) personally delivered to President Bush recently.

Rahall spent more than an hour last week talking to the president about energy. Bush spent the entire flight aboard Air Force One, and much of a subsequent limousine ride, grilling the West Virginia Democrat about legislative solutions to the high price of gasoline, Rahall said last week.

So, does the president think Congress can get anything done this year?

“No,” Rahall replied in a short interview with Politico. “He’s realistic about it.”

Asked if Congress will produce a comprehensive energy bill in September before Congress adjourns again for elections, Rahall replied, “This year? No.”

Instead, the chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources believes Democrats are all about 2009.

“We’ve laid the groundwork this year,” Rahall said.

Democratic House aides say the energy agenda has been carefully gamed out in strategy sessions, and Pelosi always intended to take heat on gas prices while tacitly encouraging more vulnerable Democrats to publicly disagree with her and show their independence.

Freshman Democrats like Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania and Don Cazayoux of Louisiana have taken her up on the offer.

Altmire has said a drilling vote “will happen,” while Cazayoux, hoping to hang on to his seat in a conservative Baton Rouge-area district, on Friday sent a letter to Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) demanding a vote on more domestic oil exploration.

“There will be a vote,” said Altmire, who faces a rematch with former GOP Rep. Melissa Hart this fall in the Pittsburgh suburbs.

Indeed, Congress must vote before Sept. 30 to renew the annual moratorium; otherwise, it will lapse on its own, giving states the right to decide whether private companies can search for potential drilling sites three miles offshore. .

“My view is that if we have a vote, let’s make it a rational policy,” said Altmire, whose district includes viable coal and nuclear industries. “We can’t let Republicans hold this issue hostage because of one vote.”

Cazayoux, in his letter, says “the current debate seems to be bogged down in partisan one-upmanship.”

To some extent, House Republicans seem to be playing right along with the strategy, taking Pelosi’s name in vain dozens of times during their rebel House sessions over the past few days and making her the villain who won’t allow oil drilling votes.

“It’s grossly unfair to the Democrats who want a vote,” said Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas). “[Pelosi] needs to cut that out.”

The Senate has also gone with a run-out-the-clock strategy, with Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) calling for a bipartisan energy summit but promising no major energy votes. Reid embraced the drilling and conservation proposals of the bipartisan Senate “Gang of 10” last week, but he made further commitment on the energy debate.

Reid, like Pelosi, is expecting to have a much stronger governing majority in the Senate next year, so he has little incentive to give in to Republicans on energy policy as long as he thinks it won’t hurt Democrats.

Even as they face heat from constituents during the August break, Democrats say they aren’t going to cave in to popular pressure.

“We feel pretty comfortable with where we are,” said Rep. Michael E. Capuano (D-Mass.), who is close to the Democratic leadership. “This is a not a new issue. This just didn’t happen today. We’ve been working on this for months.”

Democratic insiders said that Pelosi and other party leaders were “not rattled” by the GOP floor rebellion, and at this point, it’s not clear if the Democrats will even pay a price on energy. State-level polling conducted by Democrats suggests that voters still view President Bush and the GOP as the incumbent power in Washington, and Democratic strategists believe any anti-incumbent wave would hurt Republicans more than Democrats.

Rep. Jeb Hensarling of Texas, one of the leaders of the rogue GOP House session, said he realizes that Democrats are “in a four-corners stall right now,” and admits that “it gets more challenging” for Republicans if they lose more seats in Congress.

Democrats are also comforted somewhat by the fact that crude oil prices have gone down more than 10 percent from their summer highs, and if the U.S. economy enters a recession, prices may fall further due to slackening demand.

“There is no crisis on our side of the aisle,” a top House Democratic leadership aide said. “We have a plan, and we will stick to it.”

