Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hope and Change--Not what Obama had in mind

The photo above is Neda. Sorry, but I do not know if that is her first or last name.

She was killed day before yesterday in Tehran, Iran. She was simply observing people protesting when a Basij (Thugs, comparable to Gestapo and ACORN) shot her for being there.

She was 16.

The rabid Islamic Secret Police officer who shot her probably thought she was just another protestor. Was he ever wrong!

Neda has become the ultimate martyr for this cause. From what I am getting from Twitter and other sources, the people of Iran are tired of being crapped on.
They are are tired of the religion of Violence being shoved down their throat, and facing arrest, prison, beatings, torture, and even death for possibly unintentionally crossing some religious leader who only sits on his fat ass and utters "Death to Israel and Death to America"

There was a bogus election which was the spark that set off this firestorm. The Supreme Leader thought that letting people "vote" would mollify some of their resentment. Iranians are not stupid. They figured out real quick that the religious leaders just had the votes taken to a trash dump, and none were ever counted.

So, they had protests, and out come the thugs-- burning, gassing, beating, and shooting the protestors. Which only pissed them off more

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