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today issued the following statement in response to an article in today’s Politico that suggests Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has secretly signaled to rank-and-file House Democratic lawmakers that they should feel free to portray themselves publicly as pro-drilling if it helps them politically:
My message to Democratic lawmakers is this: if you’re really for increased American energy production, then prove it by putting it in writing. Sign the discharge petitions House Republicans are circulating that will force votes on energy legislation Speaker Pelosi refuses to bring to the floor. And sign onto the American Energy Act, our ‘all of the above’ plan to increase conservation, innovation, and American energy production, instead of doing the Speaker’s bidding by voting against bringing it to a vote. If you aren’t willing to put it in writing, you’re fooling no one. You’re siding with the Speaker of the Drill-Nothing Congress and radical special interests that favor higher gas prices, at the expense of energy-strapped American families.”
“This cynical strategy is disgustingly dishonest. Without any real solutions to help Americans who are struggling with record-high gas prices, it appears the Democratic leadership has hit on a new plan: deceive. Deceive the press, deceive its members, and deceive the American people. Democratic members have a ‘pass’ from their leaders to talk about drilling at home, while the liberal Democratic leadership – which is beholden to special interests that want higher gas prices – plays ‘rope-a-dope’ back in Washington, ensuring there is no vote to help the American people before November. It’s cynical, dishonest, and wrong – and it won’t work.”

Monday, August 4, 2008

Mouth noise from the Ignorants













Tinker ad questions Cohen on civil rights
TV spot cites support of keeping Forrest statue
By Bartholomew Sullivan

Saturday, August 2, 2008

WASHINGTON -- A television ad from Nikki Tinker for Congress featuring footage of a Ku Klux Klan rally and former Shelby County commissioner Walter Bailey was set to began airing in Memphis on Friday evening.

In the ad, Bailey takes exception to U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen's July 2005 vote on the Center City Commission not to remove the statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest from the Medical Center park. Forrest was a Confederate general linked by most historians to the early years of the Ku Klux Klan.

Cohen, who said he had not seen the ad, acknowledged the commission vote on Friday, but said it was nothing more than advisory because the City Council had jurisdiction and ultimately voted to keep the statue in place.

Bailey did not immediately return a message seeking comment. Glenn Rushing, a consultant to the Tinker campaign, acknowledged the substance of the ad but said he could not speak for the candidate. Tinker did not respond to a request for comment.

Jerry Austin, Cohen's campaign manager, said the ad is "a sign of a desperate campaign" and will be seen as such, adding, "To even insinuate that Steve Cohen, who's got an exemplary record on civil rights ... it's an act that really demands an apology from the Tinker campaign."

The Democratic primary for the 9th Congressional District race is Thursday.

Cohen often goes to great lengths defending his record on black issues and civil rights, pointing to votes while in the state Senate against the Confederate license plate and the efforts he made to pass legislation declaring a Martin Luther King Jr. holiday in Tennessee.

In 2006, Cohen blasted mailings from the feminist pro-choice group EMILY's List on behalf of Tinker that he said completely distorted his record on sex crimes and other women's issues. Tinker disavowed knowledge of those mailers, leading Cohen to say, "If it walks like a duck, squawks like a duck and flies like a duck then it's probably at The Peabody."

Tinker has also distanced herself from various attacks on Cohen since he became congressman, including a meeting with the Baptist Ministerial Association, a group of black church pastors, in which Cohen was shouted down and some ministers expressed their belief that the 9th District should be represented by an African-American representative.

Tinker has denounced incendiary fliers distributed by a church pastor from Middle Tennessee that call Cohen, who is Jewish, anti-Christian and anti-Jesus.

Contact Washington correspondent Bartholomew Sullivan at (202) 408-2726.

Reporter Zack McMillin contributed to this story.

The lighter side

Ad appeals to 'Colbert Nation'

U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen is planning to run a political advertisement this week during Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" specially tailored for Stephen Colbert's audience.


"As a proud member of the Colbert Nation, I've served 19 months in Congress," he says in the ad, which is also up on his Web site,

He mentions appearing on Colbert's "Better Know a District" segment and says he knows "truthiness," a Colbert coinage.

Cohen said Friday that he tried a similar ad when he ran for the Shelby County Commission in 1978. For the ad, which was broadcast during an episode of "Saturday Night Live," he dressed up in a white suit and imitated Steve Martin.

In the 30-second Colbert ad, Cohen says he stood up to President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney but reminds voters he still was able to get Bush to sign a cap bearing the logo of the University of Memphis Tigers.

-- Bartholomew Sullivan

soldiers begin patrolling Italy's cities


Hundreds of armed soldiers begin patrolling Italy's cities to cut crime but critics say it will scare off tourists

Hundreds of troops have begun patrolling the streets of Italian cities as part of a law and order clampdown - but critics claim the sign of gun-toting soldiers will deter tourists.

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has ordered the unorthodox use of the armed forces which will see 3,000 troops deployed around the country including Rome, Milan, Turin and Palermo.

Their tasks will include patrolling streets with police and helping to protect "sensitive" sites, ranging from Milan's Duomo cathedral to embassies and consulates

They will also guard detention centres processing illegal immigrants, blamed by the government for much of Italy's crime.

Visitors to the city will not see them outside iconic monuments like the Colosseum or Pantheon, after Rome's mayor complained that gun-toting soldiers could scare off tourists.

Some critics said the move would do little, if anything, to reduce crime, while others objected to the use of the military for policing at home.

Achille Serra, a former Rome prefect with a long background in law enforcement, called the deployment "useless and ineffective".

"I'll remind you that we're not in Beirut. And I'm wondering what a soldier will do to address a burglary or mugging," he said in a newspaper interview.

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been accused of trying to "militarize" city centre by putting soldiers on the streets.

Italy's military is currently deployed overseas in places like Beirut and Afghanistan. But the armed forces have taken on domestic security roles in the past, including to address mafia violence in Sicily after the 1992 killings of anti-Mafia magistrates Paolo Borsellino and Giovanni Falcone.

The former head of the army, General Mario Buscemi, said: "In 1992, just for Sicily, there were 20,000 men. Today for all of Italy there are 3,000.

"It's clear that this time their support to the police forces will be less, basically symbolic," he told La Repubblica daily.

As part of his anti-crime initiative, Berlusconi's government pushed legislation through parliament last month aimed at stemming illegal immigration. It also declared a state of emergency that gave police and local authorities added powers to tackle immigration-related problems.

But the government's handling of immigration and minority issues - particularly regarding Roma people - has sparked criticism from the Vatican, human rights groups and some European bodies over fears it could stoke xenophobia

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Obama secret advisor


Obama has shown incompetence with his Rallys.

In Oregon, the people he hired set a Porta-Potty on a Peace Officer Memorial.

In Berlin, he held a rally where Hitler held his biggest gathering.

The Obamamedia has not pointed this out: In both cases, people attending were promised a rock concert.

My suspicion is that his secret advisor is Jane Fonda.

An officer that I worked with had been an Army Green Beret during Vietnam. Upon returning from his year in Vietnam, he was coerced into attending the War College at Carlisle Barracks, PA.
On a weekend he went to New York. In Central Park, he saw that there was a concert. He found that Simon and Garfunkel were the performers.
The next day, there were television reports of a an anti-war protest, led by Jane Fonda. The video showed a large crowd.
He began to watch the reports closely.
He found that Fonda had her held war protest adjacent to Simon and Garfunkel's concert.
He did some ivestigation.
He found that maybe 100 people showed up for Fonda's war protest. He found that 20,000 had attended Simon and Garfunkel.
So, the visual lie was that 20,000 people had attended Fonda's war protest, when, in fact--they were there for the concert

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Where I come from

Alan Jackson has a highly popular song by this name.

The folks pictured above look a whole lot like my parents.

We lived on either our dairy in Glendale,Arizona, or our ranch NW of Glendale, which had NO electricty. Try doing that without Air Conditioning now, especially May through October.

These people --and myself--worked when it was hot, cold, rainy, or dry. They barely made a living, but they were thankful for everything they had.

Entertainment was being able to read the Bible by the light of a kerosene lamp after all the work was done, and all the animals were tended to.

The kid in the stroller was me--in 1941, The man was my grand father. Note the high tech prosthetic for a leg (He made it himself. He was gored by a bull and lost the leg from the knee down.

Friday, July 25, 2008

What you want for a wife.-1

Now, looking at the photo, you can tell that is a woman's face. Good looking too.
Otherwise, no jewelry, no make up, no fancy clothes.

Wives are like vehicles. Some are like Mazda Miata's--just big enough.

Some are like Corvettes--bigger, flashier, expensive, and needing more maintenance, but will get you attention where ever you go. Some men like this, and I call their wives Accessory Wives or Trophy wives. The problem with the wife is that when she gets some miles--He will trade her in for a newer, more attractive model.

Some are like an SUV. They are not as dazzling as that Corvette, but they can do all kinds of things for you.

You could know this was coming


Above, you see the attitude that Illegals have for most European derived persons here in the States.

They take your jobs, they drive down your wages because they will work for $10-15 an hour, they use your hospitaal(The Hospital can not refuse to treat them--If so, the hospital in violation of Federal Law), and they have nothing but contempt for you.

This story is totally slanted to the idea that Luis Ramirez is a Victim. I'd like to know more.

You know, the whole thing would not have happened had politicians like Ted Kennedy and John McCain let out Border Patrol and ICE do their jobs.


PORT CARBON, Pa. (AP) - Three white teens were charged Friday in what officials said was an epithet-filled fatal beating of an illegal Mexican immigrant in a small northeast Pennsylvania coal town. Brandon J. Piekarsky, 16, and Colin J. Walsh, 17, were charged as adults with homicide and ethnic intimidation in the July 12 attack on Luis Ramirez.

A third teen, Derrick M. Donchak, 18, was charged with aggravated assault, ethnic intimidation and other offenses. All are from Shenandoah, where the attack occurred.

Additional charges are expected in the case that has roiled Shenandoah, a small, economically depressed town where police have reported friction between whites and a growing Hispanic population.

The suspects played football at Shenandoah Valley High School; Donchak, now enrolled at Bloomsburg University, was the quarterback last season.

"As a result of this crime, a young man has lost his life. Many other lives have been devastated, and the borough of Shenandoah has been filled with tensions between many ethnic groups," Schuylkill County District Attorney James Goodman said.

"Now that the criminal charges have been filed, we must let this case be handled in the criminal justice system," he said.

According to a police affidavit, the defendants and three 17-year-olds encountered Ramirez, 25, and a teenage girl in a park the night of July 12.

The youths goaded Ramirez and the girl, saying, "You should get out of this neighborhood" and "Get your Mexican boyfriend out of here," documents said. After Ramirez and the girl began walking away, someone yelled an ethnic slur at him, court documents said. He responded, "What's your problem?"

A fight ensued, during which police said Walsh punched Ramirez in the face. The victim fell and hit his head on the street, leaving him unconscious, after which Piekarsky kicked him in the head, police said.

All three suspects used ethnic slurs during the fight, which ended with Ramirez in convulsions and foaming at the mouth, authorities said. The attackers fled the scene; Ramirez underwent surgery but died July 14 of head injuries.

Piekarsky and Walsh were being held without bail, while Donchak was held on $75,000 bail.

Lawyers for Piekarsky and Walsh said their clients are not guilty and that there was no evidence to support the homicide charges. They also said they would try to have the case removed to juvenile court.

Roger Laguna, Walsh's lawyer, said the police affidavit "pretty much describes chaos, and what you have then after the fact is somebody trying to sort through that and attribute certain acts to certain individuals."

He said that although slurs might have been used, the fight was not motivated by ethnicity.

"I think any time there's a fight and any time you have one ethnic group fighting another, there's going to be racial slurs," he said. "I've seen that since I was a kid on a playground 20 years ago, but they never called it ethnic intimidation until very recently."

Frederick Fanelli, Piekarsky's lawyer, said he is "surprised and disappointed" that his client faces a homicide charge, attributing Ramirez's death to a "street fight that ended tragically."

Donchak declined to comment.

Ramirez, who entered the U.S. illegally about six years ago, worked in a factory and picked strawberries and cherries.

Crystal Dillman, the victim's 24-year-old fiancee, who is white and grew up in Shenandoah, has said Ramirez was often called derogatory names and told to return to his homeland. The couple had two children together, and Dillman also has a 3-year-old who thought of Ramirez as her father.

"I plan on moving out of this town as fast as I can. Not because I'm scared. I just don't want to see my children have to deal with what their father dealt with," Dillman said.

Preliminary hearings for all three suspects were set for Aug. 4.

Goodman said a fourth teen will be charged as a juvenile with aggravated assault and ethnic intimidation and that charges also will be filed against a man who provided alcohol to the defendants hours before the attack.

Wachovia Loses $8.86 Billion, (BECAUSE OF ILLEGALS)Slashes Jobs

Thursday, 24 July 2008

For the second time in a week, a major U.S. bank has announced sweeping financial troubles. Wachovia Corp. has reported a record quarterly loss of $8.9 billion and 6,350 job cuts. Dividends have been slashed as stock in the U.S. bank plummeted as much as 10 percent. Stock had fallen $1.18 or 9 percent, to $12 by Tuesday morning, bringing the total decline to 65 percent this year.

Two weeks ago, the bank hired Treasury Undersecretary Robert Steele as chief executive director. He replaced former CEO Kennedy Thompson, who held the position for 8 years, before he was fired.

Adding to its woes, the bank is still recovering from its $24 billion purchase of Golden West Financial Corp. two years ago just as home prices were peaking. Golden West is a specialist in option adjustable-rate mortgages-many of which have been blamed for the record number of loan defaults.

Wachovia is setting aside $10.96 billion for credit losses, up from $6.77 billion in the first quarter and $3.55 billion a year earlier. Net charge-offs increased more than eight-fold from a year earlier to $1.31 billion.

Job cuts will affect more than 5 percent of approximately 120,000 employees, including about 2,000 retail mortgage jobs. Wachovia said it will also eliminate at least 4,400 open positions and contractors in the next year.

Steel said he is trying to unload troubled assets and slash costs to help clean up the mess. Wachovia plans to cut 2009 expense growth by $1.5 billion.

This news comes on the heels of Indymac Bank's failure last week, which sent thousands of depositors running to retrieve their money. The bank is being investigated by the FBI for fraud.

Critics blame Wachovia's woes on the large number of subprime loans made to illegal immigrants. According to the Center for Responsible Lending, just over one-half of African Americans and 4 in 10 Hispanics got subprime loans in 2006.
Coincidentally, 7 of the 10 highest foreclosure areas have high concentrations of Hispanics, including Merced, Salinas-Monterey and Riverside, CA.

Wachovia Corp. is the fourth-largest U.S. bank

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Not enough lipstick on this pig!

Can you define inept? How about incompetent? Ever hear of the word bungling? What about The Peter Principle? Try this on for size: systemic corruption?

Does Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac hit a nervous cord? What if you stored your money at IndyMac Bank?

Last week, a plunging stock market, bank failure, thousands of mortgage foreclosures and accelerating job losses at United Air Lines as well as Ford and GM—set Americans on edge.

“The centerpiece of the administration’s efforts was Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson’s plan to shore up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that together guarantee $5 trillion of mortgage debt, which investors fear could collapse because of bad home loans and diving housing prices,” said editors at The Week, July 25, 2008. “Financial markets were shaken when depositors clamored to retrieve funds from IndyMac Bank that was seized by federal regulators. The dollar hit a record low against the Euro.”

In Denver, HUD housing suffers from tens of thousands of illegal aliens leeching into taxpayer funded low-income homes. Thousands of illegally brokered and corrupt bank loans to illegal aliens resulted in a ‘foreclosure run’ on homes in Denver. California, where IndyMac failed, suffers four million illegal aliens operating outside the law. Yet, brokers and banks hand out fraudulent home loans guaranteed to fail.


In the third world, corruption becomes a mechanism by which a society operates. Once entrenched, fraud inculcates every aspect of citizens and how they operate. Let’s use Mexico as a prime example. It runs on graft, fraud, crime, ‘mordido’ (bribery), elites’ primacy and maintains dominance by not educating the lower classes. Additionally, it manifests in political leaders, businesses and education.

With between 20 to 30 million illegal aliens inhabiting the United States in 2008, can you imagine the amount of corruption that must be maintained to keep them here. To begin with, employers of illegal aliens must lie about Social Security numbers, thus advancing massive forgeries and fraud. Employers pay under the table, thus escaping taxes, FICA or benefits. Millions of U.S. jobs vanish into the hands of illegals. Foreign nationals drive cars without licenses or insurance, thus, raising insurance rates and taxes for all legal American drivers. Illegals use American hospitals for free, thus Americans’ insurance rates must cover the uninsured users. Illegals tap into our school systems as well as our prisons at a cost of billions of dollars.

What happens when you build a house with cards?

David Ignatius of The Washington Post said, “The bank industry is going up in flames…while the Treasury Department goes around hosing down every new fire with taxpayer’s money.”

What about corruption? Vice covers this crisis like micro-waved cheddar cheese dripping all over salmonella infected burrito!

Joshua Rosner of Financial Times said, “The profligate use of tens of billions of federal dollars to rescue bad banks has created rising inflation and a debased U.S. dollar. By the time we are finished with this tragic period in U.S. economic history, capitalism will be on its knees, laid low by poor policy decisions and the nationalization of bad assets.”

Andrew Leonard at said, “The U.S. faces its most serious economic crisis since 1932.”

Remember Neil Bush with the Denver, Colorado Silverado scandal? Today, George Bush freed banking, mortgage and financial industries to do what they pleased. What do foxes do when let loose in a hen house with an open gate?

American workers cannot afford unregulated markets by scoundrels that continue their fleecing of our hard earned taxes. Too many foxes!

Federal Reserve (in itself a self-serving organization for bankers) Chairman Ben Bernanke said there is no end in sight for the ongoing economic downturn. For most Americans that means more pain ahead.

“There’s not enough lipstick to put on this pig,” said economist Richard Moody.

While all this economic chaos accelerates, we import 182,000 legal and illegal immigrants from third world countries into the USA every 30 days, month in and month out, year in and year out. They lack skills, they lack jobs, and they lack educations! They total over 2.4 million annually. How many immigrants arrive monthly? Take two Pasadena Rose Bowls filled up, then tipped out into America every month! Those newcomers undermine any chance for Americans to gain jobs, homes and stability.
In the meantime, 28 million Americans live on food stamps. American men and women lose 1,000 manufacturing jobs weekly in the ‘Rust Belt’ to outsourcing, insourcing and offshoring. Twenty million illegal aliens displace American workers while they degrade wages for the rest of us. We pay out $12 billion monthly for the fraudulent Iraq War. We pay $400 million daily in interest to service our $9.4 trillion federal debt. We pay $346 billion for services at the federal level for illegal aliens annually. Several experts say taxpayers shell out over $1 trillion for all illegal alien activity at the state and local levels--annually. All the while, the average American credit card holder with a $9,240 balance (debt).

With $4.00 a gallon gas, how do you feel about Bush and company driving America over a cliff? What does he use for fuel? Answer: corruption, incompetence, violation of the Constitution and a growing third world momentum within our own country.

To take action:


Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, at the state Capitol, "is looking into many different options to preserve cash to ensure we have enough to cover our costs," an aide said. Unless the Legislature passes a budget, the governor believes the state could run out of money by mid-September because of a soft economy and low reserves, officials said.
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to sign an executive order next week intended to temporarily reduce pay for 200,000 state workers to the federal minimum wage of $6.55 per hour to preserve cash until lawmakers reach a budget deal, according to a draft copy of the order obtained by The Bee.

The governor's order also would terminate about 22,000 retired annuitants, temporary workers and seasonal employees, as well as impose a hard freeze that blocks the hiring of roughly 1,700 new employees per month.

Administration officials said the Republican governor expects to take the action Monday, when the budget will be four weeks late as Democrats and Republicans continue to spar over how to resolve a $15.2 billion shortfall.

"The administration is looking into many different options to preserve cash to ensure we have enough to cover our costs," said Matt David, Schwarzenegger's communications director.

But a spokeswoman for Democratic state Controller John Chiang, who pays the state's bills, said he would ignore the governor's order and continue paying full salary, likely forcing a court battle.

"He will pay state workers the salaries that they have earned, and that's full salary," Deputy Controller Hallye Jordan said of Chiang.

The order would take effect for the August pay period and envisions that state workers would receive their back pay in full when a budget is signed. State workers who get paid once at the end of the month still will receive their July paychecks next week.

The move would save roughly $1 billion in cash per month, depending on how many employees are exempt under federal law because they work in health and safety fields, according to Schwarzenegger officials. Each state department head will be responsible for determining which employees are exempt under federal law

An exercise in futility

May 8, 2006 at 11:09 a.m

Media sources say a corruption investigation may have forced White House to act quickly on Goss, and may also touch other defense and intelligence officials.

By Tom Regan |

A widening investigation into a corruption scandal in Congress may have played a key role in the decision by the White House to ask Central Intelligence Agency Director Porter Goss to step down.

The New York Daily News reported Sunday that a "little known White House advisory board" pushed President Bush to dump Mr. Goss as CIA head. The president's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board was reportedly alarmed by the investigation of a spreading corruption scandal that had already looked into the actions of the CIA's number three official and its executive director, Kyle Dustin (Dusty) Foggo, and may have indirectly touched on Goss himself.


The Los Angeles District Attorney is reviewing complaints that Los Angeles County Supervisor Yvonne Brathwaite Burke lives in her Brentwood home which is located outside her Supervisoral district.

This story was “PUSHED” by the Los Angeles Times last Friday in an investigative piece that involved stalking and videotaping the Supervisor as she drove and was driven to and from work.

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office said Monday it is reviewing allegations that Supervisor Yvonne B. Burke is living in a gated Brentwood home rather than in her predominantly South Los Angeles district, where she must live by law.

A district attorney’s spokeswoman said the office has received at least one complaint after a Times report Friday that Burke has been staying overnight in a 4,000-square-foot residence with a swimming pool and tennis court, even though the supervisor said she considers a townhouse in Mar Vista, on the edge of her district, her principal residence.

In an effort to defuse the controversy, Burke on Monday allowed The Times to review checks and other documents from a kitchen remodeling project at the 1,200-square-foot townhouse on busy Centinela Avenue in the 2nd District.

Another important group in Obama's life consists of the Chicago progressives who have mentored him throughout his career. The leader of this group is Abner J. Mikva, a retired federal judge, White House counsel and congressman from Chicago who has known Obama for 20 years, and who often is described as a father figure to the senator.

Mikva has quietly helped guide Obama since his Harvard Law School days.
He encouraged his political aspirations, was an early advocate of his presidential run and has pulled numerous strings to help to ease the candidate's path.

One Mikva protégé is Axelrod. A former Chicago Tribune reporter, Obama's message maestro left his home town of New York for the University of Chicago in the early 1970s and has never looked back. Like Mikva, he belongs to the city's progressive elite. Axelrod and Obama also shared a second mentor: the late senator Paul Simon (Ill.), who took Obama under his wing when he joined the state legislature


Goss among former members appointed to ethics office
By Susan Crabtree
Posted: 07/24/08 02:26 PM [ET]
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Thursday announced joint appointments to a landmark ethics review board that for the first time will allow private citizens to review allegations against members.

Still, four out of six members of the board for the newly created Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) will be former members of Congress, including former CIA Director Porter Goss (R-Fla.), who will serve as co-chairman.

The other board members include Rep. David Skaggs (D-Colo.), who will serve as chairman of the board, former Rep. Yvonne Brathwaite Burke (D-Calif.), former Rep. Karan English (D-Ariz.), former House Chief Administrative Officer Jay Eagen and Allison Hayward, the former chief of staff to Bradley Smith, a Republican-appointed former chairman of the Federal Election Commission.

Two additional former members will serve as alternate appointees to the board: former federal judge and ex-Rep. Abner Mikva (D-Ill.) and former Rep. Bill Frenzel (R-Minn.).

The OCE will conduct preliminary reviews of ethics complaints and make recommendations to the full ethics committee for further investigation and action. Some watchdogs have criticized its lack of subpoena powers.

Unlike previous bitter partisan fights over the makeup and staff of the full ethics panel, Pelosi and Boehner worked closely together to select the board members.

“The new Office of Congressional Ethics is essential to an effective ethics process in the House,” Pelosi said in a statement. “With the creation of the Office of Congressional Ethics, we bring a new element of transparency and accountability to the ethics process.”

“I am pleased that this distinguished group of individuals has agreed to serve,” Boehner said in a statement. “The American people have every right to expect the highest ethical standards in the people’s House — and these widely respected men and women should be applauded for the considerable personal sacrifices they are making to help achieve that important goal.”